The History Of Globalisation Economics Essay

For this class we had to compose a paper consisting of 5000-6000 words on the subject ‘globalisation ‘ . In order to make so, we had to compose a paper based on an bing article from which you can happen the mention in the short life at the terminal. In add-on to the sum-up of the article we besides had to give our ain remarks on this subject, which you can happen after the sum-up.


Imagine a typical African household, in a typical African house in the thick of a hapless African state.

The male parent is working twenty-four hours and dark in order to supply nutrient and shelter for his household. He works on the Fieldss gaining small money, merely to purchase some nutrient for his household consisting of a married woman and 6 kids. The work he does is palling and eternal, but the few pennies he earns, maintain him traveling. The household ca n’t afford their male parent turning ailment, so he keeps contending, no matte what.

Every twenty-four hours he gets up, walks to the Fieldss bear-footed, have oning nil but a green jersey and a black short. In the interim, his married woman is in charge of the 6 kids. She is have oning a xanthous ‘dress ” and an orange bandanna. Like the whole household is depending on their male parent, the youngest kid is depending on its female parent ‘s milk in order to last. She gets aid from her female parent, a in-between aged adult female, have oning the many cicatrixs of a difficult life.

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Her face does non resemble her age, but she refuses to lose her smiling, the last symbol of hope. They are populating in a house built out of clay, clay, sticks and foliages. In the parents ‘ room there is a mattress with an old cover, whereas the kids ‘s room consists of nil more than two sheets for 6 kids. The household struggles and hardly manages to acquire by. Because of the little net incomes of the male parent and a twosome of poulets they own, this household hardly has two little repasts a twenty-four hours. During one of these little repasts, the male parent ‘s cell phone ringsaˆ¦

The twelvemonth is 2011, welcome to globalisation.

Table of contents

Foreword 2

Introduction 2

Table of contents 3

Drumhead article 5

What is development? 5

The difference between developed and developing states 5

Geography 5

Culture 6

Property rights 6

Lack of freedom 6

Problems of Development Today 6

Aid for Development 7

Institutions of Development 7

Development Banks 7

United Nations Development Program ( UNDP ) 8

Government Aid Agencies 8

Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO ‘s ) 8

Case Studies of Development Projects 8

Development Strategies 9

Poverty Reduction 9

Trade-Not-Aid 9

Good Administration 10

Sustainable Development 10

Gender Equality 10

New Investment Strategies 10

Decision: The Millennium Development Goals 11

Personal remarks 12

What is globalization? 12

Drumhead article

What is development?

How can we make better lives for people in hapless states? It ‘s obvious that something has to alter, but what do we necessitate in order to accomplish that? Not merely economic advancement is necessary, people besides need human development, better wellness attention, an instruction, sufficient nutrition, a healthy and clean environmentaˆ¦ The demand for this alteration situates particularly in Africa. It is in this context that the article describes “ development ” ! An illustration to stress every bit good the job as the advancement:


Harmonizing to the World Bank, more than half of the dwellers on this planet has to pull off with less than $ 2 a twenty-four hours. One 4th has to populate with less than $ 1,25 a twenty-four hours! At the same clip, the contrast between the 20 richest states and the poorest 20 is immense. Peoples who belong to the first group earn, on norm, 39 times more than the people in the 2nd.


Harmonizing to the universe bank, the figure of people that have to acquire by with $ 1 a twenty-four hours has halved in the period from 1981 until 2005. This is a lessening from 52 per centum to 26 per centum.

The difference between developed and developing states

Each twelvemonth, states ‘ development is measured by an instrument called HDI ( Human Development Index ) which consists of several factors to mensurate the entree to wellness, instruction and a nice manner of life.

An enquiry in 2009 pointed out that the top five states were Australia, Canada, Iceland, Ireland and Norway. Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Mali, Niger and Sierra Leone scored the worst. A figure of grounds are described below.


Throughout clip, geographics has played a really of import function in development. For case, all the states of the Eurasiatic land mass that are oriented east-west, lie in more or less the same climatic zone. This gave its dwellers a head start because they were able to expeditiously make cereal cultivation for many old ages. This was non possible in South Africa because they were n’t so lucky with the tropical clime.

When comparing it with Eurasiatic people, it is clear that Eurasiatic people could turn their harvests during longer periods because of the good clime. Therefore they could easy interchange thoughts in order to better their agricultural methods. Because of this advantage, people in the Eurasiatic parts could make nutrient excesss and they could develop more advanced tools. This finally led to the constitution of soldiers and arms.

