Fat or Fit?

Fat or fit? Which is normally preferred? Working out and living a healthy lifestyle not only benefits one’s body, it also helps motivate the people around them. It also benefits their way of thinking. Stress relief and concentration, self-confidence, strength and endurance, and longevity are just a few benefits which can be expected as a result of working out.

People can stress over the simplest thing. Writing an essay is a great example. One can get writer’s block or overwork their mind.

Working out helps take the mind of things which leads to clarity and concentration. Once a body gets into the habit of working out, the body adapts to the constant work, which gives energy and makes one feel less groggy by sweating out the toxins that effect the body.

One of the better things about working out is the self-confidence. A better body is in fact guaranteed if you stick to a strict diet and exercise.

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Not only will one feel more confident about themselves, but they will have that charisma that will make them a better person than they were before.

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Who knows, one actually might work up the courage to ask out that special someone.

There have been many people who have searched for the fountain of youth hoping for longevity, one including legendary Spanish explorer/conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon. It is not the fountain they should be looking for; instead, they should be looking how to live a healthier lifestyle. Jack Lalanne lived to be a healthy 97 year old man with the help of diet and exercise. If a body is treated good both physically and nutritionally, the body will return the favor. Staying fit also allows you to be there for friends and family when needed.

The best thing of all when it comes to working out is the strength and endurance. Strength allows one to carry out physical tasks, where endurance gives the ability to last. Besides having a better body, one will be able to do things they were incapable of doing before. Helping someone carry a refrigerator or lifting a 150 pound log that fell on a random passerby are the kind of things you can do when you have the strength. With endurance one can play football at the beach and look great doing it. They can also run that marathon they have been wanting to join. One will be able to act out, do numerous things, and live their life the way it was meant to be lived, to the fullest.

Living a healthier lifestyle changes not only one’s life, but also influences the ones around them. When exercise and diet come together one can drastically change their life. Just like the words of the late Jack Lalanne, “Exercise is king and nutrition is queen: together, you have a kingdom.”

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Fat or Fit?

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