Human sacrafice Essay

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Human sacrafice

At around the early 1400’s and 1500’s the Aztecs conquered the region of what is today Mexico. At this time religion and culture was at height. They controlled lives of more than 20 million people! Now historians are looking back at this time not knowing whether to emphasize agriculture or human sacrifice. Historians should emphasize human sacrifice and not agriculture. The Aztecs had a great number of how many people were sacrificed. More than 2,300 prisoners were taken out of teuclepe for motecuhzonna and chihauacoalt to begin their sacrifice (Doc D).

In result of their organization they had a special time to begin sacrificing. It would start midday and end at nightfall (Doc D). They would start by killing them while their blood was racing down the temples stairway. Every time the priest cut out their heart he would roll their dead bloody body down the stairs (Doc D). The Aztecs thought of human sacrifice as a major part of religion. They thought of their gods as the most important part of their life that they even had people dress up as gods (Doc.C)! Before they start the sacrifice the person chosen is usually dressed up as a deity (Doc E).

The Aztecs treat him as a god for his last year alive (Doc E). The villagers treat him as a royal family member. They would also shower him in complete luxury from the noble’s house including food, teachers, and clothes (Doc E.) when it is time for sacrifice all the women of the village feel terrible sadness when he is taken away.(Doc E). The Aztecs thought that the sacrifice also represented human kind as well. Many people think human sacrifice is a horrific brutal matter, but at the time it was a great fascination. It showed respect that the men had to sacrifice themselves (Doc D).

It is believed to many historians that those who volunteered were those who had a richer afterlife. To conclude, Historians should emphasize human sacrifice because it clearly describes who the Aztecs really are. It describes the gruesome torture, and its huge part of culture. Unlike human sacrifice agriculture isn’t very unique. Agriculture is basically everywhere and everyone does it the same or else it wouldn’t grow. Therefore historians should emphasize human sacrifice.

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