Expository Paragraph Essay

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Expository Paragraph

Time travel which everybody thinks scientists will make it happen someday would give us a lot of informations about past if it’s exist. First of al lif time travel is really exist I would definetely g oto the era which dinosaurs lived and ruled the World so that I would be able to see how they lived and maybe contact one or two of them if they are small enough for me to handle. For example Hypsilophodon which is a name of a dinosaur that is so small that it’s not even trying to eat meat or another dinosaur. On the other hand there is T-Rex which means “Tyrant Lizard King” was the most fearful dinosaur in the World. Secondly I would be glad to go and see if humans we evolved or it is just a theory.

For instance people seperated in two about this some say we evolved in time and others say we were like this even in the very begennig of the human race spesifically Charles Darwin has made some researches about this and eventually came up with this theory. After those two for the third time I would go to end of the 15. Century so I could try to meet Leonardo Da Vinci and ask him about his studies, paintings and Works. Like “Mona Lisa” everybody is curous about her smile and eyebrows another thing the society wonders is how dd he find so much time to search so much thing. To sum up if I could use a power that can help me travel in time I would do it to understand and answer some questions which scientists and people research into for many years.

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