Another advantage of working in the Fieldss and with animate beings was the fact that Eurasians became more immune to disease such as the pestilence, cholera, the grippe, measlesaˆ¦ ( diseases originally coming from animate beings ) . Taking all this in consideration, it is obvious why the Spanish could easy get the better of an ground forces of 80,000 people in South America.

The absence of resources nevertheless can besides be turned into an advantage. Great Britain did n’t hold wood and lumber but this led to other developments like steel and steam.

( Jared Diamond, psychologist at the University of California. )


David S. Landes, economic historiographer at Harvard University, says that the difference in development is chiefly cultural. He does acknowledge that parts with a tropical clime are bound to develop slower, but harmonizing to him, faith was indispensable. For case, the Buddhist beliefs really much hung on to labor and thrift and this led to a faster societal and economic development.

Property rights

The thought of belongings rights was first idea of by Hernandes De Soto. He investigated whether the difference in construction of private belongings rights influences the velocity of development. He compared the belongings rights in America to those in Egypt. In both states, many people own their houses every bit good as their lands, yet there is a great difference. In America, the proprietor system is more efficient ( better documented ) than in Egypt. An American householder can take a loan with a bank for the simple ground that he can turn out that he really owns the house and hence can set it up as collateral. With the money he loans, he can get down a concern. This is non the instance in Egypt. There, the proprietor ca n’t turn out to the bank that he really owns the house because the certification is deficient. Therefore Bankss are non affectionate of giving loans to Egyptian people. De Soto describes this as “ dead capital ” . If these Egyptian land ownership enrollments systems become better, more than $ 200 billion could be spent in their ain economic system which would increase the velocity of development.

Lack of freedom

The deficiency of freedom in many ways ( rational, political, economical, spiritual and cultural ) is a factor which besides plays a portion in the difference of development. For this facet, Bernard Lewis puts his focal point on the Middle East. In his sentiment, this is the major cause why the Muslim universe stays behind in footings of societal and economic development. Furthermore, he says that the authorities asks the incorrect inquiry viz. “ Who did this us? ” instead than “ What did we make incorrect? ” . This was reinforced by the first Arab Human Development Report ( 2002 ) stating that the Arab universe had the lowest Numberss on a “ freedom ” index. This index was based on political engagement of the population, free media and civil autonomies. In add-on he stated that adult females did n’t hold the same economic, political and societal rights as work forces or adult females in other parts. In order to do advancement in human development the difference between work forces and adult female should be to a great extent reduced! Lewis concluded his sentiment by adding that the deficiency of freedom is non limited to the Arab universe! Generalizing this statement could turn out to be debatable.

Problems of Development Today

The jobs states face today are named “ structural restraints ” to development. The factor geographics was non merely a job in the past but can besides do a lessening in development presents. First of all states with few populations frequently have problem developing and having entree to markets, whereas states wholly locked in by land frequently have problem developing their economic systems and incorporating with planetary markets.

Second there are the alleged “ poorness traps ” . These include insecure H2O, high mortality rates, hungriness, war, corrupt authoritiess, hapless educationaˆ¦ In order to develop, states confronting these jobs have to interrupt these rhythms. These poverty traps can be avoided by governmental policies. Due to good steps taken by a authorities, a state can do high developments despite their geographic disadvantages. This works in both ways. The World Bank stress the importance of:

Investing of wellness and instruction ;

Helping little farms by increasing their productiveness ;

Promoting fabrication ;

Democracy and human rights ;

Environmental protection ;

Bettering substructure like roads.

Aid for Development

After the 2nd World War the World Bank was created in order to help states which suffered during this period. The first development plan was the Marshall Plan ( called after U.S. Secretary of State George C. Marshall ) . The Marshal Plan included U.S. fiscal support to the states in order to assist the affected countries rebuild what was lost and retrieve financially. Billions of dollars were invested non merely in wartime Alliess ( Great Britain, The Netherlands, France aˆ¦ ) , but besides in the economic systems of Germany, Italy, Austria aˆ¦ as a manner to forestall war in the hereafter.

Two cardinal rules of development aid were established by this Marshal Plan:

It is morally right to direct assistance to people in order to make better lives ;

By giving financess the United States itself would profit by making foreign markets for its exports and by lending to its foreign purposes.

In the terminal, the Marshal Plan appeared to be a moderate success. Governments of states which stand to profit from it ( Germany, Great Britain and France ) were thrilled because their societal and economic recovery went fast.

