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Dance Essay Examples

Essay on Dance

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Jardi tancat

...Gestural movements are incorporated throughout Jardi Tancat. One of the motifs include ‘sowing’ or seed planting action, which involves a low, curved line of the spine again to emphasize the straining work. Hunched over with a slumped dynamic determining the draining work, the dancers travel laterally across the space with heavy, limping ‘step-cross’ footwork. This pathway is performed in unison in the opening silent section, indicating planting endless rows of crops. As they travel diag...

Mats Ek

...I enjoyed so much writing this essay. I think Mats Ek is an absolute genius, his choreographies are brilliant original and innovative. I love his reinterpretations of the three ballet classics, and his choreographic style. The movement vocabulary is unconventional and provocative. He is a choreographer simple and in its clarity and spontaneity we recognized his greatness. The messages arrive immediately to the audience, we do not need any explications or help to understand what the choreographer...

The green table analysis

...At the end of the video of this piece there was a quote from Kurt Jooss, “I am firmly convinced that art should never be political, that art should not dream of altering peoples convictions... I don't think any war will be shorter or avoided by sending audiences into "The Green Table." This quote clearly explains that Jooss’ intentions were not to influence politics, but simply to display the endless cycle of war in an art form. I think he did this very well, and although the piece was overa...

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Alvin Ailey - Cry

...The second manipulation of the torso generated movements can be seen in the circular leaps and turns across the stage. This, in conjunction with the continuous torso generated movements reinforces the liberty of movement as she excitedly turns and pirouettes around the stage. The repetition of the torso generated movements and reaching of the arms above her highlights the will to endure the years of slavery in order to achieve freedom, and the success in that particular endeavour. The dancer is ...

Compare and Contrast of Classical Ballet and Modern Dance

..."American Masters: Martha Graham, About the Dancer." PBS. PBS, 16 Sept. 2005. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. . Anderson, Jack. Ballet and Modern Dance: A Concise History. New Jersey: Horizons, 1992. Print. Frontier (1976)- with Introduction by Martha Graham. Perf. Martha Graham. YouTube. YouTube, 24 June 2011. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. . Martha Graham- Finding the Meaning through Dancing. Perf. Martha Graham. YouTube. YouTube, 14 Aug. 2009. Web. 17 Nov. 2012. . Michelman, Fran. "Marius Petipa - ABT." Marius Petipa...

Nacho Duato

...An example of this is present in ‘Jardi Tancat’ where Duato has adopted a varied range of motifs such as reaching up to pray, ploughing movements, and circular patterns, which all symbolise the actions seen on the fields of Catalonia. His use of stage spacing is also significant, the dancers continuously move horizontally on the stage from right to left, this represents the cycle of the day and the movement of the sun from dusk to dawn. We also see influences of his mentor Jiri Kili?n, among...

Dance in my life

...It’s teaching respect by showing respect. It’s helping the other dancers, including myself, to strive and push themselves to be the best dancers I know we all can be. Having the title of being a Kaleidoscope Officer doesn’t mean being the boss of everyone, being in front of every dance, or just thinking that the Officer should come before everyone else. Officers are the inspiration of the team. They’re the person that everyone looks up to. Being a natural born leader is also a big role o...

The Performing Arts and Inspiration

...Jazz dancers mainly perform solo or unless at a parade. This particualr dance influences each dancer to be better and more involve with new routines. According, to (Schrader, C.A. 2005) “During the past 15 years, jazz dance has become the basis of music videos. The combination of rap, singing and jazz dance have spawned “hip-hop.” Ballet and Jazz dance both are very in debt when it comes to learning them. They both bring different routines and composition elements. Although ballet and jazz...

Ghost Dances

...The dead; The disheveled appearance of the Dead suggests ordinary people who have been through trauma. The idea behind their costumes was that they should embody a sense of transition, hence they are half complete and half in a state of disintegration? ragged and torn. They give the impression of being everyday clothes but are cleverly constructed to allow the freedom of movement a dancer requires. The clothes that they wear suggest that they are from a south American background. The three woman...

