Financial Need Letter Chanel Richardson

My name is Chanel Richardson, graduate from the class of 2016. I am in financial need primarily because I am a first-generation college attendee who has no support from any parentals or family whatsoever. Working two jobs, raising funds for my education, and attempting to gain any experience in my, field of financial aid would be such a blessing. Throughout my life, I was primarily raised by my grandmother. My mother was incarcerated for the majority of my upbringing and even now.

As for my father, he had little to no interest in my existence so I was disconnected to that side of the family tree. A vast majority of my relatives that I do know are coerced with addiction or mental illness.

As a child I went through foster homes until my grandmother could finally obtain legal guardianship. I stayed living with her until I was thirteen years old; by this time I longed to be with my mother. With my mother, I was constantly in an unhealthy environment, her addiction and domestic violence-ridden relationship is what brought us to Las Vegas in an attempt to escape it all.

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Until the age of sixteen everything was ‘fine’, but alas bad habits followed us to our new home, this leaving me to take care of my younger sister, including missing school, bus rides to court hearings, police raiding our small two-bedroom apartment, and so on.

My grandmother had moved back to her home in Kentucky in hopes to have the peace and quiet that she well deserved.

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It was closer to the end of my junior year of high school and I come home to an evicted apartment and a mother who was under arrest. I had to abandon the life I knew and move in with my best friend and her aunt, finish my senior year, and graduate. During the fall of my senior year my grandmother was moving back to Las Vegas to care for my sister while I went to school and unfortunately passed away that fall. My sister was taken into foster care due to being mistreated while staying with distant family members of ours as our mother remains incarcerated.

I am limited on what I can do, being 20 years old and trying to build a life for myself I pray to one day be able to take care of my younger sister. Basically, I have been extremely independent from a very young age and have been taking care of myself for the majority of my life.In order to make my dreams a reality I need financial aid, so I can further my education, expand my knowledge, build a better life and break this redundant cycle of addiction. I am committed to being successful despite my circumstances, and I want to move people and slowly but surely change the world with my contributions. I look forward to exceeding everyone’s expectations with hard work and motivation.

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