Eight Elements of Communication

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With the significance of communication put on the development of the human society, it is undoubtedly necessary to comprehend the different aspects that make it practical for developing the essential involvement within the human neighborhoods around the.world. To have an introduction and understanding of the stated components, this paper will go over the different impacts of the elements upon the enhancement of human relations within a globally linked society. The discussion of the eight aspects shall be discussed individually to separately determine their strong impacts on the developmental treatments of the human society.

( A) Message Sending Out Technique

Every discussion starts while doing so by which the speaker sends out the message to the listener. The treatment by which the listener captures the message however depends upon the procedure by which the sender sent the concept that he wants to communicate to the listeners.

( B) Receiving the Message

As it could be observed, the ways by which the listener receive the message depends upon the way the speaker primarily sent out the idea through the approach that he made in the speech that he adjusted while sending out the message.

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( C) Examining the Message

Examination of the message depends upon the listener’s background regarding the idea being sent out to him. It is through this background that he is able to make cautious amends with the methods on how he is to examine the idea shared to him through conversation.

( D) Understanding the Message

Understanding involves the ability of the listener to make connection between the message and what he already learns about the subject existing in the discussion.

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( E) Reacting To the Message

The response that the listener makes on the message that has been sent out to him depends upon how far he was able to understand the idea that exists to him. Reacting is the method by which the conversation is brought towards the development of continuum.

( F) Making the Conversation Work

The exchange of thoughts makes discussions work. The reliable usage of the different components of interaction makes it possible for the listener and the speaker to continue exchanging their ideas.

(G) Sending the Right Message through Body Language

At some point, the body language of the person speaking coveys at least 40% of the words that he is actually speaking. It is through this that people are able to make amends on the different flaws that the speaker makes during the conversation.

(H) The use of Facial Expressions

If body language gives 40%of the speech being sent, facial expression at least shares a 20% of the message that is sent to the listener.

Through the enumeration and definition of the eight elements of communication, it could be noted that conversations are bound to become effectively disposed through the different background and bodily presentations of the message on the part of both the listener and the sender of the message. Being able to do so makes it possible for people to constantly create possibilities in making conversations work for the best results for the ones involved in the discussion.

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Eight Elements of Communication

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