Peters and Waterman’s Eight Attributes of Excellence

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Some things can be learnt more about leadership by studying organizations directly. Tom Peters and Robert Waterman drew on their experience at Mckinsey and Company, a widely known consulting company, and on further research study of a variety of services they identified as extraordinary. Their message is that conventional techniques of handling and leading need to be changed with brand-new approaches and brand-new modes of idea.

They provide an intriguing point of view on the history and practice of management and leadership and recognize eight qualities associates with excellence and development: a predisposition for action, remaining close to the consumer, autonomy and entrepreneurship, efficiency through individuals, hands-on worth driven, adhere to the knitting, easy form-lean personnel, and simultaneous loose-tight residential or commercial properties.

The Peters and waterman study used a fairly large sample of sixty-two financially successful firms across six industries that were considered to be excellent but did not attempt any comparison with unsuccessful firms. The Pride in Excellence team slowly transformed the three Peters and Waterman attributes into Toro values.

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They worked to translate the values into specific behaviors. They were pioneers, and they found few ready-made answers to their questions. Personal and company values systems became jumbled.

More than once, team members wondered how they could talk about this stuff at work and still be taken seriously. From the start, they concentrated on ways to get the values down to the level of individual jobs. This was relatively easy when talking about values such as Service or Quality.

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However, Toro wanted to adopt Peters and Waterman’s productivity through people attribute as well. That led to values such as Respect and Trust. Their final statement even uses the word “compassion. ”

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Peters and Waterman’s Eight Attributes of Excellence

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