Faith, Belief and Trust

From what I feel religion comes from Faith, Belief, and Trust in some revealed truth, as opposed to a truth which is discovered. Any endeavor of faith and belief should be research and knowledge of. Faith is considered as demonstrable truths, the latter more strictly as an act of the will of the religious believer alone. People thinks that having faith Can change everything but they wrong. Having faith it just being positive and maybe or maybe not it can goes towards something being positive.

I know praying helps but people think it doesn't work but you have to be very patient. people can even lack faith in God which is understandable but they can't deny his existence, but still find solace in the practice of religion. Keeping up the religious faith involves a belief that makes some kind of either an implicit or explicit reference to a transcendent source. The basis for a person’s faith usually is understood to come from the authority of revelation.

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The religious beliefs that are the objects of faith can thus be divided into those what are in fact strictly demonstrable and those that inform a believer’s virtuous practices. Religion is the passion of revealed truths, it should effect one’s life entirely. To me I call this philosophy, but Religion different in that the principles it uses to discover truth are not premises and conclusions solely, also religion include the beliefs of those who claim to have had bad experiences meant to enlighten the human mind about subjects which limits of human understanding.

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Religion’s does not come from the outside, but from the inside, from within each individuals personal convictions and beliefs. If you believe in the truth is that abortion is wrong, you personally have a duty to pursue the consequences of that truth. I believe it a sacred truth that poverty can’t be tolerated, and believe it strongly, than you should dedicate all your energies to help eliminate the causes of poverty. In morals goes into steps to culturally and religiously based distinctions of being right & wrong. It over overlap the sphere of ethics which makes distinctions between the two difficult.

Knowledge of ethics but it does so through culturally based assertions, namely through religion. Both terms denote a knowledge of right and wrong actions but the foundations of that knowledge are divergent. ETHICS IS KNOWLEDGE AND REQUIRES INTROSPECTION FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING. IN MORALITY IS MOSTLY CULTURALLY BASED ON ANCESTOR THAT SHOW PARENTS THEN KIDS TO PASS ON. THE RESPONSES OF DISGUST ARE INNATE, WHICH LEADS TO IDEAS OF PURITY/SANCTITY; AND SUBMISSION TO AUTHORITY AND IN- GROUP ASSOCIATES ARE INNATE, THESE LATER CONCEPTS ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE ETHICAL DECISIONS, AND MAY PEOPLE TO ACT IN VERY UNETHICAL WAYS. Faith is that strong tower which holds you tight and let you rise, high and high above the limitations. Faith is real based belief on positivity. Believing in faith on your skills and you will certainly see the signs. When you believe in faith you always have to think to infinity and beyond.

Thinking Faith on negativity leads to negative consequences and faith on positivity leads to positive consequences. Faith has no rules, regulations or limitations. Religion is rather a set of ideologies which are followed by certain group of people. Religion has certain rules and regulations and of course ideologies. It consists of both positivity and negativity. It depends on oneself what to follow. Religion consists of certain limitations. One would be bind by certain actions if follow religion strictly. Religion is based on the words and carried among someone and defined as a way of life. Everybody has a decision to religion and, therefore, is religious. If rules and regulations are required to be a part of society, then being a member of society requires each one of us to religiously adhere to the rules that are legislated, or required to be observed, for the good of the community. Hoping that you have faith is possible between god and faithful person. The more the bigger is the crowd religion is successful. People may die for the religion. People may be killed for religion. Faith is still quietly connecting god and faithful person.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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