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Nutrition in School: Healthy Eating Options in Schools
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In 2016, data reported that the obesity rate for American children ages 2 to 19 was 18.5%. The adult obesity rate was much higher at 39.6% (Child Obesity Rates). The high obesity rate is caused by an imbalance in calories eaten and calories used. Obesity can have major negative effects on adults and children. High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and high glucose levels are only a few examples (Lee). A valid way to reduce childhood obesity rates and prevent…...
A Healthy DietNutritionSchool
What I Know During Teaching Philosophy
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'If there is no struggle, there is no progress.'-Frederick Douglass This is my favorite quote, and I have truly lived this quote especially on my journey of discovering my true purpose in my life. During my last year of college, I took two summer classes that were geared toward middle grades language arts. At this time in my life, I had my 6 month old baby girl, and I was trying to maintain my GPA. It was definitely hard juggling…...
The Benefits of Volunteering in Schools
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Pages • 9
Volunteerism in schools is a free and simple task that can influence an entire community. Volunteering in schools can be defined as free work or services that is completely voluntary and beneficial to a school. The numerous benefits of volunteering in schools has a large influence on the volunteer, the entire school and staff, and the students, these benefits are long-term and extend far beyond the classroom. The profound influence that volunteering has on the volunteer are limitless. These benefits…...
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Social Disorganization and Over the Hedge
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Social disorganization theory first came to life in the Chicago school of thought with Robert Park. It was expanded on by Shaw and McKay, two of Park’s students. Social disorganization theory was founded on two key concepts: that this theory does not refer to all crime, and ecological factors foreshadow crime. In order to understand this theory on crime one must first understand ecology, which is a subset of biology that deals with studying how living things interact in their…...
Social Learning TheorySocial StudiesSociology
The First Year of University Life
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Pages • 3
I still remember the first day as if it was yesterday. All so fresh in my memory. Butterflies in my stomach, that feeling of crossing streets alone and taking the Jammie without even knowing where exactly it was going to take me all felt terrifying. There were mixed feelings about the course I signed up for, the university I was sitting in, and whether I was cut out for this university life. Today, as I write this essay baffled in…...
College LifeHigher EducationMy University LifeUniversity
How The University Life in NSU Changed My Life
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Pages • 2
Time runs so fast in human life. The time we leave, we never get it back again. Only the memory remains as a signature of our passing time which we never can forget. Now I’m a final semester student at NSU but still I can remember the early days of my university life. Yet I wonder how time went on. How sweet was the time when I was a fresher! There are huge differences between my early days in NSU…...
College DaysHigher EducationMy University Life
Motivating Students to Learn English Like A Hero
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Pages • 6
I am an English teacher from Saudi Arabia. I have been teaching for seven years. I taught all different levels of elementary school, middle school, and high school in different cities. I studied at Elqassim University. I graduated from Arabic and social studies. The English department is considered as social studies. I studied different kinds of subjects like literature, linguistics, and semantics. Before I graduated I had to go to a local school for training which made me like being…...
A Good TeacherMy Teacher My HeroTeaching
The True Heroes: Importance of The Teaching Profession in Our Society
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Pages • 4
Teachers inspire and lead children to be successful, opening up a new page for them, show them every aspect of life. Successful people not only because of their talents, but also the contribution of teacher. Everyone has their own teachers and those who have taught them good things. Teacher is one of the most respected and important careers because they are the one who guides and help you to adapt with the life. Teacher is the person helps students gain…...
A Good TeacherMy Teacher My HeroRespect For Teachers
My Experience In My New School
Words • 1024
Pages • 5
This story happened to me in 5th grade in August 2014 when I had to move from my old school to my new school which is Hill Creek Elementary. It was my first time switching to a new school which was a big obstacle for me since I didn’t know anyone there and I have to leave my old friends behind as well as the teachers. When my parents first told me about me going to a new school I…...
