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As societies develop through technology advancement, the living condition of human beings has been vastly increased in various ways. World organizations want to solve zero hunger by promoting agriculture development and buildings that are tall enough to touch the sky is what represent the eternal glories. However, as humans are focusing more and more on the well-being of themselves, an important and catastrophic issue is developing, and it is becoming more and more intense over the few decades — deforestation. Forests harbor more than half of all organisms on our planet, it provides organisms the most fundamental resource on Earth – oxygen. Countless species who are limited to their microhabitats in small parts of the forest are now vulnerable and threatened by the danger of extinction. Tropical, temperate, and boreal forests are now decreasing at a detrimental rate due to human activities. A vast area of forests is disappearing at an intense speed. Agriculture expansion, wood extraction, and urbanization are all decreasing the land area of large forests, which will have a significant impact on the ecosystem, environment, and society. However, there are still ways to reduce deforestation. Solutions such as political action and regulation of the supply can greatly reduce deforestation.

The Areas Worst Hit By Desertification Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 2055
Pages • 8
Desertification is considered one of the most serious environmental and societal economic issues in the universe. Desertification has been disturbing China for Numberss of old ages. `` China 's desertification is turning worse '' .[ 1 ]As a big state with a heavy population and complex environmental conditions, China is cognizant that desertification combating is of importance to its environment and community. Dunhuang a metropolis located at the north-western portion of China faces menaces from the enlargement of the desert…...
Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Philippines
Words • 521
Pages • 2
The Philippines as an agricultural country means that it is rich in terms of production. It has various resources that are bound to fulfill not only our basic necessities but also our luxuries. This may be the reason why many nations including Spain, America, and Japan had colonized the Philippines. As time goes by, modernization has slowly been taking place in the field of economics. Demands have constantly increased since then. So in order to satisfy the economy, factories have…...
DeforestationEcology And EnvironmentEnvironmental CrisisHow To Save TreesPhilippines
Role of Forest in Carbon Cycle
Words • 1303
Pages • 5
Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most abundant human-influenced greenhouse gas. A greenhouse gas is found naturally in the atmosphere— in the upper atmosphere it captures sunlight energy and reflects it back to earth, in turn creating heat. This "blanket" of gas moderates the earth's temperature. With increasing levels of carbon dioxide, however, research suggests that a thicker blanket will produce global warming. Carbon dioxide is an important molecule for life. All plants that photosynthesize absorb CO2 from the air, combine…...
ChemistryDeforestationEnvironmental IssuesForestNatural resourcesNature
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Deforestation Kills More Than Trees
Words • 1196
Pages • 5
Deforestation, clearance, or clearing is the removal of a forest or stand of trees from land which is then converted to non-forest use. In the late 1960’s Brazil began chopping down the Amazon at an alarming rate, to this day Brazil has cut down 18% percent of the original Amazon, this is about the same area as France. Brazil tried to bounce back from their losses, We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the…...
DeforestationDeforestation And Its EffectsForest
Deforestation in the Amazon
Words • 1151
Pages • 5
The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical rainforest located in northwest South America. It contains some of the greatest biodiversity on the planet and is one of the most dangerous places to be. This is due to the fact that millions of different species of animals live there and plants of all sorts are found. Because it is so dangerous, many people do not to live there. However, some tribes still live in parts of the forest. One major…...
Deforestation: The Modern Plague
Words • 1255
Pages • 5
The Amazon it is in danger, and no, it is not the Amazon that people like to visit through their mobile devices on a lonely night at midnight to purchase unnecessary products, it is being referred to the Amazonian Rainforest with an area of 2,300,000 square miles, that covers 40% of Brazil, and gives to huge variety of flora and fauna. Humans are wasting no time in cutting down this rich and diverse biological reservoir in a process called deforestation.…...
