We Need Books Because They Are Best Friends

In our classroom, we need more books. In our classroom, we don’t have any books that the students could pick out and read. I think we should look for some books that the students will like so if the library is closed then we will have another place to get books, or if we need to get a book if we finish one and take a test. Most of the books could be picked out or donated to the classroom.

We could hold a fundraiser to earn money for books.

We also need to look for what the students want to read. Some books could be sic-fi and some could be fantasy. But we need to be able to pick from a different selection of books. It is scientifically proven that books can strengthen your knowledge. I could donate a few of the books that I have and some other people could donate books to.

This wouldn’t cost that much if people donated books.

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We could also read a book and do a project over it. The class would also never have to leave to find a book in Mrs. VanDerVeen’s library. We could also have a little reading corner so the students would be comfortable while they read. While having these books we would also need a bookshelf of two.

We could also get some new textbooks and learn out of those. These books could be picked out and bought by some of the students. We could get like a small notebook for people to write their names in when they check out a book.

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We could buy some of the books from the library because they sell books. They would be at least 20$ to get a few books that would be never used.

Books are important in various Unexpected ways. Books allow readers to travel without using their feet. Books give wings to our imagination. Books are full of knowledge, joy, happiness, wisdom and so much more it. Books are more than enjoyment. Books have the capability to transform your life. Books can help you in your hardest time, books make you realize that you are not alone in this world who are struggling. Book gives a solution and gives you a new way and a new perspective to look at things and situations.

We don’t technically need a class pet so that’s another reason why we need to get books Morse than we need to get a class pet. Books give us more knowledge than getting a class pet. We can write more essays over books than over a pet. But we could still use the class pet to do some essays.

Although a class pet would be nice the books are more important. The books would need to be mostly school-appropriate because the 5th and 6th graders could come in and look at the books too. The books can also improve vocabulary. So that is why I think we need to get books.

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We Need Books Because They Are Best Friends

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