Economics Essay Topics

Opportunity Advantage and main challenge for a foreign company that wishes to establish business in China

Economic growth of countries is largely contributed by the competitive advantage that it poses and which puts it ahead in terms of resources over the other economies. Michael Porter describes competitive advantage under factors such as the demand conditions, related industries, factors of production and corporate strategy under his famous competitive “diamond” model. In this… View Article

Perfect Competition

The spectrum of market structures varies diversely from highly competitive markets where there are a large number of buyers and sellers, each of whom having little or no power to alter the market price to a situation of pure monopoly where a market or an industry consists of one single supplier who enjoys considerable control… View Article

The Automatic Stabilizer

In macroeconomics an automatic stabilizer refers to any economic program or policy that automatically increases or decreases to counteract or stabilize the present economic trend without the need for governmental assistance (“Automatic Stabilizer,” 2007). Auerbach & Feenberg (2000) describe automatic stabilizers as “elements of fiscal policy” that moderate fluctuations in aggregate output. From the Keynesian… View Article

Foreign Direct Investment

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a key component of the global capital flow that entails world economic growth through investment opportunities. As an investment tool FDI also affect the aggregated growth of the host country. FDI as a share of GDP has become the largest source of capital moving from developed nations to developing ones…. View Article

Managerial Economics and Its Application in Banking Sector a Case of NMB

Is a branch of economics that applies microeconomic analysis to specific business decisions. It bridges economic theory and economics in practice. Managerial economics provides a set of tools, techniques, methodologies, guidance and insights that can help in making better and value-adding decisions in business and for analyzing decision problems and developing criteria for choosing the… View Article

Global Core and Periphery

LO: to discuss the spatial pattern of global interactions through the mapping of core areas at the focus of interaction (network hubs/nodes), the peripheries and areas relatively unaffected by these interactions. Global economy – basic features * Single world market – producers to exchange rather than use. Price is determined on a global scale *… View Article

Exim Policy India Analysis

EXIM policy should be more transparent which should favour export environment The EXIM policy (Foreign trade policy) was announced on 27th August 2009 for the period 2009-2014. It was announced at a juncture when the world was recuperating from the economic downturn. The downturn had caused a sharp contraction in international trade and adversely impacted… View Article

Economics Unit – housing prices from different cities

The cost of housing is commonly the reflection of the value of the land plus the price of the house and the amenities that come with it. This is often affected by what’s around the place, the nearest recreation areas or sceneries. This affects how housing is priced, and is also usually affected by the… View Article

Effectiveness Of Monetary Policy

Monetary policy is basically a stabilization policy adopted by a country to deal with various kinds of economic imbalances that occur in the country. It’s a flexible instrument which allows authorities to move quickly to achieve stabilization, since it deals with the monetary aspect of the general economic policy. It controls the supply of money… View Article

Environmental Economics

Effluent charges are a fee or tax to be paid on discharges into the environment, based on the quantity or quality of discharged pollution. Effluent charges are an instrument used for environment control which has been widely advocated by economists. Not infrequently it is claimed or implies that the result which would follow the imposition… View Article

Environmental Economics

Agriculture has an instrumental role and close association in preservation and conservation of the environment and economic development. It promotes environment diversity and enhances the creation of artificial habitats. The green biomass that covers many fields forms a basis of aesthetic to the human emotions. Intensified uses of chemical in agricultural production threaten the above… View Article

Underground Economy

Every year, economics becomes a hot-button issue for politicians and ordinary citizens across the country. Politicians stake their careers on promises of economic revitalization, and individuals grouse when the forecast for the national economy is less than inspiring. Most economists measure an economy’s health by a variety of factors, such as the Gross Domestic Product,… View Article


And economy is a system that deals with human activities related to the production, distribution, exchange and consumption of goods and services of a country or other area. Lionel Robbins defined economics as “the science which studies human behavior as a relationship between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses. ” (Robbins L. 1932)… View Article

International Economic

Globalization process refers to the worldwide incorporation of economic, cultural, political as well as religious and social arrangements. There are other definitions with the IMF referring it as the growing economic interdependence of nations globally through improving quantity and range of inter-country trade, free international capital flows and extensive widespread of technological knowledge. Economically, it’s… View Article