Le Ballet Comique de La Reine

...Le Ballet Comique de la Reine is considered to be the first ballet by most dance historians. This ballet took place in Paris, France in 1581. This special ballet was produced by Catherine d`Medici, and Balthazar de Beaujoyeaulx was responsible for the choreography. The dancers in this weren’t professionals by any means, just simply members of the court that were trained in the Renaissance Dance Suites by each courts dancing master. This production was recorded to have lasted more than six hour...

Life Management Skills

...These simple little mistakes can and will cost this man this job. He needed to go into this interviewer prepared physical and mental wise and he didn’t. Scenario 2: I would be overly ecstatic to hire this candidate he showed professionalism and was organized. When the candidate introduced himself and gave a firm handshake, showed eye contact, and used his full name. His sentences and tone of voice were fluent and showed how well prepared he was. By showing how well he prepared for this showed ...

Reaction Paper fot Ballet

...In the 20th century, ballet had a strong influence on broader concert dance. For example, in the United States, choreographer George Balanchine developed what is now known as neoclassical ballet. Subsequent developments include contemporary ballet and post-structural ballet, seen in the work of William Forsythe in Germany. Also in the twentieth century, ballet took a turn dividing it[clarification needed] from classical ballet to the introduction of modern dance, leading to modernist movements[c...

Memorable event in my life

...The show had to start during sunset, and since it was arranged on the bank of the rive on a hot summer day everything around bacame pink. Trees, river, air, people around -everything was paintad with a tender pink colour. That day was extremely hot but in the evening the air turned to be fresh and clean. The blowing breeze was very pleasent. The show was delayed. At first we were nervous about that, but now I understand that it was planned ahead and we were really lucky to see the sunset. Very s...

The Power of Dance

...As we consider the role of dance in representing identity we must remember that there are multiple levels at which dance conveys culture. In this chapter you will read about styles of movement that are representative of either European or African groups, pay attention to the description of how bodies are moving and compare this to what you see in the documentary New Worlds, New Forms, or what you know about African versus European forms. In addition to how the bodies are actually moving, this ar...

Compare Nureyev to Baryshnikov

...Through all these works, Baryshnikov made the Ballet something that was so unknown to the American public and shaped it into something enjoyable. Moreover, Baryshnikov’s latest contribution to dance is the Baryshnikov Arts Centre in New York City. The Centre is dedicated to encouraging the creative arts and providing a creative home for rising artists, musicians, and dancers. In conclusion, there was so much more I wanted to write about these two dancers with such history and controversy in th...

Dance Critique

...The performer are all college student so they were bit lack of perfection timing with each other and the steady movements which required in most ballet pieces. They were connected to the audience strongly in Scars, strong movements and ran toward downstage at the end. I would they were success to give out the message of each piece to me as the audience. Just a few was kind of bitter to figure out. I was born in 90s so ballet and jazz were not my type of entertaining dance. It is little bit far f...

William Wordsworth Poem: "I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud"

...He shows us the daffodils as they were "tossing their heads in a sprightly dance" (12) -- a liveliness the speaker is apparently unable to find in his solitude as a man. Contrasting the daffodils to the power of the waters of a bay, the speaker says that the flowers "Outdid the sparkling waters in glee" (14). In nature, only the daffodils are of such beauty that the narrator can project onto them the happy feelings he longs to have. When the speaker looks back at his encounter with the daffodils...

Biography of Christopher Bruce

...The three works by Christopher Bruce that I have chosen to study are 'ghost dancers' and 'swansong' because of the political human rights issues that influenced them and 'rooster' because it was a contrast to the other two as its influence was the celebration of the Rolling Stones music. I thought these pieces complimented each other well to evaluate as each bears a large variation of accessible motifs, images and sequences of movement that I could re- interpret in my choreography in the style o...