My Life ExperienceMy School Life ExperienceSchool
My Experience of Biblical Education
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Pages • 12
When I was growing up, if you went to public school, you were cool. If you were homeschooled, you were weird. There was never an issue with teachers teaching us things that we shouldn’t know or telling us things that our parents didn’t want us to know. Of course, back then, God wasn’t in my life and my opinion of public schools has changed drastically. One of the biggest ethical issues in our society today is whether or not to…...
ChristianityMy Life ExperienceMy School Life ExperienceSchool
Options for Paying for Off-Campus Housing
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Pages • 3
If you are intending to stay off-campus, then you will have to think of ways to pay for it. And we are here to provide a few suggestions so that you can pay for existence and also essential information you will have to know if you have decided to stay off-campus. Which is cheaper: Off-Campus or ON-Campus Housing? It depends. When you are planning to stay off-campus, it is better that you make sure your college on-campus living cost does…...
College LifeMy School CampusMy School Environment
Living on Campus vs Living at Home: The Best Choice
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Pages • 4
A College Experience can be an immense time in a student's life. Having the opportunity to go to college can give a student a new path to explore his or her future career. While trying to pursue a future career, many students are faced with a tough decision whether to head off far and live on campus or stay close by and live at home. There are positives and negatives in making a choice of whether to live at home…...
College LifeMy School CampusMy School Environment
My Strategies to Tackle Difficult Exams
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Pages • 6
There is nothing that scares and brings anxiety to students more than an upcoming examination. The final weeks before the examination can be so stressful for the majority of students ( just as it was for a lot of people), that is why it is so important and essential that all students must have the technical know-how and exam strategies to deal with the difficulties and stress that come with upcoming examinations. So how do we deal with this examination?…...
ExaminationMy Preparation For ExamStudy Skills And StrategiesStudy Tips
My Exam Preparation: Study Tips
Words • 419
Pages • 2
There have been different kinds of manners in preparing for exams. But, you need to select some of them which you think best suits you. To make it easier for you, we pointed out some tips that are helpful in achieving success during the exams. First, make sure you prepare. Study should begin weeks before the exam, rather than the night before the exam. Next, set up a routine. Find a nice place to study. Make sure you follow a…...
My Preparation For ExamStudy Skills And StrategiesStudy Tips
Single Mothers and the Systematic Oppressions
Words • 2564
Pages • 11
Graduating college has tons of benefits outside of a higher income. Those benefits are but not limited to, better health, reduced poverty, and better opportunities for the parents and their children. Using that logic, the United States government should be more willing to encourage and support single mothers to complete college and earn a degree. Instead single-parents are struggling to maintain college because they receive very little support while in school. I am going to explore the reasons as to…...
EducationSingle Parent FamiliesStruggle
Multiple-Victim School Shootings in America
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Pages • 6
General Description of the Study “Never Again!” These words are often heard across the nation and reflect the increased anger and frustration over the continued gun violence and school shootings that plague the country. From Columbine to Sandy Hook, hundreds of young children and adolescents have lost their lives in school shootings in places once considered safe havens. Nearly every parent across America sends their child to school with the expectation that they are in a safe learning environment and…...
ResearchSchool Shootings
Impact of Parents and Kid Relationship on Study
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Pages • 5
Introduction A person’s first eighteen years of their lives are arguably some of the most important and crucial years in determining one’s potential future. Not only is the way in which a person is raised essential to their social and cognitive development, the amount of education he or she plan to attain in the future is often determined by the time they reach adulthood. Whether a child grew up in a traditional household with two biological parents or a non-traditional…...
EducationParents And Children RelationshipRelationship
Best College for Athletic Training
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Pages • 2
This is for a bachelors degree for future colleges for athletic training. The better choice is the university of Florida because it cheaper. Another reason Florida is better is because it is warmer than Michigan. Florida has a smaller class so you can get more one-on- one time with your teacher. The ranking was the top 10 in the nation. If you go to the university of Florida you will be a Florida gator. They are wanting to move up…...
