Reducing Deforestation

Deforestation has been an international problem for the last century. It is thought about to be worldwide as every nation is facing it nowadays. Deforestation is brought on by slicing trees down, in order to produce paper, wooden goods, to broaden territory for developing houses and roads. The goal of my task is to offer an introduction to the problem of logging. In my essay I am going to describe why it is international problem, to talk about some concepts how we can assist to avoid it, giving an examples of various nations and inform how they are handling it.

Even if this problem seems to us difficult to solve, logging should be resolved in any ways. The main conclusion is that cutting thousand hectares of forests is truly a worldwide issue and every individual needs to understand about it in order to assist to stop it. Introduction. All the time the world was facing and still is, the issue of logging.

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It is common knowledge that it is a global eco-friendly issue, which can cause climate modification such as international warming and air contamination, and every country is facing it nowadays.

Deforestation include cutting trees down in order to produce paper, wood items, to broaden the square for roads, buildings, as the population of the Earth is growing. However, logging is caused not only by cutting trees but likewise by such mishaps as fire. So far as we understand, we require trees for developing homes or making furniture. Forests are really important in our lives in a function of excellent sources and paper and in a function of lungs for our planet and house for animals however we have more inferior effects from deforestation rather than advantages from it.

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Every person needs to take care and to think of how to save and secure our planet and think of possible methods of doing it. I think about that deforestation must be stopped. This essay will specify this global issue; discuss all the issues of it at the present time and how it can be stopped. Furthermore, it will look at the argument against deforestation and why it is unsuitable to be so indifferent to typical problems. Also, it will open the style in a more global context such as the effects of slicing trees down. Main body.

As it is said above, deforestation has more disadvantages rather than benefits. So, what does make this problem become the global one? First of all, the importance of this issue is that if people and government will not think of any various ways of dealing with deforestation, then, the world tropical forests will disappear. Edward Goldsmith, the late environmentalist, author and philosopher, claims that it [deforestation] causes steams to dry up, rivers to turn into torrents, the soil to blow away with the wind to be washed away by the monsoons.

Besides, he argues that deforestation will favour development and provide foreign currency mainly from the sale of tropical hardwoods, but this will largely be spent on manufactured goods of doubtful utility, which can do little towards reversing the fatal process described (The Estate of Edward Goldsmith, 2012). In a word, despite the fact that we need wood as a source, nothing can compare to the situation that forests are disappearing more and more with every decade.

The data below shows Tropical deforestation rates from 2000-2005, ranked in descending order by the highest amount of average annual forest loss for 25 countries based on data from U. N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). As we can see, Brazil has a dramatic increase in deforestation, which is more that 3000 hectares cleared per year; and it is 27% of sharing. The second country that is facing deforestation mostly is Indonesia, where nearly 2000 of hectares is cleared and it is 17%. Other tropical countries share 31% and they loose not more than 500 hectares per year, which is not so significant as in Brazil and Indonesia.

Despite the fact that Brazil is the country with the most significant rate of deforestation, it has made huge steps in reducing this global problem, while United States is just having their strides flagged. The investigations of such a big success in noticeable recovery are certain efforts. Brazil’s local people played an important role in pushing their government. Now they control 20% of Brazilian Amazon and had strengthened their land ownership rights by making special official titles. All this influences on closing illegal sawmills, stopping production of unlawful timber and giving life to rees.

This example has shown that government involvement is substantial (Union of Concerned Scientists, 2012). Secondly, what is in our hands right now – is just helping our environment with recycling at least, by one of the following options: either to throw the paper in the special bin, in order for fabrics to produce the paper from the one which already have been used, or not to throw rubbish on the land while picnicking or when going for a walk in the park as we can easily spoil the soil and as we all know, it takes a long time for one tree to grow up even if the soil is good.

Sometimes we interfere with insensibility of people, especially closer to the Christmas event. For example, instead of buying a Christmas tree in the shop, some of them are cutting down the fresh one, from the forest, just for one week or so to throw it after. This is very unacceptable in any sense. Each of us has to remember that with every felled tree we become closer and closer to the global warming and air pollution – which are two others global problems.

Everything is interconnected in our planet. Nevertheless, we have positive effects of deforestation, but very few, such as supplement world with wood products, books, paper, building roads to make trade and transport easier, building houses and offices as the population of the Earth is growing. We cannot say we do not need all this things, which were listed above, but we also cannot assert that we can do it continuously for centuries (Benefits of Deforestation, 2008).

Conclusion. This essay has discussed deforestation as a global problem and as it turned out, not the easiest one to find solution for. However, if indigenous people in every corner of the Earth will care about our environment and push the government to control it, how they did in Brazil, it will become much more easier and with the time passed, slowly and slowly could recover the nature and in some countries, to prevent the problem of deforestation.

It would be interesting to look in the future and see whether ways of helping to stop deforestation, which were explained and discussed above helped or not and also to see, whether people remained indifferent or not. To sum everything up, deforestation is and always will be a global ecological issue, which cannot be stopped by its own. And no matter what, has to be stopped and never rose again.

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Reducing Deforestation

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