Writer’s Block: Cause and Solution

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This paper outlines the situation of Writer’s Block for any writers. The various causes of the writer’s block. In this paper, writer’s block is unmasked as a myth, a form of self-delusion that allows the writer to maintain a sense of innocence and to avoid taking responsibility. Based in the research of relevant articles a step-by-step guide for writers are discussed to overcome Writer’s Block.

Keywords: Writer’s Block, Myth, Reality, Causes, Communication, Overcome, Planning, Goal.

“The easiest thing to do on earth is not write.” (William Goldman)


Once in a life there might be a condition in every writer's life where he/she has no ideas to write any further. Even if he/she is willing to write the imagination just did not flow in the sequence. Very often it happens to everyone that the author of novel, story or any book starts writing their views but unfortunately they cannot write. This is the situation where writers face the blank mind about their writing.

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Some of the time writer starts writing their views but they are unable to write. As name indicates, writer’s block happens at the time of writing. While doing the oral communication or discussing with some others people speak freely without any hesitation. Many people have some hesitation in writing. So, writer’s block is the inability to start writing or continue their writing (Smeets, 2008). Due to the inability of writing, writers generally have tendency to postponing their work.

The writer’s block is one of the manifestations among many of “Psychic-Masochism”.

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This is the unconscious wish to lose one’s own conscious aim and enjoying the self-constructed beat. It is the game of unconscious and conscious mind of the writer (Sargent, 2016). Why any writers would want his/her defeat? The answer was given by Bergler’s theory which summarize that the writer’s creations and ideas are already nurtured which is subconscious and is furious about generating new and enough ideas and again subconsciously wants to recreate ideas which is defined as writers block because they do not have thing to write and they have already written the things that they have.

Writer’s Block – Myth or reality?

Every writer has their own views about writer’s block. Some are saying it is myth and some says it is a reality. I think it is clear that the person who faced such situation being blank while they start writing will say that it is reality and happens in real. And if some have not faced such situation they will argue saying it is a myth. All the writers want to see themselves as a competent writer, which basically is an illusion. Writer’s block is the type of disease of illusion and fear. Naturally it does not happen on its own.

If we come upon extreme writing issues and we cannot preserve this phantasm of being competent, we may need every other one in order to avoid relinquishing the thought of being special. So, we have to discover any other approach to be in a position to maintain the illusion of innocence, and we may additionally find it in claiming that we go through a problem, a sickness called writers block. Suffering from something makes you unique again. It offers you a serious motive why you should no longer write, possibly this shape of procrastination offer you the probability to be proud that you have been able to do the job in very little time, regularly solely the night before deadline (Smeets, 2008). Therefore, I agree with writer’s block is a myth, produced in our minds to defend ourselves.

Causes of Writer’s Block

The writers have identified some of the caused that might cause blockage to them while starting to write. There is the hesitation in writing the content. This hesitation might occur due to insufficient discussion, interaction and also due to fear of being mistake or how the readers will feel after reading their writing. It is the known fact that, while doing oral conversation, the discussion topic can be covered easily. It means that oral communication is easier, feels familiar and is not aware that either the thing we speak is correct or not. We talk fearless because it comes to us naturally and easily. Another form of communication is writing, where we faced problems and in which we engaged very infrequently. At the time of doing interaction through writing, we feel much inexperienced and feed the fear which might the reason for failure. Much as the amount any writer procrastinate will determine whether or not he/she are an awkward, procrastinator, it is not so much that they feel confrontation to fulfilling a writing task, but the extent to which you feel it. This determines whether the writer is suffering from writer’s block or not. The most common causes mentioned for writer's block might be lack of inspiration and idea, illness, depression, financial pressure, a sense of failure, pressure from previous success and fear to be rejected by readers (Castillo, 2014). Procrastination is one of the major reasons of writer’s block and the main reason for being procrastination is fear, anxiety, depression, hesitation etc. (Smeets, 2008). Therefore, due to procrastination all of the writing will have chance of pushing off the deadline.