For critics nevertheless, this Marshal Plan seemed a immense obstruction to development. They were convinced that this program was a symbol of the American imperialism and their willingness to throw money at a job. One ground was the fact that Great Britain received the greatest sum of support and hence the balance and distribution were skewed.

Another effect of the Second World War was the decolonizing of the non-western universe. States such as India, Indonesia, Pakistan and many African states knew that European colonial powers were impoverished and were hence in no place to defy. After the decolonisation, nevertheless, it became clear that these non-western states were n’t prepared nor had the accomplishments or the resources to better the lives of local people. Affluent states tried to expect by set uping bureaus in order to give development advice and resources to the decolonized universe.

Institutions of Development

Development Banks

The World Bank ( 1945 ) tries to better and increase development by giving low-interest loans, credits which are free of involvement and grants. Underliing diagram shows how this happened in 2009. In general the World Bank spent $ 14 billion to middle-income and low-income countries. Because of this, Africa could have a loan of $ 7.9 billion whereas South Asia merely got $ 4.1 billion.

There are besides regional development Banks such the Inter-American Development Bank ( $ 15.3 billion in 2009 ) , the Asian Development Bank ( $ 16 billion in 2009 ) and the African Development Bank ( $ 7.7 billion in 2009 ) . These Bankss are specialized in apprehension and responding to the demands of peculiar parts for illustration route building in Malawi, primary school instruction in the Dominican Republic aˆ¦ )

United Nations Development Program ( UNDP )

This is the bureau of the United Nations that helps member states to increase development policy by covering with following facets:

Democratic administration ( create legislative assemblies, tribunals aˆ¦ ) ;

Poverty decrease ;

Crisis bar and recovery ( natural catastrophes aˆ¦ ) ;

Energy and environment ( clear H2O resources aˆ¦ ) ;

Information and communications engineering ;

Preventing the spread of HIV / AIDS.

Government Aid Agencies

These are bureaus that are portion of their national authorities and that build substructure in developing states. They besides advise on public policy, make grants aˆ¦ A twosome of illustrations:

Japan International Cooperation Agency ( JICA ) ;

U.S. Agency for International Development ( USAID ) ;

Department For International Development ( DFID ) in Britain ;

Gesellschaft pelt Technische Zusammenarbeit ( GTZ ) in Germany ;

An illustration: USAID provided medical specialty and preparation to physicians and accoucheuses in Ethiopia.

Non-Governmental Organizations ( NGO ‘s )

NGO ‘s are organized by private citizens ( so they work independent from any authorities / bank ) and give fiscal and proficient aid to developing states. They frequently work in complex state of affairss due to the fact that they get most of their support from authoritiess and international organisations. Prominent NGO ‘s are Oxfam International, CARE and World Vision.

An illustration of their work: a media run for HIV / AIDS consciousness in Ukraine.

Case Studies of Development Undertakings

The Sustainable Mariculture Development Project in Tanzania

Most of the development undertakings focus on agribusiness ( stable nutrient supplies, steady employment aˆ¦ ) In 1999 nevertheless, USAID started a undertaking to assist people in hapless coastal countries in a maricultural manner ( marine agribusiness ) . They learned people to farm edible seaweed and how to engender and raise runts but a figure of jobs became obvious in a short term. The job of pollution and the infinite between the husbandmans. These jobs were inventarised and together with the Tanzanian authorities and the husbandmans a new National Coastal Strategy was implemented in 2005.

Development Schemes

Here are some thoughts about how to give development aid. There is non one manner of depicting how development works nor is their one scheme to follow.

Poverty Decrease

This scheme includes raising states out of the poorness traps ( low productiveness, hapless substructure, instruction systems, weak public wellness aˆ¦ ) . Harmonizing to the World Bank, the focal point should be on:

Social constructions ( wellness, H2O, instruction aˆ¦ ) ;

Agricultural production ( storage installations, irrigation aˆ¦ ) ;

Infrastructure ( roads, energy, communications aˆ¦ ) ;

Government industrial policies ( revenue enhancement inducements, development aˆ¦ ) ;

Social equality ( rights for adult females ) ;

Environmental sustainability.

The World Bank besides mentions that outside resources should non get down the takeoff, but merely back up it one time it has begun. The most of import thought is that economic policies should point themselves on making occupations in fabrication industries and on bring forthing goods for exports. This will inquire a batch of expertness and foreign capital. But while policies try to accomplish an addition in development, hapless populations still necessitate aid ( agricultural aid, entree to land, legal rights aˆ¦ ) .


