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My topic is about drug abusers in which I will talk about how it causes problems within families and friends, and even to the individual’s health and well-being. Addiction is a disease, in which it destroys relationships and lives. An addict can lose their family, friends, jobs, and many other things. The reason I chose this article is because I personally have a long family history of drug abuse within my biological and extended adopted family. It breaks my heart to see the negative effects that it has on my family, and I want to talk about this issue so that I might be able to reach someone who is struggling with addiction so that it might make them want to get help before it’s too late. I believe if an addict has a wake-up call and sees how their family is there to support them, they might realize they need help. They don’t always have the opportunity to change, but I believe in second chances at life. If you get a second chance, you should grab onto it and use the opportunity before your friends and family give up on you.

An Essay on Drug Abuse in the Family
Words • 1285
Pages • 5
The purpose of this piece of writing is not to compare the different methods of approaching drug prevention, or say what methods are not working. It is to simply state that the more the family takes action or gets involved with each others live, problems such as drug abuse will become obsolete. Many different attempts to lower the drug rate have been in placed by society. But despite years of anti drug campaigns within the school and media, drug abuse…...
Drug Abuse
Drugs are Continuing Problem in US
Words • 2212
Pages • 9
The main purpose about this research paper is how drugs lead to death. What do you know about drugs. Drugs are chemical substance used in the treatment, cure, prevention, or diagnosis of disease or used to otherwise enhance physical or mental well-being. Drugs are a huge problem in the United States of America. Once people start taking drugs such as heroin, marijuana, cocaine, oxycontin, and others. They get addicted to them. Drugs addiction can lead to crimes, diseases, and death.…...
Drug AbuseDrug AddictionDrugsResearch
Abuse of Medication in Rutgers University
Words • 2230
Pages • 9
Problem The abuse of medication prescribed for ADHD is a problem that is affecting University students around the world. The most commonly known medications that are being abused by college students are Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, and Concerta however, I will generally use Adderall as my terminology when referring to all medications for simplicity. Through my 4 years at Rutgers I have witnessed a lot of students abuse Adderall for studying and recreational purposes with only few actually being prescribed the…...
CollegeDrug AbusePrescription Drug AbuseStudent
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The Causes of Drug Abuse Among Teenagers
Words • 921
Pages • 4
Drug abuse among teenagers continues to be a major problem in many societies all over the world. Everybody knows bad things can happen to drug users. Instances of school dropouts, addiction, and teen violence continue to highlight the depth of the drug problem amongst teenagers. They can have serious or even fatal health problems. They can ruin their personal, social and professional lives. They may even end up in jail. But why do young people start taking drugs in the…...
AbuseDrug AbuseTeen ViolenceTeenage Drug AbuseTeenager
Drug Abuse and Its Prevention
Words • 809
Pages • 3
A discussion of the problems involved with preventing drug abuse The product is illegal drugs. The people who deal these drugs are criminals. That's what makes the drug business different then any other. Alcohol is a drug, yet adults are allowed to use alcohol products. Nicotine is a drug, yet adults are allowed to use many different forms of tobacco products, all which have tobacco in them. The drug Caffeine can be found in many everyday items, like soda candy…...
AbuseCrimeDrug AbuseHealthSubstance Abuse
Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction
Words • 399
Pages • 2
This essay is not just talking about drugs, but addictions of all kinds. When I always saw or heard the word 'addiction' I automatically think of people who abuse drugs. I never thought of myself or my friends as having an addiction. It made me realize that I had an addiction to iced coffee, listening to music and naps. I often feel like I can’t make it through the day if I don't listen to music, take a small nap,…...
AbuseAddictionDrug AbuseDrug AddictionHuman Nature
Forensic Toxicological Analysis of Hair
Words • 683
Pages • 3
