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Paradigm Shift in Leadership and Values

Through the years, the principle and practices of leadership as well as organizational values manifested paradigm shift. This paper presented this condition by comparing the qualities and functions of yesterday’s to contemporary leaders. At the same time, this paper discussed several problems that continue to beset the implementation of leadership and values. In doing so, the paper confirmed that such predicaments have evolved thereby resulted into the realization of paradigm shift in the aspect of organizational leadership and values.

Paradigm Shift in Leadership and Values Executive Summary In today’s diversified and challenging organizational environment, leadership and its accompanying principles are of undeniable and remarkable significance.

This is because of the position that the success and effectiveness of contemporary leaders are definitely reliant on how they manifest managerial merit and morals. Such condition holds true due to the reality that problems concerning leadership and values are always besetting all kinds of organizations.

These predicaments include issues about general concerns like supervision and productivity up to specific dilemma such as technological challenges as well as personnel satisfaction and motivation.

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These require earnest leadership and values for them to be addressed and eventually resolved. As such, the need for a paradigm shift in the performance of leadership functions and ethical manifestations is now realized. Through the years, modern organizational settings and their leaders have clearly evolved.

From being passive or reactive, modern leaders and their ideals became proactive and they now aim for the improvement and advantage of both the company and its employees.

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Such transformation and change in leadership standards and values are therefore important in order to ultimately recognize, attain and serve the very purpose and essence of how to become an effective leader and ultimately manifest essential values. To be more specific, it is empirically worthy to state that indeed there had been a paradigm shift in the corporate world.

This situation is particularly depicted and proven by the difference between previous and modern leaders. It is apparent that in carrying-out their various demanding roles and obligations, it became necessary for the management to adapt to the evolving and changing principle and practices facing organizational leaders. Hence in doing so, it became inevitable for an employer to likewise modify its values towards its workforce thereby benefiting its people and the organization in general. Leadership and Values, an Overview

To better understand leadership and values, it is valuable that their nature and surrounding circumstances are clearly determined. By doing so, the public will be provided with an opportunity to realize the objectives and the fundamental essence of being a leader. Additionally, it is in applying leadership principles and practices that manifestations of values are executed. According to Fairholm (1998), performing leadership functions or particularly leading people is a difficult obligation.

The author added that in order to be a leader, one needs to practically bear all possible undertakings just to be able to form and provide conditions that allow people to also develop as well as achieve happiness, fulfillment and valuable existence. With this illustration, leadership principles were also created. The established leadership perspectives and values however prevented the introduction of any development. Hence, any innovation such as paradigm shift results into organizational concerns particularly problems relating to leadership and values (Fairholm, 1998).

Specifically, leadership was regarded as a concept that entails movement. This condition now leads us to consider leadership as the organizational technology. This is simply because of leaders’ innate role as the person in charge or in command, the one who is in authority and accountable for realizing the goals, ideologies and functions of the organization. While leadership signifies good quality management, its main and underlying quality is based from its power to introduce and carry-out organization changes and most importantly rebuilding the quality and character of the company and its people (Fairholm, 1998).

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