If underdeveloped states could merchandise more freely with developed states, their people would hold better incomes and would be less depending on foreign assistance. Their life criterions would increase well as they could sell their merchandises more easy to states volitionally to purchase. This is the construct of the trade-not-aid scheme.

Because the duties for exporting goods is divided venally, this is non the instance. Exporting goods ( californium. apparels ) from a developing state has a higher revenue enhancement than the export of goods coming from developed states.

One ground for this is the fact that affluent states provide grants for their ain industries in order to maintain out competition.

Another manner to make disadvantages is to bear down higher revenue enhancements on apparels than on fancied merchandises. Following illustration, in which both Middle Eastern states and France commercialism with the United States, makes this clear. The Middle Eastern states export apparels deserving $ 4.2 billion. The duty they have to pay is 15 per centum. This unlike France which exports manufactured goods deserving $ 34 billion but are charged merely 2 per centum.

A similar state of affairs can be found in the dairy industry where European husbandmans are given grants up to $ 265 billion. This is 3.3 times higher than the assistance that is given to developing states by the OECD ( Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development ) . It is sad to see that because of this a cow ( in the European Union ) additions more by grants than 20 per centum of the universe ‘s population in day-to-day income! Geting rid of these usury subsidies would let developing states to make better economic systems for themselves. As a consequence there would be no more demand for ‘charity ‘ .

In 1994 the World Trade Organization was created in Uruguay. Its purpose was to open the developed states ‘ markets for agribusiness and apparels. It did n’t stop good seeing that developing states did n’t have the entree they hoped for, which led to a 2nd unit of ammunition of dialogues in Doha ( Qatar ) in 2001. The chief subjects were to see how underdeveloped states could more easy entree the import markets of the developed states and the gradual lessening of agricultural grants. In the old ages that followed, small patterned advance was made. In 2003, the United States and the European Union promised to cut down the figure of subsidies but it still was n’t plenty. In September 2003 developing states refused to go on dialogues. In the terminal you can merely reason that small has changed since 2001 to diminish agricultural grants in the developed states.

Good Administration

Another really of import issue is to be certain whether the development assistance that is given is spent efficaciously. An article published by the World Bank in 1997 showed that assistance was most helpful in states with smart financial, trade and pecuniary policies. In states with hapless policies there were no effects on economic growing.

Knowing and recognizing that assistance should be given selectively, a new fund was established in January 2004 by a corporation of the U.S. authorities, the Millennium Challenge Corporation. This organisation would allow $ 5 billion per twelvemonth to states with good economic policies that fight corruptness, better societal services and esteem the jurisprudence and human rights. An component of this scheme is “ establishment edifice ” . The growing of developing states is believed to be constraint by the capacity restrictions of their authoritiess. In order to better this, authorities bureaus should work on countries such as tribunal, legislative assembly, jurisprudence enforcement aˆ¦ This has been the instance for states such as Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mozambique and Nicaragua.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development means that there should be development without harming the environment or wash uping the natural resources so they will be available in the hereafter.

This thought has received the names “ Agenda 21 ” and “ Rio Declaration on Environment and Development ” . Its ends are economic success at the one manus and the protection of the environment on the other manus. This aspect implies battling deforestation and desertification, protecting the oceans, advancing sustainable farm production, protecting H2O resources aˆ¦

A bad illustration of this is the deforestation of the Brazilian rain forest. In the 1990 ‘s about 20,000 square kilometers of wood was cleared. In short term, this led to an addition of occupations and nutrient production. In the longer term it became clear that these cleared lands were unserviceable. So what appeared to be a rapid turning economic system turned to hold a negative consequence.

Sustainable supports for the husbandmans was an enterprise of the Canadian International Development bureau and is a good illustration of sustainable development. Its experts worked for a figure of old ages in Sub-Sahara African states such as Zimbabwe. They taught the local population how to utilize new engineerings of irrigation and dirt preservation. They besides introduced seeds and species of workss which were immune to extreme drouth. In add-on these experts helped local authoritiess to work closely and efficaciously with the dwellers of these parts in order to keep good policies.

Gender Equality

Gender equality means that adult females and work forces should hold the same rights. Unfortunately, this is non the instance. The deficiency of gender equality has societal and economic effects. First of all, adult females who did n’t have a proper instruction, who have no political voice aˆ¦ ca n’t lend to societal advancement. Furthermore they have non learned how to read or compose so they ca n’t give high quality kid attention because they lack cognition ( wellness attention, nutrition aˆ¦ ) This frequently consequences in higher mortality and malnutrition rates. The following figure needs no farther account. A state in which half of the population is unproductive ( because they are n’t allowed to work ) slows down the economic efficiency and therefore a state ‘s development.

