Ever since the accelerated development of human civilization

Ever since the accelerated development of human civilization, perpetual scientific discovery of nature has accompanied humankind all along the journey. If we have ever paid attention to the necessities of our lives, we would be very much likely to see that from the smallest molecule to the most important issues of the modern world, chemistry has always been fundamental. Holding the curiosity to explore the chemistry world, I chose to major in Material Chemistry after being admitted by Hubei University.

Through four years’ study, I have mastered the basic theory of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry as well as experimental skills.

I have also received the systematic training of scientific thinking and can conduct research and teaching independently. More importantly, my four-year undergraduate program has enabled me to acquire an acute insight, systematic thinking ability, anti-pressure ability, interpersonal communication skills as well as team spirit. In addition to my intensive yet rewarding studies, practice in campus involvement, scientific research and internships have been other important parts of my undergraduate life these experience, which in retrospect, has changed my career pursuit.

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From 2015 to 2017, while leading the Public Relationship Department, and the Department of Science and Research of the Student Union, I devised project plans, contacted with prospect firms and individuals to talk about activity sponsorship. I also organized several campus activities such as technology festival, New Year Party involving more than one hundred people each. During the process, I have learnt to manage a department and cooperate with others. I have also familiarized with the operation of a department, enhanced my organizational ability as well as leadership skills.

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More importantly, it triggered my passion for management, and it was the first time that I realized maybe I could try another career.

In summer 2017, due to my excellent academic performance, I was chosen to be the group leader leading my team to finish social research as well as thesis writing on the development status and social cognition of photovoltaic power industry. This project last for a whole month and I was thrilled to see that the research went off without a hitch, and such experience has also further boosted my confidence for pursuing a managerial career.

Holding keen interest and great enthusiasm for Human Resource Management, I exerted great efforts to take managerial courses offered by the Business School as an auditor, self-studied Managerial Economics, Sociology and Psychology. Knowing that ventured further beyond my curriculum to learn different directions might influence my GPA, I still had no hesitation in doing it. For taking these courses, which I viewed as necessary building blocks, are of great importance for my future study and career pursuit as a successful human resource professional.

As the old Chinese saying goes “Hard work pays off”. In July 2019, my distinguished academic performance in the past three years had qualified me for the “Asia Pacific Youth Exchange” program in Manila, as one of the Chinese youth delegates, along with other youth delegates from countries across the Asia-Pacific region, and with representatives from government, civil society and the private sector. We were divided into several groups; each group needed to find a project theme to help the local realize sustainable development. Through field survey, my group decided to combine the development and utilization of heritage house with the popularization of solar panel in deprived areas, through providing relevant training and jobs, to expand production, save energy, reduce the cost of living, develop tourism and ultimately form a sustainable development for the benefit of local residents. Through the ten-day program, I have developed and strengthened my organizational skill, time-management ability, work ethic, and built necessary interpersonal skills among peers.

Through my personal experiences and talks with human resources managers like my mother, I know that the domestic human resources management is generally weak in professionalism, unclear division of labour, lack of institutional innovation and so forth. While as a discipline western in origin, management science is undoubtedly a field of study whose teaching and research western universities are most good at. The Management with Human Resources at the University of Glasgow is my prior choice owing to your academic reputation and a large number of leading scholars in this field. I especially like your 1-2-1 service running through the year to help me with my future career better. Ten years from now, I see myself as a successful human resources manager, providing professional advice, helping people find a good match for their abilities and aspirations so that they can make the best decisions.

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