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Early in my childhood looking up to my entrepreneurial father

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 3 (586 words)
Categories: Business, Child, Childhood, Economics, Entrepreneur, Finance, Management
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Early in my childhood, looking up to my entrepreneurial father work hard in his own venture imbibed a sense of determination and curiosity to explore beyond academics deep in my mind. In a bid to develop my all-around abilities, I got involved in extracurricular activities such as playing snooker, swimming, and backpacking which further enhanced my decision-making skills. Involved in my father’s business of construction materials since teenage, I have been fortunate to learn the nits-and-grits of managing a business – from managing account payables to improving customer relations.

Noticing the labor-intensive and error-prone task of the traditional accounting system, I learned and initiated the task of computerized accounting, leading to more organized accounts while saving my father’s invaluable time.

In a bid to explore technical aspects of construction-related materials to contribute to the family business, I joined civil Engineering in one of the top colleges of my state. To gain more practical exposure, I took up internships, where I got to tweak my managerial skills in a professional work environment.

From developing pitching skills and coordinating for a college fest to organizing events and raising sponsorship I learned to develop myself holistically.

Owing to my fascination with the ever-fluctuating index points and the financial markets, I started pursuing courses in finance. A strong foundation about Financial reporting standards, equity and bond valuation, etc., built through the CFA, has aided me in effectively performing fundamental analysis of stocks. The interconnectedness of the global markets and the importance of risk management, which I realized during my experience as a real-time trader in the markets, motivated me to pursue the FRM which has enhanced my ability to manage risks more effectively.

My zeal for entrepreneurship led me to set up my own online retail store – www.33.Deals – where 33 different deals, which resembled ongoing customer trends thereby making the store immune to competition, were updated every month. To avoid the trouble of maintaining an inventory, I contacted suppliers from China through online platforms such as Alibaba.com, persuading them to ship the products from China itself. I learned to integrate and mature Facebook Pixel and started ad campaigns with demographic selections specific to each product, reaching a more targeted customer base and better ROI. Following up on potential customers through email campaigns using MailChimp, along with the use of plugins such as Facebook Messenger, helped retain customers and personalize their experience.

I believe that the MSc in Management from a prestigious school would not only help me bridge theoretical gaps in the management field about concepts like marketing, strategy etc. but also help complement my existing finance and entrepreneurial skill set. In the short term, I intend to gain further knowledge through the ESCP MIM course and join companies like EY and KPMG as a financial consultant. In the long term, I see myself growing within the company to an executive level responsible for formulating and applying innovative solutions.

ESCP has been ranked as one of the top schools in Europe for the Masters in Management course. The exciting opportunity to study in multiple countries over 4 semesters across different parts of Europe would give me exposure to a multitude of cultures which could come in very handy towards my goal of becoming a global financial consultant. The opportunity to do internships using the acquired theoretical knowledge and gain practical exposure of entrepreneurship through the trip to Silicon Valley definitely makes ESCP my preferred choice. The specialisations on Finance (Paris) and Entrepreneurship (Berlin) align well with my goal of becoming a financial consultant.

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