Danger of Football to the Human Brain

This raised the question of whether or not the sport should be banned from schools because of its hazards. Concussions have been a problem in many sports for years, however, many have discovered a disease called CTE that develops in the brain due to trauma. CTE is a build-up of protein called Tao that increases over time and can lead to many outcomes. Some have been scuicide. For example, a former NFL player named Ray Easterling was diagnosed with CTE and later committed suicide in April of 2012.

Football should not be banned from school due to the fact that there is not enough evidence to the disease in players, the sport keep athletes off of activities they shouldn’t be doing, and there are steps a community can take to make it safer.

First of all, there isn’t enough evidence to say the negatives out-weigh the positives. In the article, it states “There is not enough evidence that benefits, including character building and physical fitness is enough to outweigh the risks” (BBC, par.

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8). In making this comment, the speaker is saying that there isn’t enough evidence on the disease CTE to outweigh the benefits of the sport. This clarifies that there is no solid reason to ban the sport due to the lack of evidence of CTE found in football players. Without a doubt, this shows just another reason why it is not necessary to ban football from schools.

Secondly, sports that students enjoy playing keep them out of hobbies they shouldn’t make a habit.

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The speaker states “Our society…has researched other harms such as tobacco, alcohol, and obesity…and successfully changes social norms” (BBC, par. 11). When saying this, the speaker is saying they have taken action on these other social problems schools have had and made them better. Some of these problems can be more serious with evidence provided. This suggests that schools should create regulations for the sport to make it a safer environment for the student-athletes. Clearly, there are ways schools and universities can do to make the sport safer for the people to play.

Lastly, there are steps communities can take to create less risks. In the article “Should Football Be Banned?” it states that “…Clear steps schools can take to reduce the risks…” (BBC, par. 6). In making this comment, the author is stating that there are ways to reduce concussions on a sport. This clarifies that even with the dangers in the sport, they can make rules the players can follow. Without a doubt, this shows that instead of banning the whole sport away, they can make changes to the sport to make it safer.

Football should not be banned from schools because of the risks the sport contains. There isn’t enough evidence that shows CTE is found in all football players over the years. Also, sports that students enjoy keeping them out of activities they shouldn’t be in that could be more dangerous. And there are ways to make this sport or any sport safer for students to play for the season. Many people feel football should be banned from schools because of the brain damage it has caused on some athletes, however, with the evidence, it clearly should not be completely taken off the the sport list.

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