Everyday Use Essay

In “Everyday use” Maggie gained the most emotionally because she finally got something she wanted after years of feeling she didn’t deserve the things she desired. Dee, Maggie’s sister, usually could take what she wished from her mother’s home such as the churn top from a butter churn her family had for years. Meanwhile Maggie usually assumed it was the way life went and that other people were more deserving of the things they wished for than she was.

When Dee asked her mother for two quilts their grandmother had handmade, her mother told her no and that the quilts were promised to Maggie.

In this case Maggie finally gained something she wished for and was shown she deserved it too. Part of Maggie’s belief that she didn’t deserve the things she wanted sprung from her sister’s ability to get everything she asked for. Dee, as it would seem always received everything she asked for when she asked for it.

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When Dee was graduating from high school she requested a yellow organdy dress to wear on the evening of her graduation which her mother purchased fro her. This showed Maggie that Dee received many things she wanted, while she remained with the little she already had, never asking for much.

When Dee asked her mother for the hand carved churn top their relatives had made her mother gave it too her with no problems, even though it was an important piece from their family. This gave Maggie another example of how her sister got things she would have liked to keep.

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Maggie often felt that she didn’t deserve as many good things as her sister got. Maggie was often stuck with lesser than that of what her sister received and believed that was how life worked for her.

As a child Maggie was badly burned in a house fire while her sister escaped just fine, this resulted in her feeling insignificant and shuffling everywhere she went trying to hide her face. The fire having burned and scarred her made her believe she deserved the lower hand of all things in life. Maggie’s school was closed when she was young while Dee went on through full education, this made Maggie feel simple and uneducated. The advantage of her sister’s education made Maggie feel lesser and undeserving.

Before the events in the story Maggie felt more like an outcast and unimportant. When Maggie’s mother gave the quilts to Maggie instead of Dee it shocked Maggie and helped her change her perspective on how she should be treated. Dee who always got what she wanted begged and begged for the quilts and expected to receive them. Maggie also expected so and believed her sister was more deserving of the quilts than she was, she told her mother to give the quilts to Dee. Maggie’s mother instead gave the quilts to Maggie shocking everyone and giving Maggie something she deserved for once.

In the end Maggie was shown she deserved just as much as everyone else and that life didn’t always give certain people what they wanted. Her sister who had always gotten everything she desired was not given what she wanted for once. Showing her that their was a little fairness to the way things work. While Maggie received what her sister had asked for, getting something she wanted for the first time. This showed Maggie she deserved a little more than she was getting. Over all the event with the quilts broke Maggie’s mindset and gave her a new view on how she was treated.

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Everyday Use Essay

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