DeforestationDeforestation And Its Effects
Description of Environmental Change
Words • 958
Pages • 4
The Amazon Rainforest spans over 6.7 million cubic kilometres and stores up to 140 billion tonnes of carbon in its trees, however, 1.4 million hectares of Amazon rainforest is lost yearly to farming, mining and illegal clearing. Trees are a natural “sink” in the carbon cycle, uptaking much of the CO2 in our atmosphere during photosynthesis. The tree canopy also helps to regulate temperature and evapotranspiration rates in a rainforest, their removal impacts both the hydrological and carbon cycles, including…...
DeforestationDeforestation And Its EffectsInvasive species
Global Environmental Problems
Words • 491
Pages • 2
Ecological issues are described as issues with the planet's regular frameworks, for example, air, water, soil, etc. These are the things that get influenced and make issues in our condition as a result of human impedance or maltreatment of the planet. A portion of the significant issues have been talked about underneath Deforestation Issue: Species-rich wild timberlands are being crushed, especially in the tropics, often to make a way for bovines cultivating, soybean or palm oil bequests, or other green…...
Climate ChangeDeforestationEnvironmentForestNatureSustainability
Environmental Degradation – An Overview
Words • 1549
Pages • 6
The environment is the natural home for all living creatures. In today’s world, the growth of the population is leading to increased demand on environmental resources. Sadly, ecosystem conditions are deteriorating because of mankind’s boundless activities. Wildlife degradation is the depletion of the environment and its resources such as soil and air, as well as the extinction of species. Therefore, human beings’ infinite activities to support population growth are destroying mother earth at an alarming rate by causing air pollution…...
AgricultureChemistryDeforestationEarthEnvironmentEnvironmental Crisis
Why Are Jaguars Endangered Animals?
Words • 565
Pages • 3
Many see Jaguars as a beautiful species, but only from far away. However, others see their beauty as more of a harmful way. Jaguars are considered endangered prey. Texas, California, New Mexico, Africa, and Asia are just a small variety of where Jaguars live. Jaguars have been an endangered species for many years, but the ones that are left aren’t being protected. The reasons for endangerment include hunting and cattle ranching. For over the last hundred years humans have been…...
BiodiversityDeforestationEcologyEndangered AnimalsHumanHunting
Why Endangered Species Matter?
Words • 2161
Pages • 8
Since 1970 the world has lost 60 percent of its vertebrate species, but there might still be time to save the rest. Scientists estimated that we’re losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the normal rate daily. Due to changing environments, habitat destruction, and predators animals are at risk of becoming extinct in the near future. Animal populations are placed below tremendous pressure because of the results of these changes and, in some cases, the populations are decreasing to considerably…...
AgricultureDeforestationEcosystemEndangered Species Of AnimalsExtinctionHunting
Participatory Forest Management
Words • 1010
Pages • 4
Participatory Forest Management is the system of management whereby a community forest is managed by the members of the local community, and not by some external, remote governing body. This system enables the members of the local community to be the direct beneficiaries of the forests (Melka, 2008). Community forestry, community-based natural resource management, joint forest management, collaborative management, adaptive co-management and participatory forest management (PFM) are terms used to describe a new set of varying and evolving relationships between…...
DeforestationForestManagementNatural resources
The Impacts Of Globalization In The Environment
Words • 1008
Pages • 4
Humanity is heading to the progress of globalization. Thanks to globalization, it is possible to find products from all over the world on the shelves. However, consumerism is affecting the environment. There are situations in which the products were discarded inappropriately and they have been damaging the environment. It is not only affecting by polluting, but it is endangering the biodiversity of the planet. It is biodiversity, which is "the number and types of plants and animals that exist in…...
Air PollutionClimate ChangeDeforestationEnvironmentEnvironmental IssuesGlobalization
Why are the world’s tropical rainforests, rapidly disappearing?
Words • 966
Pages • 4
The global vegetation system that I am going to be using is the tropical rain forest. Tropical rain forests (TRF) are usually found along or near the equator. These are equatorial climates and inn these climates there are no seasons. The TRF has a very large range of species. There are a lot of tropical hardwoods here, such as mahogany, Oak, Ipe and many more. The direct use for people is to burn the wood that they cut down from…...
