Dance Essay Examples

The poem Limbo

The poem Limbo is an extended metaphor for the parallel stories of the slave’s journey alongside the limbo dance. Throughout the poem, lines and stanzas can be interpreted in many different ways due to the many meanings of the overall message. The title, “Limbo” itself has many different meanings. For example, the word stereotypically relates… View Article

Dance Performance Review

“Gargoyles” was a dance that distinguishes itself from others because of the subject material involved. This dance began with partnering of three couples in a vertical line on stage right. Each male was holding his female partner in a four limb position, like a gargoyle. One interesting aspect to this line of partners was that… View Article

Ballet or football

Ballet and football are both difficult sports to master; however, someone once said, “If ballet were any easier, they’d call it football. ” What makes for a good sport? Every sport has rules and regulations that one must follow in order to play. The sport requires specific skills such as strength, coordination, and speed. A… View Article

Folk Dance History in the Philippines

It is impossible to know when exactly dancing became a part of life in the Philippines. Many traditional dances were designed to thank the gods for natural and agricultural events, such as rain and harvests. The dances were performed during festivals and remembrances of past military victories, and still are performed at celebrations of births… View Article

Impressions – art

The ballet paintings of Degas featured women in a variety of intimate moments, so to speak. It is at this point that after trying out a variety of techniques, mediums and themes that his work takes on a completely Impressionist image. Paintings done during his early years turn out to have little resemblance in terms… View Article

Her First Dance

Kaitlyn is a nine-year-old girl who was left with adult responsibilities due to the passing of her mother in November of 2006. I came to know Kaitlyn through her father who is an officemate of mine. You might call me a family friend in a way. Her mother was a stay at home mom who… View Article

John Keats

In John Keats “Ode to a Nightingale,” answer the following: Identify some Romantic quality about this poem. Explicate. This may require that you provide an example from the work. I feel that there is a “romantic quality” to Stanza 2. This stanza goes: 2. O, for a draught of vintage! that hath been Cool’d a… View Article

Twistin’ on the Dance Floor: An Analysis of the 1960s Twist Dance Craze

The art of dance is one of the greatest defining elements of a society’s culture, and parallels the existing social and philosophical tenets of a particular era.  The 1960s, known for many revolutionary concepts that had ultimately carved American culture, was also known for an iconic dance move known as the “Twist”.  During this era… View Article

Petition for Dropping

Greetings!  I would like to request for “dropping” the following subjects: Ballet (year sect lab), Modern Dance (year sect lab), Music for Dancers (year sect lab), and Folk Guitar (year sect lab) due to circumstantial difficulties, time conflict and incompliance with the course requirements.  This year, I switched to BA program which does not require… View Article

Understanding Tanztheater and Pina Bausch

Introduction Dance is generally believed to be the most dynamic, spectacular and demanding among the discipline of performing arts. While dance is usually seen as the movement of the body set to music and rhythm, it has several functions. Dances performed can be interactive or participatory, ceremonial as in rituals, or merely a creation of… View Article

Post Modern Dance

Introduction             By the late 1950s, post-modern dance had refined its styles and its theories, and had emerged as a recognizable dance genre. It used stylized movements and energy levels in legible structures (theme and variations, ABA, and so on) to implicate emotions, tones and social conveyance. The choreography was buttressed by expressive characters of… View Article

Dance and Clarissa

In the short story “Dancer” written by Vickie Sears, depicts a sense of loss identity,which is found later in the story. The narrator who is the foster mother of Clarissa is telling her story. Clarissa is a five year old aboriginal foster girl from a tribe called Assiniboin. Clarissa is angry,scared and doesn’t trust anyone…. View Article

Dance theory

At the beginning of this dance class, I honestly thought it was going to be easy to get by for someone who really knows nothing about dance or anything related to it. Currently, knowing the techniques involved in different types of dance like the Dunham technique I would not say the same thing. It does… View Article

Spanish Dance

At the beginning, it would emulate some steps from the candombe and the dancing couples, instead of approaching each other, would get away from one another following the rhythm. The rhythm of tango is based on a 4/8 beat and dancing it only takes walking this basic nucleus of four steps following the rhythm. Figures… View Article

Charleston Dance

The Charleston is about a group of men and women dancing together, the dance could be done by yourself, with a partner, or in a group. The movement is very active and fun. It is originally developed by The African American Slaves. The dance then became re-created with a few changes in the moves it… View Article