Quick guide to passing the Professional Engineering Exam
Words • 1010
Pages • 5
Simple steps to success! After years and years of work, school, studying and the unfortunate mix of all three, the final boss appears: The Professional Engineering Exam. The Professional Engineering Exam (or, PE) is administered under a licensure organization dedicated to procuring the standards and qualifications that dictate a licensed engineer. It requires both practical and theoretical expertise in a given field, and is eight hours long (excluding the structural exam) broken up into two 4 hour sections. And while…...
EducationEngineering EducationProfessional BehaviorTesting
How Does Language Affect Wealth
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 Rationale The topic at hand speaks on the impact and effect language has on the wealth of an individual. The content of my response links to a particular part and topic of the course because it links to both bilingualism and language and thought. It speaks of the difference between the sentence structures and grammar of languages, connecting to bilingualism. Not only that, it also addresses how these structures and grammar affect an individual’s thinking on a daily basis, more…...
The Impact of My Favourite Teacher on My life
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Pages • 5
When I think of my elementary, middle, and high school memories there is one teacher that comes to mind. My high school math teacher Mr. Monanian. He was a teacher that positively affected my attitude not only towards math but my education in general. He made math easy by thoroughly explaining whatever I was having trouble with. No matter how long it took to explain a problem he took his time and even showed shortcuts to the answer. He gave…...
A Good TeacherMy Favourite TeacherRole Of A TeacherTeaching
A Life Changing Experience With My Favourite Teacher From NMU
Words • 516
Pages • 3
I believe that every teacher we have affects us in one way or another. They have the ability to change our lives in the way they approach learning, and I have been changed by every teacher I have had. My mother is a teacher, so while growing up I didn’t think much about the process of learning. It was just a part of my daily routine. But when I’m getting older, the more I realize how much my teachers have…...
My Favourite TeacherMy Teacher My HeroMy Teachers
How to Write a Good College Essay
Words • 529
Pages • 3
Throughout college, several evaluations of your comprehension of the subject under study through some period of study will come in the form of an essay test. Therefore, you will have to lay some groundwork on how to write a superior treatise at some point. Good practices on this requirement involve trailing the process of preparation, writing and patching up any writing errors that may stand on the way of the reader discerning your essay. Body Writing an up to scratch…...
EssayHow To Write An Essay
Education: Effects of Studying Abroad
Words • 1411
Pages • 6
Studying abroad is a program offered by colleges that allow a student the opportunity to attend a country overseas while attending a university at that country. People ask is there a purpose in learning the same material, but in a different environment and does it provide anything beneficial at all. Well, going abroad has many effects on a person itself. The person will gain the sense of self-independence and become mature, but another kind of trait that will become accomplished…...
Advantages Of Studying AbroadEducation
Discipline of African Americans in School
Words • 1527
Pages • 7
Introduction The issue of disparities has been a long discussed and debated problem for many years. The impact of disparities is not only felt in the general society but also in the schools. Discipline administration is one of the fields in the schools where the issues of disparities have the highest prevalence. It has been noted that regardless of the type of disciplinary action or level of school poverty or public school attended, the disparities are always consistent (Loveless, 2018).…...
DisciplineDiscipline In Schools
Future of the Education System in India: The Changing Landscape
Words • 934
Pages • 4
The Essential Factor Education is one of the pillars of progress for any country. School education is important to establish a foundation for a child’s structural learning. Considering India’s population index the youth percentage in India’s demography is at an all-time high. According to the latest UN reports, India has the world’s largest youth population in the world. Economies of countries with a large youth population are always inclined to improve since the working population increases. It is then imperative…...
