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Everyday use
Original title Everyday use
Author Alice Walker
Genre Short Story
Language English
Characters Mama, Maggie, Dee, Hakim, a, barber
Published 1973 (as part of In Love and Trouble )
ISBN 978-0060007781
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In Alice Walker’s Everyday Use,” the author tells the story of a mother and her two daughters who have different views on their heritage. The mother, who is not named, lives in the rural South with her younger daughter, Maggie. The mother has a quilt that she was going to give to Maggie, but she decides to give it to her older daughter, Dee, instead. Dee is educated and has moved to the city. She is married to a man named Hakim-a-barber and is pregnant with their first child. Maggie is simple-minded and has been scarred by a fire that burned her face. She lives at home with her mother and helps her with the chores.When Dee comes to visit, she is not interested in the quilt or anything else from her home. She is critical of her mother and sister and their way of life. She is also critical of the quilt, saying that it is not “authentic” because it was made by her grandmother, not by a professional quilter. Dee wants to take the quilt and put it in a museum where it can be appreciated by everyone. Maggie is heartbroken when Dee takes the quilt, but she does not say anything.The story ends with the mother giving the quilt to Dee and Dee’s baby. The mother says that the quilt will be used and appreciated more by Dee and her family than by Maggie.”

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