For Taylor Logue fully relying on God was the only way to

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For Taylor Logue, fully relying on God was the only way to face substantial loss.

In the space of one year, Logue, 22, lost six family members to various health complications. She was only 13.

“Initially I did not fully understand the gravity of losing someone” Logue said. “I did not know how to process death at that age.”

Despite the time that has passed, Logue still remembers the moments of loss vividly. She recounted how she first learned her godfather had passed away from a heart attack.

“I remember I was eating a grapefruit with sugar on it, and popcorn,” she said. “I was sitting on my couch in my living room with my parents and it was just the most unreal moment when we got that phone call.”

After the tragic loss of Logue’s godfather, she experienced more pain with the unexpected deaths of both of her grandmothers and an uncle, within months of each other.

Logue experienced an even deeper pain months later when her great grandmother passed away.

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She considered her grandmother a best friend. When she was growing up, climbing trees in the backyard and cultivating a friendship she would never forget.

“I remember her always asking me, ‘Are you up to something?'” Logue recalled. “And I would simply reply, ‘Nope,’ and she would always respond with, ‘Nothing is always something'”.

The number and magnitude of these losses had a significant impact on Logue.

“I just remember being super secluded and alone,” She said. “I’m an only child and so my mom was always at the hospitals and my dad was always at work and so I was left to figure out how to work through these feelings that I was holding onto, wrestling with why God would do this.

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As time passed, Logue came to see these experiences as opportunities for growth. She now fully trusts in her faith and relies on God. She no longer relies on the everchanging, unpredictability of what life has offered her to this point. It was through her prayer, journaling, and personal relationship she developed with God that now allows her to have the strength of facing heartache.

Logue recently lost her grandfather. He was her last relative. The loss was difficult, but with her new perspective and foundation in Christ, she has gained the ability to walk through the uncomfortable times.

Logue now understands the importance of experience, growth and faith. She hopes to one day to have the opportunity to help others through the darkness.

“I’m just waiting for the day that God reveals to me the reason for this.” She said of all the loss she has endured.

As far as Logue’s day-to-day life she lives each day like it is her last. She does not waste people’s time or leave words unspoken. She has matured quickly and spends her time focusing on her Clovis, CALIF. photography business and attending California State University, Fresno, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in media communications and journalism with an emphasis in public relations.

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For Taylor Logue fully relying on God was the only way to

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