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Marketing Excellence: BMW

I would say that their strategy is not too selective. During the recession, everybody struggled. So to blame BMW for their strategy that had made them so successful in the first place would not be fair. I believe that their strategy could’ve actually helped them during that time. Since BMW is so selective, they are only targeting people that have money anyways. So money that they spend on advert...

Swami Vivekananda: an Orator Par Excellence

He is projected as a role model for youth by the Indian government as well as non-government organisations and personalities. On November 11, 1995 a section of Michigan Avenue, one of the most prominent streets in Chicago, was formally renamed "Swami Vivekananda Way". Raipur is sometimes termed as the "Spiritual Birthplace" of Swami Vivekananda which is why in January, 2012 Raipur airport was rena...

Marketing Excellence- Nike

The Dry Cleaning, electrical utilities, grocery store led to their destruction by not responding to customer’s demands. Even the petroleum industry is very much persuaded that there is no competitive substitute for their major product gasoline. None of them are enthusiastically researching fuel cells, batteries, solar power plants which are getting increasing attention and are neglecting continu...

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Academic excellence is the only way to success

Some may say that the great men of our like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not achieve academic excellence. But such examples we can count on our fingers. Such people are one in a million. What about the rest of the world? The worldwide population is crossing 7 billion, what about those people? They would not be able to achieve anything in their lives without academic excellence. Concluding my deba...

Achieving Excellence through Unity

But sometimes we failed ; we failed to teach one another the competence we need. We are untrained in excellence which makes a man passionately desire to be a perfect citizen , who knows how to rule and to obey with justice and wisdom. Now , whom can we blame ? To whom will we point our fingers ? - TO NO ONE – but to ourselves. Yes , we are . Ask me why? It is because we are part of each other's...

Academic excellence guarantee successful life

She also be the ambassador of beauty product. Finally, someone also can successful in life without high education through family background. For example someone that born of wealth families, that have own company. Without excellence academic around this line of business can still succeed as long as they can in good governance. Through family-owned business also someone still can success in their l...

Peters and Waterman’s Eight Attributes of Excellence

More than once, team members wondered how they could talk about this stuff at work and still be taken seriously. From the start, they concentrated on ways to get the values down to the level of individual jobs. This was relatively easy when talking about values such as Service or Quality. However, Toro wanted to adopt Peters and Waterman’s productivity through people attribute as well. That led ...

Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Total Quality Pioneers

The future for businesses that have managed the trends in quality will have a better competitive advantage to those who do not. Conclusion Elements of quality may differ from person to person and is constantly changing. Organizational awareness of changes is essential to remain competitive and necessary to produce a better quality product. Long-term success of a business is driven by quality and a...

Achieving Academic Excellence

I am confident that gaining a college degree will also provide me a great deal of personal satisfaction, achievement, and self-fulfillment. I am anxiously looking forward to the day when I look at the education section of my resume and see my educational achievements fully achieved in writing. My goal is to someday have bachelors’ degree in either Architecture or Engineering and use that knowled...

Success vs Excellence

The Word of God declares, “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ” (Colossians 3:23-24, NLT). God wants us to excel and He has already equipped us with the tools and resources to attain it. Although a person can become suc...

Strive to excellence

Determination is important skill for enrepreneur manager who knows that working for his own success and have ability and full of power to put full attention on what he wants to achieve and do it without regard to defeat. Initiative - The power or ability to begin or to follow through energetically with a plan or task; enterprise and determination. This skill is important for manager who wants to s...

Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence

Being a counselor with a spiritual side and wanting to share that spiritual side with the client is not a bad thing, but the counselor's spirituality and promotion of that spirituality, must be considered as to how it might affect the client before being shared. Questions such as, How will the client react? Will the client be offended? Does the client have any spiritual leanings? need to be asked ...

Operational Excellence

Amazon has as of late recorded various automaton licenses on bundle conveyance, bundle parachute, and a drifting aircraft distribution center. Additionally, it has licenses on automaton plan for better moving, secure landing, and long flights. On a propelled level, they got a patent for a technique to charge electric vehicles using drone technology. This demonstrates their enthusiasm for vehicles ...

The Undergraduate Intellectual Excellence is Known to be the Primary Motivation

Many researches contribute to acknowledge the relativity among teaching styles and undergraduates' accomplishments, for example, the investigation by Zin (2004) and Aitkin & Zuzovsky (1994). There is also an examination that combines teaching along undergraduates' psychological styles (Evans, 2004). Previous examinations on the commitment of undergraduate analyzed that there is a correlation b...

Australian Business Excellence

While this may help the assessors to receive only genuine and serious evaluation requests, it may also act as a deterrent for firms to consider applying for the same. After all, how can they decide the feasibility of such a move when they cannot even access the criteria for free. It may indeed cause some firms to believe that the entire process is indeed a financial drain right from downloading th...

Ideal Approach For Creating A Perfect Workspace That Emits Excellence

This may sound like the most fundamental contribution towards building a pleasant workplace ambience. However, it does spread it effect and appeal to both your feet and eyes equally. Applying a colourful rug improves the aesthetics of the place and accompanies your feet best as office workers enter the reception and into the work floor.Paint your walls with your favourites...

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