The Red Dress by Alice Munro

...Mary Fortune is the sole character that allows the girl to gain a sense of self-actualization and confidence. She challenges the girl's morals, and forces her to make decisions. She is able to express her views, and is able to live a life of her own only after her encounter with Mary Fortune. Without Mary Fortune the girl would never have found herself and realized the power of judgment. The girl learns that self-expression is a form of self-acceptance and with the help of Mary Fortune the girl ...

Lifestyle of a Stripper

...Society often times portrays the business of exotic dancing as an occupation that is undesirable and immoral. Some women however, are able to find a place in this business that not only provides material gain and stability, but also empowers them. By creating a fantasy onstage and then altering it for each patron on the floor and in the back room, the dancer in affect draws the customer into a fantasy she has tailored just for their enjoyment. This situation specific fantasy is where the power l...

Dance Critique

...In this dance there was only one performer, the costume was perfect for the message that she wanted to transmit, and the light was good as we just wanted to focus on the dancer. The message was totally clear for the public and it was beautiful, it was a quick view on a mother’s life. The performance quality of the dancer was excellent. The atmosphere of the dance was of tenderness, it made me feel happy and kind of sad at the same time, because it reminded me my mother and...

Pilobolus: Symbiosis Critique

...The dancers danced in an open space creating enough room for each other to roll, toss and twirl their bodies around one another. The floor patterns created by the dancers as they traveled through space were mostly large and circular moving from one level to another. The tempo of the dance moved to slow then fast then slow again representing the changes in time through out the dance. The lighting was intimate and the costumes were revealing which reminded me of the how people may have dressed in ...

The art of dance

...I say this because dance is not just a hobby for me, it is a way of life. It isn’t something that I want to do; it is something that I have to do. The emotions that I experience every time I lose myself to a piece of music are both beautiful and intimate. Dance has always given me the freedom to artistically express myself. It has been the one thing that has stood by me through all the ups and downs in my life, serving as a healthy outlet that allows me to express myself, be it frustration, an...


...Conclusion This interview has provided me a clearer view on my future career path and also increased my knowledge in the requirements of being an entrepreneur. Doing what I love to do and doing the best is always what I am trying to achieve in the future. I believe that my passion in dancing and managing will always be my motivation to study hard so that my dreams can be reached. Last but not least, I appreciate Ms. Pearl Wong’s help in spending her time to share her experiences with me throug...

Foundation Day Anchoring

...Now its time to sink into the depth of music, song, bliss and enjoyment and for this Today, we will have rainbow of cultural programmes prepared by our teachers. First of all we will have a Desi fusion dance. . It involves various movements, figures and mesmerizing formations which will engross you to the core. So i would like to call all the teachers for the fusion dance. That was indeed a lovely performance. How captivating ! poetry of footsteps !! A blend of cosmic tune and divine music !. T...

The components of opera

...Toye,B 1883 Rossini, the man and his music, New York: Dover Publications, 1987 available from http://ballet-music. org/ Toye,B 1883 Rossini, the man and his music, New York: Dover Publications, 1987 available from http://ballet-music. org/ Faul. M Louis Jullien, musique, spectacle et folie au XIXe siecle" (editions Atlantic, France 2006). Dedicated site: http://louisjullien. site. voila. fr Au, Susan (2002). Ballet & Modern Dance (2nd ed. Ed. ). London: Thames & Hudson world of art. Blan...

Methods of Communication

...Body language is an intricate form of nonverbal communication that happens on a daily basis and can sometimes relay more than words can. The University of Northern Iowa defines body language as having an impact on what is being portrayed not only from the type of movements but also the proximity of those movements to the receiver. For example, leaning forward in a moderate form can communicate friendly feelings, while doing so in an exaggerated form communicates hostile feelings. Body language ...

Evolution of Dance

...Conclusion For once, America was able to spread their new dance culture with the world. In the twentieth century the American society, went through many changes. There appeared to be a crisis in almost every decade. People found ways to express their feelings about each crisis through dance which came from all over the world. The style of dance changed every time the society itself went through a change, whether it was because of war or simple social rules. When the new millennium occurred peopl...