Introduction: Hair is an important physical evidence, can be easily collected and stored at room temperature. Hair is made up of keratin protein, these keratin mixtures give advantage over usage of conventional biological evidences for determination toxicology of drugs in hair (Kintz et al., 2004, Musshoff et al., 2004). Detection window of drug abuse in hair testing is wider when compared with urine testing and limited by the length of hair sample. Results of hair analysis comes within several weeks…...
AddictionChemistryDrug AbuseDrug AddictionDrugsHealth
Factors leading to drug abuse among young generation
Words • 1463
Pages • 6
The drug abuse is big problem in all over the world in which youth is more suspecting compare to adult . Drug may defined as substance taken for both theupetics purpose and abuse substances (Kwamanga, Odhiambo&Amukoye, 2003).Many kind of drug can be used by youth in the world especially west B district of Unguja Zanzibar such as heroin, marijuana and cocaine. A survey conducted by National Council against Drug Abuse (NACADA, 2006) show that substance abuse is widespread. During the…...
AbuseDrug AbuseHealthHypothesisResearchSubstance Abuse
Drug Abuse as a Social Problem
Words • 2551
Pages • 10
Drugs have been around for thousands of years. "A drug is any chemical that produces a therapeutic or non-therapeutic effect in the body (Drugs and Teen Substance Abuse 2000.)" Most drugs were first used for medicinal purposes, such as marijuana. Active substances were not extracted into drugs until the 19th century. Newly discovered substances like morphine, laudanum, and cocaine were completely unregulated and prescribed freely by physicians for a wide variety of ailments. Wounded veterans returned home with their kits…...
AbuseAddictionAlcoholismCrimeDrug AbuseSocial Problems
Prescription Drug Abuse
Words • 2636
Pages • 10
Prescription drug abuse has had a strong hold on American society for decades and it does not appear to be diminishing. While some drugs have decreased in popularity over the years others have increased. For instance, there has been a surge in the popularity of Ecstasy and other "Club" drugs and an increase in marijuana use over the past few years. While society has taken steps in the right direction by supporting treatment programs for addicts and drug abuse prevention…...
AbuseDrug AbuseHealth CarePrescription Drug AbuseSubstance Abuse
Speech on Prescription Drug Abuse
Words • 358
Pages • 2
Have you ever taken a prescription drug other than prescribed, or that wasn’t yours? Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing problem in the U. S. right now. PDA is the intentional use of a medication without a prescription, or in a way other than prescribed, or for feelings it causes. My name is Brenda and today I will talk about the most common drugs that cause addiction, their effects on health and lifestyle, and some common treatments. I have…...
AbuseAddictionDrug AbuseDrugsHealth CareOpioids
Effects of Drug Abuse and Addiction
Words • 991
Pages • 4
This paper will illustrate several aspects of how drugs affect our lives. Addiction philosophies including the psychology and physiology will be explained in an attempt to describe how drugs affect our bodies both physically and mentally. Secondly, different drug categories types will be covered including: stimulants, depressants, narcotics, hallucinogens, and cannabis. Each of these categories has different addiction potentials and effect levels including withdrawal symptoms. Finally, the abuse of prescription drugs and their effects will be discussed. Addiction is primarily…...
AbuseAddictionDrug Abuse
Analysis of Elijah Anderson’s Ethnography
Words • 2159
Pages • 8
Elijah Anderson’s Code of the Street takes an in-depth look into the world of crime based upon the conditions in which people find themselves, like poverty, unemployment, and drug use, and illustrates that the behaviors are definable under a “code of the street,” in which even people who strive to get good jobs and move into better homes fall victim to their situations. It is the code itself that is responsible, leading people to less desirable situations and behaviors. To…...
BehaviorCrimeDrug AbuseEthnographyEthnographyLiterature
The Hippie Movement
Words • 1342
Pages • 5
The 1960’s were, in my opinion the most influential decade in the history of the world. Some people went from being preppy, well-kept human beings to turning into long-haired, earth- loving and careless people. When the citizens of today look back at the ‘60s, they think of one of the happiest decades their generation has ever seen if not the happiest they’ve ever went through. The “hippies” stressed that everybody be happy, calm and find peace through love and tolerance.…...
A Historical EventDrug AbuseDrug LegalizationDrugsEventHistory
Drug Abuse on High School Students
Words • 691
Pages • 3