EducationEducation system in IndiaIndia
Role of SWAYAM in Transforming on Higher Education in India
Words • 1260
Pages • 6
Abstract Under the ‘Digital India’ Initiative of Government of India, one of the thrust area is ‘Massive Online Open Courses’(MOOCs) have developed gradually as a new prototype that is change radically conventional methods of teaching and learning. The HRD ministry of India have taken the initiatives by launching ‘SWAYAM’ (Study Webs of Active-learning for Young Aspiring Minds), a platform for quality education. It is inexpensive and self-learning is productive not only for enrolled but also for professionals and dropouts. It…...
EducationEducation system in IndiaIndia
High School Dropouts: Adult Motivations to Return & Attend
Words • 2751
Pages • 12
Abstract Each year the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) releases the Ohio schools report card for the 2017-2018 school year. Standard report cards for traditional high schools receive a letter grade A-F on a number of criteria. Dropout- Recovery high schools however, receive a report card that either “Meets Standards or “Does Not Meet Standards”. For the 2017-2018 school year, Life Skills High School of Toledo did not meet standards, primarily due to the low graduation rate. On a national…...
Dropping Out Of High SchoolEducationSchool
High School Drop Out Rates
Words • 2309
Pages • 10
What is happening in our schools and homes for our youth to drop out of high school? High school dropouts are bluntly labeled as failures, who are ineligible for most jobs across America but what is being overlooked about this aspect is the impact these dropouts have on our society. I believe a few major causes of the population that leave high school are due to learned helplessness, life circumstances, student to teacher ratio, and lack of positive resources to…...
Dropping Out Of High SchoolEducationSchool
Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills Among Students
Words • 1074
Pages • 5
Issues are something everybody faces in their day by day life. This is why we have to practice basic critical thinking skills. Typically where we have to be practice basic considering aptitudes. Critical thinking can be a handle of observing, analyzing, and evaluating an issue in arrange to create a judgment. Disciplined thinking is considered imperative because it basic for learners to engage in intelligent and think freely in their education. So, that it will be supportive for the students…...
Critical ThinkingStudentThinking
Challenges Faced by the Graduating College Students of OMSC
Words • 970
Pages • 4
Introduction Education is the transmission of knowledge and skills. Knowledge and skills are cultural; they are products of interaction of men among themselves. It should not be looked upon merely as schooling and the acquisition of academic subject matter but as part of life itself. Education prepares people to fit into society. It allows us to deal with experiences of life, friendship or even hatred, and how to face and use challenges. When these are done to make humans more…...
Challenges Faced By StudentsStudent
Сhallenges Тurses Nursing Students Face Whilst Learning
Words • 1003
Pages • 5
This essay will be talking about the many challenges that nurse faced whilst studying, also addressing some learning weaknesses, strengths and evaluate two theories. Getting into university for a professional program marks a beginning, fulfilling a career goal. Nurse education a mix of classroom learning and learning experiences that help students gain knowledge or skills. However, nurse education is challenging. This could be financial, placement , psychological issues, time management, culture / ethnicity to mention but a few. Placement As…...
Challenges Faced By StudentsNursingStudent
The Joys and Challenges of a School Head
Words • 1132
Pages • 5
A school head is responsible in ensuring that the learners receive exceptional quality education in a supportive and child-friendly learning environment while functioning as a teacher to his or her fellow teachers and as a servant to the department’s stakeholders, but other than those, being a school head entails a lot of responsibility and accountability. The job requires a lot of public relation skills, courage, determination, strong will, prudence, patience, and leadership skills other than the basic qualifications that the…...
Challenges At SchoolSchool
Threatening and Disruptive Behavior in College Classroom
Words • 541
Pages • 3
This paper will include many difference ways of relieving the disruptive behavior. First citation will include the relationship between a teacher and student. My personal beliefs are that having a positive relationship creates more structured environment built on respect and trust. The second citation will deal with disruptive behavior. Lastly, the final citation will address preventing disruptive behavior with personal thoughts included. Positive relationships between a student and teacher is important for success. In my classroom, the instructor made me…...
