Busy Bee Essay

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Busy Bee

In this crazy world, everyone is busy with their work, going to school, or doing something for the survival of their lives. A busy bee defines a person who is busy in his/her life and barely has time for their personal and social life. This kind of lifestyle is really complicated and hard to live. A busy bee is a behavior in which a person has little time for friends, is focused on their career and also has a lifestyle of either being a single or can barely provide time for family.

First of all myuncle who owns 12 dunking donuts barely has time for his family. He sees his kids or communicates with them once or twice in a week. For him, his business life is more important than his social life with his family. He ought to give first prefrence to his business to make more ‘n’ more money on his bank account.

In addition, Olivia Pope from Scandal, to me reflects the behavior of a busy bee. In the show, ‘Scandal’, she appears to be very busy, handling five cases a day, and there is always something going on that she needs to take care of it. As the definition says, she is shown as having no personal life, and mostly she is in the office solving cases since she does as a job as a fixer.

Busy bee behavior can also exhibit influential behavior. The bad feeling between what is, and what could be, talks to our frustrations and stirs us into wide awake Influence.I chose this behavior to write about because I can connect to this behavior in such manner that since morning to night, I am running around the whole day to take summer classes or running errands or working. I also uncover some of the valuable realities of how my mind can either work for me or against this influencial being busy behavior. It’s only the weekends I can go back to my normal lifestyle, talk to my family and relax myself. Though Stephen R. Covey famous American educator and author has define busy bee in above mention phrase, “We may be very busy, we may be very efficient, but we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind.” To conclude, the
behavior of the busy bee is my favorite from all the other behaviors listed because being busy makes me feel like I am accomplishing something from life, it doesn’t give me a chance to get bored and watch shows like sorrow or happiness and it gives me the encouragement to be busy in life. The behavior of a busy bee is an exceptional and unique way to keep going in life. That’s why William Blake said, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

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