AgricultureDeforestationEcologyForestNatural resourcesNature
Tropical Rainforest – Case Study
Words • 2453
Pages • 9
There are many uses of the rainforest: original dwellers used the rainforest to obtain food by hunting and fishing. They also gathered fruits, nuts, roots and honey from the local trees. They may also have grown their own crops, by doing shifting cultivation which does not harm the forest, as the land is left long enough for the forest to grow back again after being cleared for farming land. The rainforest is also used for medicines, materials for housing and…...
AgricultureCase StudyDeforestationEcosystemForestNatural resources
The History Of Globalisation Economics Essay
Words • 5252
Pages • 20
For this class we had to compose a paper consisting of 5000-6000 words on the subject 'globalisation ' . In order to make so, we had to compose a paper based on an bing article from which you can happen the mention in the short life at the terminal. In add-on to the sum-up of the article we besides had to give our ain remarks on this subject, which you can happen after the sum-up.IntroductionImagine a typical African household, in…...
Speech on sustainable development
Words • 860
Pages • 4
Ladies and gentlemen I salute you all and thank you all for the initiative you have embarked on I believe this is a worthy ideal that all of us should join hands and ensure that we live in clean environments. This day gives me joy to know that there are people who are committed in ensuring a clean environment not just in our days but also tapping into the generations that will come. I am here to speak about sustainable…...
DeforestationSustainabilitySustainable Development And Its Challenges
What are the local and global consequences of deforestation?
Words • 679
Pages • 3
Deforestation is the large-scale removal of forest, prior to its replacement by other land uses. It is proceeding at about 17 million hectares each year between 1980 and 1990, annual deforestation rates were 1.2 per cent in Asia and the Pacific, 0.8 per cent in Latin America, and 0.7 per cent in Africa. Forest area is generally stable in Europe and North America, although the rate of transition from old-growth forest to other forms in North America is controversially high.…...
AgricultureDeforestationDeforestation And Its EffectsEnvironmental IssuesNatural resourcesNature
Life Environment And Sustainable Development Environmental Sciences Essay
Words • 8426
Pages • 31
Right to life, clean environment and sustainable development can merely be in an unalienable integrity. A right combination of sustainable development and environmental saving, to control clime alteration and the black impacts attributed to it, is the Panacea for the immoralities of the modern universe, the most amicable and efficient solution to impede the hinderances on the manner to accomplishing the cardinal human right, i.e. , the Right to Life, Liberty and Security as envisaged by the Universal Declaration of…...
DeforestationEnvironmental DevelopmentFloodHope Sustains LifeNuclear PowerPollution
Free forests or deforestation summary
Words • 350
Pages • 2
There cannot be a continued assessment of and negative association attached to the sprouting seeds, without assessing the quality and degradation of the soil. This Evidence from the empirical analysis that confirmed responders, identified responses, and determined response effectiveness suggests responses to deforestation need greater local relevance and foci. Rather than providing support for dominant narratives of response to tropical deforestation in DRC (war-torn, impoverished, failed state), analysis of these case studies show forest loss is occurring because there is…...
AgricultureDeforestationDeforestation And Its EffectsForestPoverty
Environmental Resource Management
Words • 432
Pages • 2
The environment that the current generation is growing up with today is very different from the one that the grandparents and the great, great grandparents have lived with. Environmental issues are escalating rapidly in a global scale. The governments are tasked to address or to at least pioneer the solution to such issues. However, if the governments fail to do what should be done, then who will save the environment? A better question perhaps is: Does the government even know…...
DeforestationEnvironmentEnvironmental IssuesForestManagementNatural resources
Devestating floods hit Bangledesh
Words • 1657
Pages • 7
Bangladesh is a country already tied down by huge economic debts, poverty and now a major flood - the biggest in 20 years. River floods occur when the amount of water flowing in a drainage basin or watershed (the area that collects and directs the surface Water into the streams that drain it) exceeds the carrying capacity of rivers Which drain the area. The annual monsoon's that hit the bengali coast lashed down, causing two of the biggest rivers in…...