An enterprise is ‘microbanks ‘ , where adult females can impart little sums of money ( californium. $ 2 ) so they can get down a concern based on the things they are good in ( californium. run uping ) . With this money they can purchase a ( better ) machine in order to manufacture goods non merely for themselves and their household, but for other dwellers as good.

New Investment Schemes

Microfinancing is a tendency that foremost occurred in the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century and was set by economic expert Muhammed Yunus ( Nobel Peace Prize together with Grameen Bank in 2006 ) . Microfinancing agencies given little loans to enterprisers who are excessively hapless to borrow at a traditional bank. Critics say this type of funding is hazardous because of two grounds. First it is difficult to analyze the manner money is spent ( sustainable or non? ) . Secondly it is besides common that organisations who give these loans charge high involvement rates which slow the addition of economic growing. These critics conclude that these are short-run solutions to a long-run job.

Decision: The Millennium Development Goals

In order to accomplish the Millennium Development Goals, all organisations and schemes have come together in September 2000. Leaderships of 189 states met to put some guidelines in the UN Millennium Declaration. These guidelines commit the rich states to give resources to developing states in order to develop and to the hapless states to reform their policies to do the aid work expeditiously and efficaciously.

The Millennium Development Goals

Eliminate utmost poorness and hungriness ;

Implement cosmopolitan primary instruction ;

Propagate gender equality and empower adult females ;

Decrease kid mortality ;

Ameliorate maternal wellness ;

Fight HIV / AIDS, malaria aˆ¦ ;

Ensure environmental sustainability ;

Work out a planetary partnership for development ;

Together with these ends, 18 marks and a figure of indexs to mensurate these marks are set. These indexs will assist universe leaders in order to see whether their development attempts are working or non. One illustration of such a mark is to cut down the figure of individuals populating in hungriness in the universe by half. Another illustration is doing certain that new engineerings become available for a wider populace.

These Millennium Development Goals were ought to be achieved by the twelvemonth 2015, but is it possible? Some states are good up to it but the planetary economic crisis and nutrient crisis are non assisting. A state which seems to be working expeditiously is Eastern and Southeast Asia where there is 1.5 times less utmost poorness since 1990. Latin America has shown small advancement whereas the state of affairs in sub-Saharan Africa and Western Asia has become worse!

Personal remarks

What is globalization?

When we look at the term globalization, we can see the word Earth. It ‘s hence a word that involves everyone. Not merely you and me or other readers of this paper, but all the dwellers of the planet Earth. It ‘s the spread of economic systems, societies, civilizations, thoughts, thoughtsaˆ¦ over the universe throughout, for illustration, engineering? The term engineering does non merely mention to mobile phones, the cyberspace, televisionaˆ¦ , but it besides emphasizes agencies of conveyance by which goods can be shipped, people can be transported, edifices are being bombed aˆ¦ The term globalization in my sentiment is excessively extended to specify in a twosome of lines.

This paper is a perfect illustration of globalization. I received the subject via electronic mail. After having it, I did some research on the cyberspace which was founded by the American Ministry of Defence. On the cyberspace I used the universe broad web which is a British/Belgian innovation. The information I found was written down on my Asus laptop which is Chinese. The name Asus, on its bend, is based on the winging Equus caballus ‘Pegasus ‘ which found its roots in Greek mythology. I printed this paper with my Canon-printer ( Nipponese ) on Mondi-printing paper. Mondi Group has its roots in South Africa. I will likely transport this paper utilizing my Opel Astra ( German ) or my girlfriend ‘s Mitsubishi Colt ( Nipponese ) . How globalized can a paper be?

In my sentiment globalization can be a really good thing, but is n’t needfully so. I have introduced this paper with a difficult on the job African household of which the Mobile phone rang. Is this state of affairs that bizarre? We are all familiar with the pyramid of Maslow, but this is of no usage in the African civilization. I do n’t desire to generalize but in order to understand the demands of a civilization, you have to understand it. Therefore I will briefly discourse the pyramid of Professor David Pinto as you can see at the figure below.

