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To have a belief is to have confidence, faith and trust in something that cannot always be proven right or wrong. Some families are required to have certain beliefs due to religions where as other individuals develop their own core beliefs based on experience or teaching from mentors in their life. Whether they are taught to you or you create them yourself, whatever you believe in makes up your core beliefs. Most of my core beliefs deal with my relationship with God, but a few beliefs go into how I live my life.

To believe or not to believe in God; and how many God’s exactly? There are a lot of good explanations for both beliefs but I choose to believe in one eternal God. I have gone to church all of my life and over this time period I was taught to memorize and practice the Ten Commandments. The first commandment was to worship only one God. Due to how I was raised I have always only worshiped one God and that will never change.

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Some religions choose to worship more than one God but I do not understand this theory. Jesus was one human being and it is said that God lived through Jesus so therefor there is only one God to worship to. Nowhere is it said that there was more than one Jesus so why would one believe that there would be more than one God? The explanation is clear to me that since there was one human teaching God’s word on the Earth, than there would be only one Holy Spirit up in heaven telling his son what to teach.

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I choose to pray and worship to one Holy Spirit and I do this because I believe in one God almighty. Due to my belief in God being all-powerful, I believe this plays into my belief about him being all-knowing. God is the creator of our lives and is aware of what our futures will consist of. Although it is known that each human has free will, I think that God watches over us and encourages us to do the right things. The saying “do what your heart tells you” is why I believe that God is all knowing. In my opinion I believe that God’s place is in our hearts.

When the heart first beats that is when one knows that God has created another human being, but when the heart stops that person enters God’s kingdom. The time in between the first heart beat and the last God does his job through our hearts that is why I believe he is all powerful. He has the ability to control every person, but I do not believe he takes advantage of this power. God only controls us when we deeply need it and that is when we are told to do what our heart says. God tries to speak tous through our heart and minds because he has the power to do so. Although there is Evil in this world, I believe God is omnibenevolent. Omnibenevolent is to be all-good. If God did not have the characteristic to be all good then how different would the world and the people within it look? I have experienced God showing off his good deeds after attending major sports games (i.e. baseball, basketball, football, etc.).

Typically individuals, who are homeless or jobless, sit on the side of the street and beg other people for money. Some people choose to just walk past and say nothing, while others choose to place money in the cup and say God Bless You. Because of people donating money to needy individuals there is good in the world. God teaches us to treat everyone like they are our bothers and/or sisters, but yet some people treat others as though they are devils. I do not believe that God wants us to give up everything in our lives to make one single person happy, but I do believe that God wants everyone to share wealth to stop suffering. I have read and seen that God wishes for peace on this Earth, with peace comes good and through God’s teachings, good will rise.

I believe that God is the creator of all things. What or who else could have created us to be how we are? This belief could also tie into another one of my beliefs which is that God is omnipotent or otherwise stated as all-powerful. To me God is omnipotent because there are events that have no explanation to them. One event in particular is the creation of the Earth and everything living. Some individuals believe the Big Bang was the cause to the creation of the Earth and everything that came with it, but I believe differently. To create such a complex and genius design of everything cannot just come from an explosion; it had to come from a person with an ingenious brain. God created this earth because of knowing what all had to be put into it in order for people and animals to survive and reproduce. An explosion does not know how to created life on Earth but the Lord knows everything and therefor knew how to create a prosperous Earth for people and animals to strive on. Overall in my opinion God is the creator of all things and there is no other explanation.

I believe in predestination and I believe God is in control of it. My reasons for believing in these theories are held in specific examples. My 11 year old cousin, Claire, was born missing optic nerves which caused her to lose sight. At the beginning of her life, my family was devastated and scared as to what would happen in the future. After watching her mature for 11 years, I am utterly amazed at the goals she has accomplished. Claire is now able to play the drums, play the piano, sit in a normal classroom setting, get around in certain places on her own, and socialize with people she is not familiar with. In my opinion she is downright a miracle in our family and I believe this was all in God’s plans. God predestined Claire to be born without sight so she could live a better life and show those around her what life is really about.

My friend Austin also emphasizes my belief in predestination. Austin is homosexual and according to the Bible this is a sin. Due to what I believe in I do not agree with what the Bible says about homosexuality. I believe that God creates us and lives through us, but this would mean that God created Austin to be homosexual. If God thought that homosexuality was a sin, then he would not have predestined Austin have feelings for men. God loves all and that is why he creates a plan for us to follow for the rest of our lives. Overall, God has a plan for everyone, some plans may look scary or wrong, but in the end the events are already planned and will benefit us in the future. I believe that God can work through the hand of physicians to cure and save humans and animals. I have had a first-hand experience with this phenomenon with my cousin Claire who was mentioned earlier. Through Claire I have seen God’s miracles at work in multiple ways.

About 4 years ago Claire and my Aunt Jennifer traveled across the world to China for a specific stem cell treatment. The treatment was supposed to supply Claire with the stem cells that she was born missing. My family had high hopes for this treatment, but no one was one hundred confident that it would work. After about 2 weeks of constant injections, I was able to witness through a computer screen, Claire call out certain shapes and colors to her doctors. This was truly a miracle that she could see as much as she did and it was all because of doctors and studies done. To this miracle I say thanks to God for blessing each doctor or researcher with the brain to invent such a treatment to help my cousin see just a little color in her life. This experience taught me to trust in doctors and researchers because they are given God’s hands and can cure a lot more than most believe. The golden rule states “treat others the way you want to be treated.” I hold this rule to a high standard because I live my life by it.

Personally, I do not understand why people choose to judge others. I have experienced countless situations where a handicapped individual received the awkward stare down and then overheard the group of people start whispering about them. Every time this has happened, I get sick to my stomach. I do not understand how some people can be okay with judging people. So many times I have walked around with my cousin Claire and I cannot say how many times I have seen those eyes and heard the quieted talks amongst others. No, I am not the one being treated this way but I never want Claire to be treated in this regard either. I cannot imagine that those individuals judging innocent people do not wish to be judged in that regard, so my question will always stand; why do you look and or treat people that way if you would not want the same in return?

Because of personal experiences of watching others being judged and being treated wrong myself, I strongly believe in the Golden Rule which again states that people should treat others the way they want to be treated. Some of my beliefs may not agree with your core beliefs but that is okay, because God created us all to be different. Whether one agrees or disagrees with my beliefs I think that everyone could come to an agreement that one’s core beliefs are how we choose to live our lives. In my life I choose to worship one eternal God who I believe is the power over all. I also believe that everyone should be treated equally in this world. I find peace within myself when I live out my beliefs daily and I hope to do this for the rest of my life.

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