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Cause, effect, solution to deforestation

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (369 words)
Categories: Deforestation, Deforestation And Its Effects, Economics, Environment, Environmental Issues, Forestry, Global Warming, Overpopulation, Overpopulation And Deforestation, Population, Society
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Deforestation means clearing forest cover or tree plantations to accommodate agriculture, industrial or urban use. It may cause the end of forest cover because of human purpose. So what can cause deforestation? As earlier mentioned, agricultural activities are one of the major reasons. Nowadays the demand for food products of people is overgrowing, so a large number of trees is cut down to grow crops or for cattle grazing. Another reason is for logging.

Wood based industries, like paper, match-sticks and furniture, are now used frequently, so several trees are chopped down for this purpose. Also, wood is used as fuel in an either direct or indirect way, for example firewood or charcoal, so trees are destroyed. Some of the factors is the desertification of land. It happens because there isn’t much land enough for houses, roads and for the overpopulation in urban areas. One more example is forest blazes. Thousands of trees are lost each year because of the forest fire.

It happens due to extreme warm summers or milder winters. As a result, deforestation can affect a lot on nature.

As we know, trees play an important role in controlling climate balance and global warming. They release water vapor in the air, give shades so that soil is kept moist and is prevented from erosion and utilize the greenhouse gases. They also protect some areas from floods as trees absorb and store large amount of water with their roots. In addition, the falling of trees can cause wildlife extinction. Because forests and jungles are natural habitats for wild animals, when these places are destroyed, the animals have nowhere to live. They are forced to move to a new location, some of them are even pushed to extinction. To stop these terrible effects from happening, we need to have solutions to this problem. So as to reduce the number of trees falling down, the government should make a series of rules and laws of cutting trees. Also, clear cutting of forests must be banned. And they should have a policy of planting young trees to replace the older ones tha were cut. We should make a move as soon as possible, to save the trees for our future.

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