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Yiwu Wholesale market

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We know that at present almost all the countries are importing the products from China. When someone talks about Import-Export business only one country comes in mind, that is China, and in China it will be the name of Yiwu city. It is located in the central of Zhejiang Province. You can get all the products at wholesale rate from different markets in the city. Many people of the different countries visit these Yiwu markets and start their Import-Export business from China.

The markets of Yiwu

In Yiwu there are around twenty markets. Among them include art & craft market, Yiwu jewelry market, bags and cases market, furniture market, cosmetics and accessories market are the main markets. Other than that kitchenware, toys, stationery, scarf and shawls, watches and clocks, photo frames, non-natural flowers, home appliances, tool & hardware, electronics, umbrellas, socks, underwear and shoes etc also situated. Here I will try to introduce Yiwu Furniture market.

Yiwu furniture market is located on Bingwang road NO 238 and opened in September 2008.

This market is apparently approved by Government of China. Market covers 80 acres of area and total construction 16 square meters of area. This is the most modern furniture market in Yiwu. In this furniture market, there are mainly 6 floors from first underground to 5th floor. You can get the all types of furniture here. Therefore, it appears that Infrastructure of this market is well developed with sufficient facilities.

The market’s investment

The states suggest that the market has more than 300 million Yuan investment.

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You get all types of furniture products like office furniture, home furniture, sofas, hotel and garden furniture, children’s suites etc. The furniture is made from different materials like rosewood furniture, solid wood furniture, European furniture, classic furniture etc. You will get all furniture items from one place at guaranteed and trusted wholesale rate. of furniture provides you modern and attractive options in furniture which is enough to attract visitors.

Every year lots of visitors visit this furniture market and start exporting furniture from . You will get your furniture with very reasonable rate. If you are going to start your business in furniture then buy from Yiwu and see the clear profit on furniture products. Exporting that furniture from China is now very easy. In Yiwu there are many companies presently working which provide you agent to help you in Yiwu. They will guide you about rules and regulation of China while Exporting in other countries and prepare all the necessary documents for you which are needed in the process. If you want to purchase products other than furniture than also Yiwu agent will help you to purchase those products as well.

The attraction of foreigners

The modern furniture has attracted many foreigners and they have started to invest in China. To increase the volume of Import-Export business Government launched different schemes on the products. If you want to buy furniture then my advice is to purchase it from Yiwu Wholesale market. You don’t have to worry if you are new in city because so many agents are available in Yiwu who will help you in trading from china. Hiring agent is the best option for unknown person to make their trip quick, profitable and tension free.

Here you get wide range of furniture products at your budget so don’t think more and start purchasing the furniture from China. I am quite sure that you get the modern and attractive furniture at wholesale rate.

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