Dogs is Man's Best Friends

Many were abused. Most were forgotten. All were innocent. They are the refugees of animal shelters; abandoned and homeless animals that lacked protection from the uncharitable world. The refugees of the animal shelters receive sufficient care, but at times lack one of the most endearing necessities. That necessity is love. Numerous adopted dogs will playfully lick an incognizant face, bark at the door, wag their tails in excitement and be best friends with man; however, the dogs who are not adopted are often constrained into those behaviors.

Unadopted dogs are commonly crestfallen because of the absence of love.

Supplying the yearning dogs with families and homes is the most efficient way to fill the void of love in their lives; however, the world is a despondent reality in which not every dog is adopted. As a result, many animal shelters have created a variety of advertisements to gain more interest in their cause. The purpose of the animal shelters advertising is to help animals become members of doting families and homes, and each advertisement exemplifies the importance of adopting animals by appealing to the emotions of the viewers.

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One advertisement contains a heartwarming image of a dog waiting to be given a loving home (“Follow Friday,” 2014, n.p.).

How the dog is portrayed plays a key effect on how well the advertisement will succeed in its purpose. The dog itself has one dark patch over its eye with one ear slightly folded down; the classic image of a friendly dog. This convinces a large portion of the audience that no harm can come from adopting a dog.

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Right below the dog’s face one paw is raised, and next to the paw is a human hand print with the word “adopt” underneath. The paw next to the hand symbolizes the unique relationship between a dog and a man.

An article stated: “The dog-owner relationship develops between two independent adult individuals (adult-adult relationship), in functional terms dog-human attachment resembles more infant-parent relationship in humans because humans control several aspects of the dogs’ life” (Abdai & Miklósi, 2015, p. 11). Although some may be adults, dogs are dependant on man; therefore, the people have an obligation to adopt them. Dogs are wholly dedicated to their owners because of the idiosyncratic relationship between the two species. They are commonly known as man’s best friend, but in reality dogs frequently become imperative members of their family. This knowledge gives the viewer the intuition required to adopt a pet, which ultimately makes the advertisement and animal shelter successful.

Another advertisement contains news that leaves animal shelters looking like victims. Animal shelters are not optimal homes for domestic creatures because of the lack of funds they receive (“5 Shocking Facts,” 2011, n.p.). In this image, there are three disparate dogs, each with a look of stupefaction written on every inch of their face. The sclera, or white part of the eye, of each dog is visible and matches the blinding white background of the image; this emphasizes the amount of shock the advertisement is trying to portray. The dogs look like someone who had just been robbed, which to a degree they have been. According to the advertisement “The Humane Society of the United States shares less than 1 percent of your donations with local pet shelters” (“5 Shocking Facts,” 2011, n.p.).

Animal shelters do not receive all of the donations intended for them. This leaves many animal shelters without adequate funds, which means they are not able to provide proper care for the animals living there. This fact often persuades people to adopt animals because it helps them comprehend the importance of the issue. One minor change can damage or repair the future (Shans, 2017, n.p.). The advertisement consists of two images with only slight, yet influential, differences. The image on the left has a background of light blue, which reflects the unfortunate future that awaits a faultless puppy. The left image also contains a puppy with a soft, white glow emerging from behind it; symbolizing the innocence of the puppy. This projection of innocence offers the notion that the puppies are like angels.

Creating the illusion that puppies are angels can convince people to adopt them because it offers an insight on how the puppy will potentially benefit them. The puppy has one ear cocked slightly forward as if wondering what will happen next. The inquisitive puppy is glancing up in the direction of a stick. The stick is from the dog pound and will take the puppy away to a devastating fate. According to Guenther (2017), “The live release rate is about 45%, while 55% of impounded animals join the 2.7 million companion cats and dogs in the United States who are killed in shelters each year” (p. 244). The execution of dogs and other animals is a consequence they do not deserve because they are all innocent. The most effective way to save those pets is by adopting them.

Adopting a dog can repair its future. The right image has only slight differences from the neighboring image, but those differences make a tremendous impact. The background in the right image is green; a light-hearted color that symbolizes life, progress, and change. The puppy in the right image is the same but the stick above is not. The stick transformed into a leash with a collar attached to the end of it. The dog is again being taken away to a fate, but this time the future will be a deserving and loving one. This particular advertisement often achieves its desired purpose because the words and images used persuade people they can give an animal a chance at a happier and longer future by adopting. Unwanted pets are animal shelter refugees. Animal shelters, although they are safe and provide adequate care, are not ideal homes for animals.

Animal shelters are not the best homes because they receive less than one percent of their intended donations; the lack of donations creates a slow progress for both the shelters and the pets living in them. To gain interest in the adoption of pets, animal shelters have created a variety of advertisements to appeal a diverse audience. All three advertisements are different, yet have the same message. Animal shelter pets want, need and deserve a home. Advertisements used by animal shelters help humans remember there is always someone, or some pet, in need. These advertisements help many animals find homes because they exemplify the importance of adoption.

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