DeforestationFloodMonsoonNatural resourcesNatureRiver
Advantage and Disadvantage of Human Impact on Rainforest
Words • 1440
Pages • 6
Human Impact on Rainforest is it a necessity? Rainforest are the beautiful gift of Mother Nature. It consists of the most magnificent species and plants in the world. 4.2% of the world's animals live in the rainforest. This statistic it self shows how bad it would be to destroy such essential part of the worlds biodiversity. Nevertheless there are still huge advantages of deforestation. But does this mean 2.47 acres of rainforest should be destroyed every single second? This mean…...
Deforestation: Causes and Effects
Words • 258
Pages • 1
Deforestation happens when forests are destroyed permanently and the land is used for other purposes such as agriculture, mining, infrastructure building. Forests cover about 30% of the planet and the ecosystem they create play an essential role in supporting life on earth but deforestation is clearing earth's forest at a massive scale and at the current and at the current rate of destruction, the world's rainforest can completely disappear within a 100 years. Importance of Forests The importance can't be…...
ClimateDeforestationDeforestation And Its EffectsEarthEnvironmental IssuesForest
Deforestation and Climate Changes
Words • 999
Pages • 4
The total coverage of forests on the earth's landmass is 30 percent and the fact the people are destroying them is worrying. Research reveals that majority of the tropical forests on earth are being destroyed. We are almost at half the forest landmass in destruction. How would earth look life without forests? It will be a total disaster if deforestation is encouraged. Deforestation is a human act in which forests are permanently destroyed in order to create settlement area and…...
AgricultureClimate ChangeDeforestationDeforestation And Its EffectsEnvironmental IssuesWater
Globalization and Pollution
Words • 183
Pages • 1
Globalization is the process of countries becoming more connected over time. Countries depend on each other more for raw materials and finished products. Countries trade with each other for more goods and services. How the products are made and used is 1 extracting materials 2 manufacturing 3 distributing a product 4 using product 5 disposing of a product. Extracting natural resources fall into 2 categories Renewable resources and nonrenewable sources. manufacturing and distributing, products as connection and trade increase countries…...
DeforestationEnvironmental IssuesGlobalizationNatural resourcesNaturePollution
Facts about Corporate Social Responsibility
Words • 835
Pages • 4
Environmental issues are the matter of concern in today's world and the Corporate decisions has a very huge impact on the environment from the local as well as global perspective. There are so many companies which impacted the environment in one way or another. For example: McDonald's: McDonald's make efforts to reducing its impact on deforestation and carbon emission so that the global warming will reduce. McDonald's also promise not to buy soya grown in Amazon rainforest. Deforestation for soya…...
Carbon FootprintClimate ChangeDeforestationEnvironmental IssuesNatureResponsibility
September 21 1981 the day Belize Gained Their Independence
Words • 511
Pages • 2
This was adopted on September 21, 1981, the day Belize gained their independence. This country is growing at a slow steady rate. This year here are expected to grow by 8,591 people and are soon to reach 396,632 in the beginning of 2020. Growth can help improve or ruin any country. This country is ranked 176 globally. It's quiet a poor country. It's not really the people's fault that they are a poor country. The cause of poverty is the…...
Cessnock City Local Environment Protection
Words • 639
Pages • 3
Encourage Cessnock City Council To see a change we need to start somewhere that has power. If we want to make a change in our local environment the best way to do so is to encourage Cessnock City Council to put measures in action. By informing ourselves on the current matters, backing our points with reliable data and opposing realistic plans and actions we can make an impact on society. What we can do to encourage Cessnock City Council to…...
Importance of Recycling
Words • 838
Pages • 4
Do you hear that? That is the sound of mother earth crying out. She is crying because the air is constantly being polluted by industrial smoke; she's crying because of global warming; she is crying because of contaminated water. Her feelings are immensely hurt because she is under the impression that you do not care she is suffering. Well, there is a way we can flip the script and save the mother earth from her pain. This something very easy…...