The hypothesis for this report is that as an individual increases drug usage, their success within their education reduces. To prove this holds true, there were lots of investigations included in the process. Firstly, there was secondary research supplied in order to see the substance abuse of all teenagers in Ontario, as well as dropout rates in Ontario as a whole. In addition to meanings, basic drug details, and other aspects of these variables. Then, there was primary research study…...
AbuseDrug AbuseHigh schoolSubstance Abuse
Helping Parents Prevent Drug Abuse
Words • 284
Pages • 2
Whenever we get sick, we see a doctor. We go to see a doctor to get a prescription to a drug which will make us better. We take the drug until we are better and once we are we store the drug in a cabinet for later. Many of us do not know that by keeping the unused drugs we are putting people around us in danger; especially children and teens. Children and teens are more curious to try the…...
AbuseDrug AbuseParent
The Causes and Effects of Drug Selling
Words • 630
Pages • 3
Red and Blue lights flashing, a loud siren whaling, people scattering away to get away from the flashing lights, like a dog chasing away a herd of cattle. This is the stereotypical life of a drug dealer. This is what drug dealers so call "work". Work meaning a job where money is made selling drugs to whoever chooses to buy their products. It is hard to differentiate which is worse, the causes or effects of selling drugs. The causes of…...
Drug AbuseMoney
Policy Speech on Drug Abuse
Words • 1221
Pages • 5
Some of you may remember back in 5th grade the D.A.R.E song. You know the song about staying away from drugs and making your own choices. Come on! It had little dance moves that went along with the words. Well if you don’t remember, heres an example of the Chapman Elementary school in Dublin Ohio singing at their D.A.R.E graduation. (play video) Who went through a program like this in their elementary school? According to the Ocean Shore Police, today…...
AbuseDrug AbuseEducationHuman NatureSchool
Risk factors for drug abuse
Words • 719
Pages • 3
For starters, there are genetic factors, as we are the product of our mothers and fathers, and their parents. Children whose parents smoke are far more likely to become smokers. If they drink, you’re probably a drinker too. This isn’t all the time, but it’s a factor. Drug abuse causes seem to pass from one generation to the next. Your personality will play into the likelihood of your abusing drugs. Curious, adventuresome people will often experiment with drugs. That’s drug…...
AbuseAdolescenceAlcoholismDrug AbuseSubstance Abuse
How Does Drug Abuse Affect Personal Development of Hong Kong Teenagers?
Words • 6005
Pages • 22
Liberal Studies: Independent Enquiry Studies Enquiry theme: How does drug abuse affect personal development of Hong Kong teenagers? 1. Introduction I am interested in the topic of drug abuse since I first study the bad effects of drug abuse. However, the reason I chose drug abuse as my enquiry topic because a new that I recently read .It showed a very dangerous trend appears in Hong Kong which is more and more teenagers try to abuse drugs. It also found…...
Drug AbuseHong KongPersonal DevelopmentTeenage Drug Abuse
Effects of Teen Marijuana Use
Words • 1336
Pages • 5
According to a 2012 Monitoring the Future study, marijuana is the illicit drug most likely to be used by teens (Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey). Marijuana comes from the plant Cannabis Sativa and appears as a green/brown mix of flowers, stems, and leaves (Teens Health 1). Marijuana is also known as pot, weed, MJ, Mary Jane, reefer, dope, ganja, herb, and grass. Marijuana is most often smoked in cigarettes, hollowed-out cigars, pipes, or water pipes, but is sometimes mixed into…...
Cause And EffectDrug AbuseDrugsMarijuanaMedical MarijuanaWhy Marijuana Should Be Legalized
Drug Essay
Words • 636
Pages • 3
“Drug abuse and addiction are major burdens to society; however, staggering as these numbers are, they provide a limited perspective of the devastating consequences of this disease” Essay On Drugs Numerous incidents have been reported in television and social Medias in this persuasive essay about drugs users and dealers who are caught in the acts, especially in those squatters area or what they call “drug dens”. Not only those person who live in this populated area are being reported to…...
AddictionDrug AbuseDrugsSubstance Abuse
The causes and effects of drug abuse amongst the youth
Words • 432
Pages • 2
A drug can be said to be any substance used in medicine. It can also be said to be any substance taken by some people to get a certain effect, such as happiness and excitement. A drug addict is said to be someone whose life has become dependent on drugs, hence drug abuse. Peer pressure; - youth associates themselves with different types of people, otherwise known as friends. Through the pressure from these friends they tend to have a taste…...
AbuseDrug AbuseHealthSubstance Abuse
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Illegal Drugs and Other Substances