Behavior In ClassBehavior In The ClassroomClassroomSchool
Schools Ban Books to Protect Their Image 
Words • 722
Pages • 3
An often misunderstood topic to society is banning books in schools. Many believe that banning books is something of the past but it still happens till this day. Books provide knowledge of real-life situations and controversial topics. The numerous ideas discussed in books help widen the lens of a student. In 2017 alone, more than 350 books were challenged in schools, libraries, and universities (Godlewski). Educational institutions ban books in order to protect students from explicit and controversial content but…...
Banned BooksSchool
I Want to Study in Madison
Words • 584
Pages • 3
Since I was in middle school I knew I wanted to study a field that relied on science. At a young age I found physics, math and chemistry very interesting and I always wanted to know how products that we use in our daily life like toys, cars, airplanes, detergents, are designed and produced. At that time I wanted to be a mechanical engineer, but everything changed when I visited an Alcohol Distillery with my father. I was amazed by…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
Why I Want Study at Madison
Words • 505
Pages • 3
A student cannot reach the peak of her craft if her knowledge and critical thinking skills are weak, which is why I’m eager to explore what the University of Wisconsin-Madison has to offer. UW-Madison provides me the opportunity to further explore not only a wonderful school, but a wonderful city that offers prosperity and success. The university’s advanced strengths in the community, combined with the academic rigor, and the agriculture department alongside the opportunity for undergraduates to work with faculty…...
EducationUniversityUniversity Education
Statement of Purpose: UMICH
Words • 977
Pages • 4
I came from Yemen; a war-torn nation, a nation divided unto itself. The north of Yemen lags behind the south in economic development as well as education. The south of Yemen offers relatively better opportunity in employment and in schooling. However, by the western nations’ standards even the south of Yemen, that has had a turbulent history, is way-far behind due to decades of war and impoverishment. Education is the key to development and the only hope left for us…...
UniversityUniversity Education
University of Michigan is My Goal
Words • 553
Pages • 3
I aim to mold my education by doing, rather than solely taking notes. The College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan, and additionally the Ross School of Business, achieves just that through their emphasis on learning through experiences. With a wide array of majors and minors, LSA is the college where I can truly find my academic interests. And due to the flexibility of LSA degrees, the college will provide me with the means to…...
UniversityUniversity Education
Why I Want Study at University of Michigan
Words • 531
Pages • 3
It all started on my sixth birthday when I received a blue winter hat with a maize block M on the front. After that, I begged my cousins, who are alumni of the University of Michigan, to tell me about the school and their experience. As the stories they told me every night at bedtime about the school became a tradition, my dream was born. Even though that dream has always been in the back of my head, it wasn’t…...
UniversityUniversity Education
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What I Know During Teaching Philosophy
...With this teaching philosophy, I have grown a lot professionally. I finally have my classroom management down. I was able to learn how to dissect the standards, and form lesson plans that really engaged the students. I also learned how to begin with ...
How The University Life in NSU Changed My Life
...Thus, for environmental change, change of lifestyle, and for making my dream true, now there are huge differences between being a fresher at NSU and being a student of the final semester. Though my life has been changed a lot now, I know it's a term ...
How Does Language Affect Wealth
...Language affects the wealth of a person since language affects that individual’s thoughts and impacts what they do with money. However, the cultural background of the languages can contribute to what they think of money as well. So my readers, I le...
How to Write a Good College Essay
...In the body dedicate the initial passages to expound on the findings that are in agreement with your point of view with the topic. Then commit to elucidating the contradictory views to your viewpoint in the succeeding subsection. Finally in your most...
Why I Want Study at Madison
...Madison’s Agricultural College intrigues me as I can take an array of unconventional courses with Professors Ruegg, Shaver, and Wattiaux. Further, the Dairy Science program provides an opportunity for independent research, which will allow for inte...
Why I Want Study at University of Michigan
...Those are the reasons why, after considering my hopes for the future and my options, I decided to apply to the University of Michigan LSA. I want to be a Wolverine not only because I want to follow in my cousins’ footsteps and experience their stor...
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