Environmental Issues of Our Polluted Planet
Words • 1077
Pages • 4
For many, many years we have not dealt with the problems of our planet. We were trashing the environment carelessly like it is something that we are able to replace any time. Recently, an expression that was supposed to be taken serious 50 years ago has become the center of our attention: global climate change. Our focus will be on this topic in the following essay, we will explore the background of this problem and try to find a solution…...
DeforestationEnvironmental IssuesNatureSustainability
Current Threats To Conservation
Words • 893
Pages • 4
A great many people have no clue exactly how much the rainforest is influencing our lives. A significant number of our nourishment and drug come specifically from our rainforest. Indeed, even the oxygen we breathe is an immediate capacity of the rainforest. On the off chance that we let the rainforest vanish, the outcome would wreck. The Fiji tropical rain forest has been one of the major resources nowadays in Fiji where more tourism come to visit and surprised with…...
AgricultureConservationDeforestationEcologyForestNatural resources
Research on Land Degradation Neutrality in Kenya
Words • 816
Pages • 3
Assessing LDN LDN Trends and Drivers Land degradation remains a major threat to Kenya's ability to meet the growing demand for food and other environmental services. Desertification is intensifying and spreading in Kenya, threatening millions of inhabitants and severely reducing productivity of the land. The drought situation has accelerated soil degradation and reduced per-capita food production. According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), much of the problem is due to a growing imbalance between population, resources, development and environment.…...
AgricultureDeforestationEnvironmental IssuesNatural resourcesNatureResearch
Speech by a British Politician
Words • 1340
Pages • 5
Task1A In this speech given by a British politician we find many literary devices. Typically, these are used to highlight the message and push it forward - when used right, they're really effective. Throughout the speech, the use of adverbs, adjectives and nouns to describe the refugees and the situation are all well used and they work good. "These are the forgotten, the abandoned and the forlorn" is a sentence that stood out. Here the politician creates a poor image…...
ChangeClimate ChangeDeforestationEarthEnvironmental IssuesNature
Environment is a Place For Human Survive and Doing Activities.
Words • 2897
Pages • 11
Introduction Environment is a place for human survive and doing activities. It supplies a base for humans with the natural resources needed for production and consumption. As technology becomes more advanced, more people demanding for convenience and quality of life. Due to the negative impact of high industrial development, it leads to a global crisis. There are many factors that affect the environment, such as deforestation, animal agriculture, rising sea levels, chemical contamination, pollutions, melting glaciers, ocean acidification, severe storm,…...
ActivityDeforestationEnvironmentEnvironmental IssuesHumanPlastic
WHO estimated global mortality rate due to indoor pollution to be 77
Words • 1354
Pages • 5
WHO estimated global mortality rate due to indoor pollution to be 7.7%; a percentage that was more than from Malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS combined yet it a widespread health risk that was overlooked by the society (WHO, 2016). Further WHO, (2016) established that household indoor pollution was a health risk factor and a silent killer worldwide whereby Women, girls and children were the most affected by particulate matter pollution from cooking fuels. Emerging evidence on household air pollution problems included…...
Air PollutionDeforestationEnvironmental IssuesNatural resourcesPollutionRenewable Energy
Greenpeace Sustainable Environment for our Future
Words • 690
Pages • 3
Believe 'optimism is a form of courage'. They believe that a billion acts of courage can spark a brighter tomorrow. Example- Nuclear testing on Amchitka We believe that a better world is not only possible, but it is already the beginning of a new era. A green and peaceful future is our quest. Let's dream, plan and act together in order to achieve a sustainable environment for our future generations. Threat of global warming End all nuclear threats Depletions of…...
DeforestationFutureGreen EnvironmentNatureSustainability
Impact of human development toward panthera tigris
Words • 2093
Pages • 8
Introduction Felidae is cat biological famil yand its members are called felids. All felids are carnivoresin the Carnivora order. The most common felid sare ordinary cats and other members includeall wild cats including big cats (Baryshnikov ,2011 ). The Panthera is agenus in the Felidae family (cat), which includes four known species, the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard. Thisgenus covers half of the Pantherinae subfamily which is the big cat (Diedrich, 2011) .Tigers isone of the species in Panthera genus…...
