Economy of the Southern colonies between 1607-1775

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The development of slavery ended up being intertwined in the life of the southern colonies in the 17th century and early and mid 18th century. Slavery gradually progressed from numerous factors. Such elements that cause the blending of slavery and the southern nests' life were social classes, geographical place and economic problems. The vital example is Jamestown, Virginia, the first effective English colony.

During the development of Jamestown, there was the unintentional creation of social classes. The greater classes were people who had land and cash.

These were the individuals who brought indentured servants to the New World to work on the wealthy plantations. The indentured servants would serve out their terms and be totally free. The majority that ended up being complimentary did not have as much as their previous masters. This caused the lower class of individuals, the people who did not have land or money. The next lower class would be the Indians and African slaves. They were separated generally due to the fact that of their skin color.

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They were made as servants and were forced to deal with the plantations.

The Bacon's Disobedience in 1676, the indentured servants' uprising, result in the concept of making use of indentured servants dramatically dropped because the indentured servants held a danger to the peace and serenity of the nest. The concept of slaves emerged as the primary labor force. Servants were easily recognizable and had the ability to manage through physical intimidation. It was due to the fact that of Bacon's Disobedience would enormous number of servants from Africa being to be imported.

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The majority of workers on the plantations were African slaves. The plantation owners depend on the African servants to work their plantations. Their plantations' labor was required due to the fact that of the geographical place.

The geographical location of the south made the use of slaves ideal. The land was flat with rich soil and long growing season as well as slow flowing rivers. This meant that farming was ideal in this region. To work the large plantations that would fill the large land, there would be a need of many laborers. The initial concept of indentured servants was dropped after Bacon's Rebellion and the concept of slaves emerged. The plantation owners began to rely on the African slaves and depended on their labor over the vast land. If there were no African slaves, then there would be no labor and therefore the land that would produce the cash crops would be gone and the economy of the south would fail.

The economic section of the south depended on cash crops which were the paramount cultivation. The reason for having cash crops was because of the geographical location. The cash crops made Jamestown survive though selling the cash crops back to the Old World forming the economic basis, cash crops. There was a need for workers to work the plantations that produced cash crops. The use of slaves became needed and grew on the south so that the south needed the African slaves to survive.

Through the outlook of Jamestown, Virginia, it is shown that slaves became intertwined in the economy of the Southern colonies. The social class of slaves being on the bottom made them the labor force on the plantations that formed because of the geographical location, which was large rich land and large growing seasons, was perfect for growing cash crops, the south's economy. The social class, geographical location and economic factors of the South encouraged slavery because slavery was part of the South's economy.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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