Addiction is the use of any narcotic drugs, which can imperil the public morals, health, safety, or welfare of a person and are used for recreational or mood-altering purposes. These drugs can be illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and any other intoxicating substance; but the issue is that some drugs are legal, this is when some people abuse use of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, driving, and financial or any other form of public resources and services. The most commonly abused and misused drugs in the United States include opioids and other painkillers such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, hallucinogens, prescription stimulants and sedatives, marijuana, and alcohol. Additionally, addiction is people who are drawn to the use of drugs where they have lost the ability to use self-control in reference to his or her drug use. This is not a crime in itself, but that does not excuse the violation of related regulations. Drug abuse can break laws such as being under the influence of an illegal drug in a public place, even though being an addict is not illegal in itself. It has significant negative effects on individuals and families, it can change a user’s brain chemistry and cause major organ damage, and can also be associated with domestic violence, job loss, and arrests or imprisonment.

Risk Factors

My overview of the article I’ve used is that it’s about drug abuse, how it affects everything, and how it can change your whole life. It talks about different types of drugs that are abused, and how it is a “chronic, relapsing disorder with long term consequences and long-lasting changes in the brain” and is also considered a brain disorder and mental illness. It also includes what the risk factors and warning signs are, as well as the individual and social impact.

The two NASW Value Principles I have chosen for this paper are Dignity and Worth of the Person and Importance of Human Relationships. Dignity and Worth of the Person is when, as a social worker, you don’t judge the person based on their cultural and ethnic backgrounds, but I feel as if this can be extended to not judging them based off of their drug abuse background. If they have been in prison because of it, that does not matter. Additionally, if they have lost their job, family, friends, or morals that does not mean that they do not deserve help, because if you have an opportunity to help them you should do it. Do not discriminate against them because you have not been in their shoes, so you are “better than them.” Importance of Human Relationships is the understanding that their friends and family can be a vital part in their recovery process, so you should talk to them about reaching out to their friends and family to support him or her through the process of recovery. If the friends or family happen to come into a session with your client, you should discuss with the client the thought of possibly having them engage in one of the sessions so that they can learn how to help your recovery process or to even just be more equipped in ways to talk to the client about their issues and potentially help them when they are struggling.

Treatment and Maintenance Approaches

My recommendations for someone struggling with drug abuse would be to go to counseling or possibly even rehab. Talk to a social worker about your addiction, and see if there are options that will work for you. There are many different treatment options including but not limited to Abstinence treatments as well as Maintenance approaches. Abstinence treatment is to eliminate his or her drug use whether that is abruptly or slowly reducing it over time. Maintenance is to minimize the dreaded withdrawal symptoms, usually by replacing the drug they typically use with a less harmful drug that is controlled and carefully monitored.

FAQ about Drug Abuse

How Does Drug Abuse Affect Personal Development of Hong Kong Teenagers?
... Interview transcripts Date: 10th April, 2011 Time: 5:00p.m.-5:30p.m. Mode of interview: personal interview 訪問稿 I:訪問者 K:馮海兒社工 I:馮先生, 你好。十分感謝你願意抽空接受我的訪問。 K:不用謝,我亦十分感...

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