What is Recycling?
Words • 838
Pages • 4
Do you hear that? That is the sound of mother earth crying out. She is crying because the air is constantly being polluted by industrial smoke; she's crying because of global warming; she is crying because of contaminated water. Her feelings are immensely hurt because she is under the impression that you do not care she is suffering. Well, there is a way we can flip the script and save the mother earth from her pain. This something very easy…...
BUS 245 Corporate Social ResponsibilityAssignment2 Local Versus GlobalRajveer KaurGavin ParkJanuary31 2019Environmental issues
Words • 838
Pages • 4
BUS 245: Corporate Social ResponsibilityAssignment2: Local Versus GlobalRajveer KaurGavin ParkJanuary31, 2019Environmental issues are the matter of concern in today's world and the Corporate decisions has a very huge impact on the environment from the local as well as global perspective. There are so many companies which impacted the environment in one way or another. For example:McDonald's: McDonald's make efforts to reducing its impact on deforestation and carbon emission so that the global warming will reduce. McDonald's also promise not to…...
Climate ChangeDeforestationEnvironmental IssuesResponsibilitySocial Issues And Environment
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Cause and Impact of Deforestation

Forests are known for their astonishing diversity and productivity as they provide habitat for many of living organisms. They also create rainfall through transpiration that filters the water molecules in their roots and branches. But due to the increasing population and economic demands, deforestation occurs. Deforestation, by definition, is an anthropogenic action that includes the action of clearing out trees. Most importantly, this global issue is caused by many human activities.

One of the direct causes of deforestation is urbanization. Due to the increase in population, development in the rural areas is being vitally needed. This overpopulation causes limitations on the living areas in many countries which leads to the problem of deforestation. By clearing out large areas of inaccessible forests, the land area left for humans to create more living space is largely increased. This development in urbanization will also bring economic benefits to companies that seek the opportunity to improve transportation and increase economic opportunities. For instance, in Rondônia, Brazil, road constructions in the dense tropical forests are approximately 31 miles long with small roads stretching out every 2.5 miles. This is known as the “fishbone patter” caused by urbanization and constructions from the 1970s to 1990s (NASA). This type of constructions is still having huge impacts on the rate of deforestation as it encourages more settlers to farm in those areas.

Deforestation of Amazon Rainforest 1975 – 2013 (NASA)

Another cause of deforestation is the increase of large-scale wood extraction. This increase in illegal and legal wood extraction, also known as logging, includes the action of cutting down parts of the tree or the timber for economic purposes. Agriculture expansion is also a major contributor to deforestation. Around the world, forests are disappearing because of food production. Farmers clear out large areas of forest to allow the large-scale commercial activities such as cattle pasture and plantation. This will increase biofuels released into the atmosphere and will cause accidental forest fires due to the burning and cutting down of trees. The Amazon rainforest is one of many tropical forests that is disappearing due to wood extraction and agriculture expansion. It had 4200 square kilometers cleared out in 1978, 30000 square kilometers in 1988, 53300 in 1998, and approximately 67764 square kilometers was lost at the end of 2003, all due to degradation. The visual above shows the deforestation of the Amazon rainforests from 1975 to 2013 (NASA). In this visualization, the rainforest started with green trees covering up the whole land area and a few road constructions that create the “fishbone” pattern. Then over 23 years, the same forest became bare grounded due to large scale of wood extraction and finally, settlers and farmers moved into the forest for agriculture purposes. The deforestation of this specific part of the Amazon rainforest expanded towards the Jaciparaná River and the Nova Mamoré. Overall, the cause of deforestation is predicable to us. First road construction begins which made the unreachable forests available for settlers and farmers. Then a large scale of wood extraction and agriculture expansion begins, decreasing the number of trees and destroying the habitat of different species. This pattern is being repeated in different regions and it is destroying 18.7 million acres of forests every year (WWF). This number is continually increasing as more human activities are being encouraged in the forests.

