Eating Healthily and Advantages Disadvantages of Foods

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Today, every people and every country were all developing and moving forward, by then shall we keep in mind, what make us live until today and keeping us healthy.“Eating Healthily With A Busy Lifestyle”, is the topic that I chose. By reading the topic, the main point that I chose, straight away in people’s mind they will think of delicious food, delicacy that bring up the appetite, but do they have the time to eat what they want, to enjoy such appetizing meals? Does it suit our healthy life since nowadays we usually eat what we, just like the often phrase we usually heard, saw in the advertisements, ‘eat all you can’ or ‘eat while you can’.

Some people neglect the healthy food thing, because they thought that healthy food is boring, not delicious and many more.

I have seen people shall I say my friends, colleagues which they don’t consume any type of vegetable. I have few colleagues of mine, whenever we ate together sitting on the same table during dinner night especially, when the waiter brought the meal, and it vegetables, their first thought was they will not take those vegetables, they won’t eat it.

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Vegetable which contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, helps to protect our immune system, to beautify our skins and many more. It is very, very easy to eat the greens (vegetables), if they doesn’t look tasty, make them look tasty, use our imagination to think how to decorate, form the vegetables to look yummy.

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Here in this speech I will show how to eat healthily during working hours especially, how we divide our time to unleash our appetite towards healthy and scrumptious food.

In this speech I will share what I have learnt and analysed for the healthy food, which is simple to make, and I will also points out of what are the advantages are and also disadvantages of foods especially in our country, Malaysia which most of them were highly contain of cholesterols and calories. And I will be talking on how to keep nutritious snacks on hand, packing your lunch and choosing healthy food when you are at a restaurant.

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Eating Healthily and Advantages Disadvantages of Foods

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