Erik Peterson at Biometra: Case Analysis

1) Revision of original sales and distribution launch target date from February 1 to April 1 and only 3 weeks to prepare for the launch. 2) Equivocation with KOLs regarding support from the company, increasing the likelihood that they would withdraw from working relationships with Biometra. 3) Strained dynamics between him and his team, as well as issues between team members. 4) Technical delays, in locating commercial manufacturing facilities of Biometra to Costa Rica, some of which have been resolved, while others which are still pending may affect the product deliverability.

5) Low involvement of management in the various launch issues of Biometra as well as indifference of Peterson’s boss Hardy to the urgency of decisions. The following are the underlying causes of all the above problems: 1) Lack of Experience: Erik’s promotion to the position of General Manager was due to a sense of urgency and not on the basis of significant executive experience. In other words there was huge gap between Biometra’s General Managers’s job requirements and personal skills of Erik Peterson.

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Due to the lack of managerial experience, Peterson is not able to multi task and juggle various responsibilities in order to address the current issues. 2) Uncertain organization structure: After Peterson joined Biometra, without any formal communication instead of reporting directly to Jenkins he was assigned to Jeff Hardy, vice president of planning and control for the peripheral vascular division. Hardy had no prior operating experience and was unable to offer Peterson any helpful advice or guidance. Due to lack of effective communication from the leadership, Peterson was not sure whom he would be reporting to which could mean further delays in getting approvals on his decisions.

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3) Unsatisfactory Interpersonal relations: Peterson failed to establish pleasant relations with Dr. Scott Green and Karen Cantor both of whose work he challenged and criticized during his orientation in SciMat.

There was a possibility that some of his team members (Andrews and Miczek) resented his sudden promotion to General Manager. Peterson was also in the midst of internal conflicts between some of the team members which made it more difficult to concentrate on the final goal of product launch. 4) Inability to build and lead a team: As per the case, there is no fact to suggest that Erik Peterson made efforts to unite his team to achieve a very ambitious goal of launching the catheter in the stated period. He didn’t try to inspire them, to motivate them for the higher goals. He just tried to investigate all the problems by himself without any delegation and trust to his employees. RECOMMENDATIONS: The following possible solutions should be recommended to Peterson for the issues discussed above: 1) During Jenkin’s visit, Peterson should report Biometra’s performance from his point of view, asking for his professional advice on how to solve the pressing problems. He should also set up possible monthly meetings in the future about Biometra’s performance. On the other hand, Peterson should encourage Hardy to be more involved in decision-making. 2) Peterson should organize a teambuilding meeting where he should clearly explain all the ambitious goals of the project. He should ensure effective communication among the various teams and motivate them towards meeting the target launch deadline. Efforts should be made towards resolving differences like the one between Andrews and Miczek and encouraging them to see the larger picture and work towards a common goal. 3) Peterson should talk with Green and Cantor explaining that he needs their support and advice for Biometra’s catheter launch and try to overcome the initial differences between him and them.

CONCLUSION: Erik Peterson should realize his shortcomings and try to compensate them by taking the support of his team as well as Richard Jenkins. It is only when all team members cooperate and work, shall it be possible to achieve the common goal of launching Biometra’s catheter by the stipulated deadline.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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