Deforestation Caused by Farmers and Settlers

Deforestation is having an impact on many different aspects of our planet, which include both the environment and human society. One of the greatest impacts that deforestation has on our planet is the destruction of ecosystems. The tropical rainforest, for instance, is the habitat of over 50% of the species on Earth (NASA). This means that the productivity of the rainforest is very important as it can sustain various of different ecosystems and microhabitat by only covering 7% of the Earth’s land area (Simmon). But as the land area of the rainforest gradually decreases due to anthropogenic impacts, habitat fragmentations occur in the ecosystem. According to studies done by Compton Tucker and David Skole, two biologists and tropical forest experts, discover that the habitat fragmentation is mainly caused by road constructions that created the “fishbone” pattern (Tucker). The road constructions are spread all over the rainforest, which can be even more detrimental to biodiversity than simply clearing out a single area of the forest. Because these roads allow human activities such as hunting and poaching to be practiced in the deep forests. When the species’ microhabitat is destroyed, they are unable to sustain their food chain and habitat with the bare grounded forests. This also made them more visible to the hunters as their protection from the trees has been shattered. Habitat fragmentation is followed by a large scale of extinctions. Species such as amur leopard and bonobo are all endangered due to hunting, poaching and the loss of biodiversity.

Solution for Deforestation Issue

Although deforestation is a major issue, there are still solutions that can reduce deforestation. Government, law, and regulation play a big role when it comes to solving global issues. By reinforcing regulations on companies and promoting policies that benefit forests, deforestation can be greatly reduced. Polices and corporations that implement “zero deforestation” should be introduced in the marketing and economic field. And tax and price ceilings should be added by the government to decrease the demand for the goods made from “deforestation”. The government can set up regulations that control the supply chain of the factories and promote more recyclable materials. Industries can then corporate with other institutions that will transform the mode of our economy where nature is protected, and deforestation is reduced. Furthermore, international policies and regulations should also be implemented to help save the forests. For instance, laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the Lacey Act and the Wilderness Act all are created to benefit forests and restrain illegal activates like logging from entering the market. International treaties such as the Convention on International Trade Endangered, the Framework Convention on Climate Change are all positive regulation that protects the ecosystems in the forests and the forests itself. By introducing regulations to the marketplace and policies that benefit wildlife and the forests, deforestation can be reduced.

FAQ about Deforestation

Why Are Jaguars Endangered Animals?
...Jaguars have become extinct not only due to hunting but also due to deforestation. Deforestation is when someone clears a big number of trees in an area. Deforestation is happening very frequently these days because the population of humans is increa...
Why Endangered Species Matter?
...There is so much that people can do to save these animals and threatened species from extinction, but humans must make those improvements now. So, as individuals think about the gray whale, the wood wolf, the black rhino, it's not just that people sh...
Why are the world’s tropical rainforests, rapidly disappearing?
...To conclude what I have written, there is always going to be management opportunities in a tropical rain forest whether it is on a small scale or on a large scale. The affects that these opportunities have on the tropical rainforest varies. On one ha...
What are the local and global consequences of deforestation?
...assist national development. Natural forest "capital" was liquidated and replaced by other forms of capital, to produce food, raw materials, energy, or infrastructure. Deforestation escalates the greenhouse effect which ,mans the damaging of the ozon...
WHO estimated global mortality rate due to indoor pollution to be 77
...Previous studies from African countries reported similar results of wood fuel as the major source of energy for cooking for example in Malawi firewood was a major source of energy for cooking with 88 percent (Zalengera et al, 2014). This was higher t...
What is Recycling?
...Did you know that each ton of recycled paper can save 17 trees, 380 gallons of oil, three cubic yards of landfill space, 4,000 kilowatts of energy and 7,000 gallons of water? Just imagine if everyone in the world recycled how much resources and energ...

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