Basically, all civilizations have the same needs californium. H2O, nutrition, a house, warmth aˆ¦ But from so off, demands are different. Harmonizing to Pinto, it ‘s in their civilization that Africans have the demand to be portion of a group ( societal demand ) . Once they belong to a group, they are really much occupied with the repute of that group. There is a peculiar hierarchy and everybody knows his or her topographic point. Very of import is the honor of that group. If you offend a member or the honor of the household, you can anticipate something in return.

Pyramid of Pinto

After holding explained the pyramid of Pinto, my introductory illustration is n’t that eccentric. We are frequently prejudiced by stating for case those people have nil but still they carry a nomadic phone. It ‘s absolutely simple if you know that household and the group civilization are that of import. Through their cell phones, they have more contact which makes it easier to take attention for one another.

So in order to globalise, you have to cognize the demands of a civilization. You have to cognize what sort of substructure, knowledge aˆ¦ they possess. You ca n’t merely give stuffs and state: “ Good fortune! ” . It ‘s a procedure that will bit by bit take topographic point. In this procedure it ‘s really indispensable non to coerce anything and take it step by measure.

It ‘s besides useless to put day of the months. By that clip, we should hold achieved this ; otherwise it has failed. There are ever factors which you ca n’t act upon like the clime, natural catastrophes aˆ¦ Puting ends would be more realistic!

In this procedure, it ‘s indispensable to affect local authoritiess who besides have a sustainable vision. I ‘m afraid it happens excessively frequently that a local authorities is corrupt. This makes it really hard to actuate people.

Peoples ever say that unfastened boundary lines are a good thing, but is this truly so? I think boundary lines are merely every bit unfastened as the markets allow them to be. What is the usage to merchandise with states if their authoritiess charge revenue enhancements which are scandalously high and unjust compared to other states. By this I refer to trade-not-aid.


There are a batch advantages to globalization. The universe for case has become a smaller topographic point through engineering like the cyberspace, telecasting, satellite aˆ¦ This makes it easier to compare merchandises and markets so merchandising should go on more efficaciously. And because there are more providers and therefore more competition, monetary values are kept low.

Another benefit is the fact that we see more. People become more cognizant of what is go oning in the universe. We can therefore react to inhumane conditions such as child work. We ca n’t longer move as if we do n’t care. States have a duty and possibly this manner, authoritiess can be put under force per unit area in taking steps.

The logic consequence is the exchanging of civilizations and with its thoughts, ideas, faiths, imposts, nutrient, music aˆ¦


However, for every advantage, there is a disadvantage. We all know that the cost of labor in Europe and other developed states is high compared to that of developing states. That is why many companies move their productions in order to hold advantage in this country. But is this a good thing? Not if this leads to the depreciation of the quality of merchandises. I am non convinced that this low cost labor is such a good thing for the dwellers. Agreed, they will hold incomes, but the menace of development is existent.

Since the gap of the boundary lines, scientists and physicians are worried for the spread of diseases. Some civilizations do non cognize how to utilize protection in order to forestall infecting people ( californium. HIV )

The most existent disadvantage at the minute is terrorist act. We all know what happened on the 9th September 2001. The fright of an onslaught has ne’er been every bit large as it is today.


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Piramid of demands, Maslow

Pyramid of Maslow

Nota ‘s Dirk:

Pagina 7: The biggest advantage of the Marshall program was that it did n’t give the European hard currency, but American merchandises to reconstruct the state. For illustration, they bought American merchandises and gave them to Europe. It seemed a loss of capital for America, but it was an investing in the long tally. This program made certain that Europe became dependent with respects to mend, developmentaˆ¦ Nowadays it is still seeable because we still look at America because they are the true leaders and trendsetters. We grew up with their merchandises and civilization. ( Professor Kuklick )

Ge gebruikt veel dezelfde uitdrukking: This manner. Maar digital audiotape is eigenlijk een Dutchism voor op deze manier, daardoor. Maar in het Engels gebruikt Ge digital audiotape bijna nooit. Hetzelfde voor by i? bij, met

Ge hebt twee verschillende soorten lettertype gebruikt. Bij uw Eigen mening begint het tweede.


Increase of occupations in sectors influenced by globalisation. ( traffic, fundss, entrepreneursaˆ¦ )

Bigger market for selling/purchasing your goods.

Created a bigger understanding and community. No longer Belgium, but Europe. This led to the creative activity of the Euro, another all right merchandise of globalisation.


False feeling of being safe. Everybody is looking out for us, so we are protected by European and American states, but non ever the instance.

Not merely can people be exploited by place state, but besides by other states as good. Modern twenty-four hours bondage?

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