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Since YouTube became the central hub for virtual entertainment

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (447 words)
Categories: Country, England, Entertainment, Linguistics, Science, World
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Since YouTube became the central hub for virtual entertainment and video sharing, it became full of a large amount of content that makes it hard for some users to find the desirable educational videos that they need. However, according to Pappas (2014), there are some techniques that help users to use YouTube effectively in learning. To start with, YouTube offers users the ability to create playlists that can be fully customizable. Users can create their own playlist that consists of their chosen videos that will help them expand their knowledge about a topic.

That makes an excellent tool for accompanying guides and learning courses, without the need of providing individual links for each video. Also, users can have collaborations through group YouTube projects. Learners can ask other peers to explore a subject by watching related YouTube videos, and then discuss the topic online. This offers an opportunity for learners to add an interactive and collaborative aspect to their eLearning experience.

Correspondingly, Lweis (2018) states that YouTube can become an excellent resource in learners’ mission to learn a language if they knew exactly what they are looking for. Learners can easily type their target language in YouTube’s search box and many teaching videos of that language will come up. Moreover, after watching certain educational videos, YouTube will automatically recommend other similar videos that are suitable for the learners’ level. She also suggests that users should watch TV shows and movies in their target language while writing down words that they may find difficult, this allows learners to mix between entertainment and learning at the same time.

That is to say, YouTube is English learners’ best friend. It is because of ESL teachers that have been willing to turn the camera on themselves; learners are able to find thousands of videos that can help them improve their English language skills. Although it can be hard sometimes to find good quality English learning videos, Giordano (2018) recommends some YouTube channels that can help steer ESL learners toward some of the best ESL content on YouTube. British Council LearnEnglish, this channel is the official channel of the British Council. The videos include skits of real-life scenarios and animated grammar lessons. For beginning ESL learners, JenniferESL videos make learners feel as if they are learning from a caring tutor. Her videos are assisted with colorful slides and graphics and the cover a wide variety of topics. Another resource for beginners is, Learn English. This channel consists of staged skits and basic English lessons, completed with graphics, subtitles, and visuals. Learners can also save time by watching short lessons from the channel ESL Basics, this channel provide mini lesson on vocabulary, phrasal verbs, and idioms.

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