Economics Questions

1. Housing Prices 1.1 Fundamental and Non-fundamental Factors Pricing of a product depends on many factors such as demands for the product and how excessive the product exists in the market (supply). Housing price is influenced by `fundamental` and `non-fundamental` factors. The fundamental factor inn housing price is about supply and demand (Himmelberg, Christopher, and… View Article

John Maynard Keynes, the Father of Modern Theoretical Economics

John Maynard Keynes (5 June 1883 – 21 April 1946), a British economist known also as the father of modern theoretical economics, had made a great impact on contemporary economic as well as political theory. His ideas were tapped by governments for their fiscal policies. He is most well known on his interventionist policy when… View Article

Economics – Short Answers

Answer #1 One of the problems that concern me right now would be the continuous increase of prices of petroleum products in the market which greatly affected my budget. Moreover, the said hike of oil prices causes our economy to perform badly for the past quarters which indirectly affects the prices of major commodities in… View Article


Poverty can be measured on different scales through many ways like through a Lorenz curve, a graph of the cumulative distribution function of a probability distribution which is used in representing income distribution. Lorenz curve shows distribution of assets and is considered a measure of social inequality. Gini coefficient can also be used in measuring… View Article


1. What did Keynes think some of the chief benefits and defects of capitalism were? Keynesian theory which was developed by Keynes advocates for a mixed economy where the government and private sector are important. In Keynesian model economy is assumed to be below full employment.  Keynesian argues that the aggregate demand for good which… View Article

Economics of Competitive Advantage

A globalized economy in its theory entails opening up of the local economy of a certain country towards internationalization, creating a “borderless world economy”. Thus, ideally, it should pave the way for economic interdependence and promote economic fair play amongst participating countries. Globalization shall surely expose an economy towards the world market due to increased… View Article

Economics for Business

When we speak about the UK market of postal services, its image is indispensably connected with the notion of monopoly. For more than 350 years the UK postal market has been dominated by the Royal Mail. However, since 2006 the market has been open to competitors, and the postal services’ market players strove for possessing… View Article

Economic development in China and India

Foreign trade in China is almost completely dominated by the state. In 1979, China relaxed certain trade restrictions, paving the way for increases in the relatively small foreign investment and trade activity. By the late 1980s, yearly exports totaled about $41. 1 billion and imports $46. 4 billion, and both have increased sharply since then…. View Article


The study of construction, allocation, and expenditure of goods and services has been incorporated in the social science that has been referred as Economics. In the year 1932, one of the economists Lionel Robbins presented a definition of economics that has been appreciated by a number of economic organizations around the globe. Under this definition,… View Article


The course of this study shall critically evaluate the economic resources, economic activities and latent potentials of Nigeria as a nation, a developing country, in relation to that of Canada, a developed country. It is an eye sore that a land full of natural endowments in abundance is not thriving economically and socially. Nigeria has… View Article

How Economics Have Changed My Life

They say that if you look at it things closely, you will see the essence of economics going about its daily routine. Indeed, from the man buying his morning coffee to the woman calling for a cab, the economic system is all around us. Not many people notice it (or are just apathetic about it)…. View Article

Economic Theory

The word “economics” is derived from oikonomikos, which means skilled in household management. The society is faced with the following economic problems a). How to what to produce with limited resources? b). How to ensure stable prices and full employment of resources? c). How to provide a rising standard of living both for now and… View Article

Economic questions

1. It has to do with game theory. In the prisoner’s dilemma, two suspects are taken by the police and each told separately that they can gain their freedom by testifying against each other. If neither testifies, they each will serve a six months sentence. If one testifies the other stays silent, the one will… View Article

International Business Economics

Globalization and international forms of conducting business has been the overriding factor for most economies of the world in the last two decades. According to economists, the political and economic amalgamation of nations will continue to grow as linkages to migration of products, money and people beyond their national boundaries become evident. This has led… View Article

Economic Forecasting

Short-term borrowing from the Federal Reserve funds is always increased because of a reduction in the discount rate.  The Federal Reserve System has been consistently reducing the discount rate in recent years, due to which short-term borrowing has been rising so as to maintain liquidity. In the year 2004, short-term borrowing from the Federal Reserve… View Article

Economic Developments

The current system of the world economy has emerged as a result of the historical trends and economic developments that occurred in the past particularly during the periods of World War I, World War II and the Cold War. To a significant extent, the current world order and the capitalist and industrial prosperity that is… View Article