More Than Enything Else Belonging Is About Acceptance

...There is a strong contrast between this glamorous world of ballroom dancing and Fran, Fran first had to take her first step of courage by making Scot dance with her as her confidence grew so did her passion for dancing making her outperform the other dancers. ‘Missing her’ is also represented as a perspective of belonging and being accepted in this case being accepted as a mother. This simple yet powerful film links to belonging and being accepted in a strong sense. This short film explores ...

Step Up Revolution

...The background music for the dances was well-known and we could easily sing and dance along them. I had resonance while the songs were played once and once again. I felt really familiar to the music and I could also be inspired by the film and design more new dance moves! Moreover, I think the actress of Emily did a great job. She acted her lines well and he could show the rebellion of teenagers very clearly to us. The romantic relationship between her and Sean was also a very touching one. They...

My Hobby Is Dance

...Many contemporary dance forms can be traced back tohistorical, traditional, ceremonial, and ethnic dances. People here in the country often rave and sing praises for the kids with Filipino heritage who make it on singing shows like American Idol and The Voice but hardly anything has been said about the ones who make it on dancing shows like So You Think You Can Dance. Yes, the local dance groups who have made it and won on America’s Best Dance Crew (Jabbawockeez, Poreotics, Quest Crew) have c...

Autobiography: Dance and Middle School

...I have high and big goals for myself that I am going to achieve. I have a dedicated mind for what I want to become. After I pursued my career of being a lawyer I want to become a dancer as a side job or open a dance school for other youth that loves dancing. I plan on traveling to a lot of different places I’ve never been. At first I was debating if I wanted to become a lawyer or a doctor. But, as I got older I realized that being a lawyer was definitely the career I wanted to pick. The person...

Judson Dance Theater

...This happened as early as in the first Judson Concert of Dance, when she went out to dance in the projection of her self-initiated chance-film Ouverture which she had made in collaboration with John Herbert McDowell and Eugene Friedman. Her learning of filmmaking and her experiments at Judson finally lead to her own intermedia presentation Fantastic Gardens in 1964, where she used the entire performance space, located the audience in several settings, bathed the whole space in film- and slide pr...

Types of Dances


The Lion Dance

...Welcoming a VIP The Lions are typically invited to welcome a VIP or important invitee at a banquet or meeting. When the drum or gongs begin playing, it signifies the technique of the VIP. The lion dance performance begins when the VIP alights from his automobile or appears at the front gate. The lions accompany the VIP from the arrival indicate the VIP table or the phase. Such welcome events are used in both traditional celebrations in addition to by corporations to provide foreign visitors a fa...

Billy Elliot

...Daldry uses this as the ending to show the audience that reward can be sown after determination and training. The freeze frame itself was a memorable conclusion to the film and Billy’s story, however it also serves as a memorable reminder to the audience that success can be earned with hard work and perseverance. Therefore, to conclude, Daldry has used techniques such as cross cutting, dialogue and freeze frame to help convey a memorable idea. The main idea of following your dream and overcomi...

Dance and Clarissa

...Dancing made Clarissa feel like she found her roots and belongs in the pow-wow circle. he becomes free of anger and discontent while she dances. In conclusion, the writer shows us that Clarissa has found her inner piece, she gains a sense of community and now can unveil hidden talents that she never knew she possessed. This little girl was able to capture the spirit of dance through the Elder Molly Graybull and radiates with pride when she herself dances, a strong sense of peace comes over her a...

Soapstone: Meaning of Life and Daffodils

...The poem is about a man who takes a trip to lake and wanders around without a care in the world, like a cloud. Then he sees all these daffodils and compares them to stars. Later he returns to his couch to then realize that the scene was beautiful and that all nature is beautiful. The theme of the story is that we just see nature as plants and trees and we do not admire the true meaning of nature. Once we do see the true meaning of nature and how we are connected, we are not around to admire its ...

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