Differences between Colonial Regions Essay

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Differences between Colonial Regions

The New England, Middle and Southern colonies were the part of the New World which used to belong to the British. Although the colonies all had good things, all of the regions had things that didn´t help them grow as a region. Some colonies had rocky soil for example. Having a good climate and a good topography is part of agriculture, having materials to work is part of manufacturing. Industry

Each of the three regions had different types of industry. The New England colonies used to do shipbuilding activities, lumbering and fishing. The Middle Colonies used to export agricultural goods and natural resources. The Middle Colonies were also called the breadbasket colonies because the individuals that lived in the Middle Colonies used to have farms that could go from fifty to one-hundred and fifty acres. The Middle colonies used to export timber, furs, coal and iron. The Southern colonies used to export tobacco, cotton, rice, indigo, lumber and furs. The Southern colonies also used to export farm products such as corn and other vegetables.

Agriculture, Climate, and Topography

The New England colonies had the colder climate because their region is far more in the north than the Middle or the Southern colonies. The New England Colonies used to loose population during the winter due to the snowstorms. The New England colonies had a rocky soil so farming was difficult, they had small farms that could sustain their families but it wasn´t enough to export. The New England colonies were able to grow potatoes, tomatoes, blue berries, cranberries and tobacco. One of the differences with the Southern colonies is that the New England colonies used to import and the Southern used to export. The Middle Colonies used to grow a lot of grains such as corn, wheat and in the Middle colonies there were also farmed animals which result in meet. The Southern colonies used to have the warmest of the climates. It was a dry and hot climate. In the Southern colonies there was a need to farm to live. For that reason the Southern colonies used to grew a lot of tobacco, rice and indigo and they exported it. The Southern colonies had such a rich soil that the people in the southern colonies could farm in almost anywhere. Their soil was the best one to farm.


The people that lived in the New England colonies were mostly Puritans and Pilgrims. In the Middle Colonies the people who settled where the settlers from Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, France and Scotland. New Sweden and New Netherlands joined and became Delaware and that junction was made by the Duke of York. The Southern colonies were settled by the Puritans, the Puritans who settled in the Southern colonies settled mostly for economic reasons. The Puritans usually would take African slaves for the Southern Colonies.

All the colonies need to have agriculture, industry, climate and government a founding date. All the colonies had excellent things such as a good and fertile soil that the Middle colonies had, but there are also bad things such as the New England having a rocky soil which didn´t help their industry neither their a agriculture. Every colony had at least a bad thing but luckily the colonies had good things that canceled the bad ones. a. Closing statement: All the Colonies have different things between themselves. b. Rewarded Thesis: Every colony had a bad thing but luckily the colonies had other good things the others didn´t have.

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