The poor writing strategies of writers are one of major cause of writer’s block. Much of the literature on writer’s block consents that poor writing techniques are one of the foremost causes of writer’s block. These writers have now not learned or no longer ought to internalize environment friendly writing strategies and therefore educating writing to contain no longer solely textual training and educating writers about such strategies. This means that writers need to be taught that writing involves different stages: those of brainstorming, planning, writing first drafts and rewriting, to finally come to the ultimate version.

Effective Step by Step Strategies to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writing may be boring, hard, and nerve-wracking by itself. This as well as deadlines, review, grading, etc., will become a very intimidating method. Writer’s block isn't a state of not knowing what to write down however the state of conflict or concern over a way to write it. Typically, writer’s block is prompted by concern of not being good or of being uninteresting. Generally, it arises from the concern of rejection and generally it's the results of feeling powerless by info and having no plan a way to place it along. The most vital factor for all writers to recollect is that writer’s block is traditional and not a signal of inadequacy. There's no author WHO hasn’t struggled with his/her article at some purpose and there's no reason to panic. Writer’s block, for many, may be a traditional a part of the writing method. Any writers need to reorient the view of creativity they should think “problem solving” rather than “creation” (Rieck, 1997). Some of the effective strategies that can overcome writer’s block and complete the draft are discussed below.


It is strongly believed that one of the reason to cause writer’s block is lack of planning (Smith, 2014). If any writers develop the framework and time table, then it will be much easier to write following that framework. It will be much more effective than writing without planning or randomly. For example: For any crisis, planning is necessary to overcome. It is known fact that crisis will never occur giving invitation. It will occur all of the sudden. So, planning about the forecasted crisis and be well prepared through planning is best way to get rid of.

Focus on Goal

The writer’s need to shift their emphasis from problem to goal. Claiming to suffer from writer’s block is absolutely a problem-focused approach. Simply starting at problem is ineffectual in helping to locate a solution. Instead of focusing on the problem, it is more productive to attempt and get a clear image of what it is one needs to succeed to solve the problem (Rieck, 1997). For example: To overcome from crisis, the staffs need to be focused on the goal to be achieved rather than on thinking about the problem created. If they only think about the problem that was occurred, then it will be impossible to achieve the goal of overcoming from the problem or any crisis.

Building Confidence and Purpose of Writing

The cause of writer’s block is the misunderstanding that one does not have anything important to say (Morton, 2000). However, in any way everyone has something in their mind and have something to say. It is true that what one person knows, the other might not but everyone have memories, education, experience etc. The writers should build the confidence. They should know their purpose of writing. The writers need to take the blank page and try to picturize the things they are going to do. For example: The staffs on the office have knowledge, education and some level of experience as well about the things to be done at the time of crisis.

Free Writing

The writers to write anything helps them to release unexpressed of ideas (Ober, 2004). Free to write helps any writer to open up their mind releasing the pressure which will help in unblocking the writer’s block. This is one of the important strategy which could help the writers to release the pressure and stress. The writers can simply write down their generated ideas, writing the things whatever strikes in their mind. Writers can release their frustration of writer’s block by shouting loud. Also they can take break, becoming fresh and spending some time with favorite people doing the things they wish to do. This will help to refresh their mind and generate new ideas.

Finalize the Writing

After the free writing it is the time for finalize the writing. Many writers and other people expect their first attempt to be perfect which is not always necessary. They can rewrite if they feel that they are deviated from the goal that was set previously and make the final writing (Smeets, 2008).


Writing anything for anyone is a difficult thing. It is possible for anyone to suffer from writer’s block without warning. But it is not that it’s incurable. By knowing the cause of writer’s block they can be managed. The writer’s block is a myth that enables the blocked writers to feel victimized from various factors like external and internal. After identifying the causes of writer’s block and implementation of overcoming techniques, many writers openly acknowledge and discussed the problems they faced during their writing. Never afraid of writing. Just write!


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Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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