The Reason Why Dance Is My Favourite Hobby

It’s undeniable that dance is one of the oldest and most popular forms of art. In every part of the world, from the streets to the stage, we can easily find people dancing. Regardless of age, race, gender, and social-economic status, everyone can learn and practice this art form. Though having little experience with dancing, I personally have always had a special love for it.

Dancing is meaningful to me in a great number of ways. There have been many studies that show the numerous mental and physical benefits that it brings.

With a lot of movement required, dancing is indeed a perfect way to be active, stay in shape, and increase our flexibility. Additionally, dancing could be highly effective in reducing stress and bringing people together, as it tends to lift up our spirits and provides us the chance to make new friends who share the same hobby. To some people, dancing is also a great recreational and sporting choice.

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To some others, dancing might just simply be the best way to express themselves to the world. The best part about dancing to me is that whenever I dance, I will be able to temporarily forget all my troubles in the outside world, immerse myself in the music, smile, and just dance!

It has been a while since I last formally danced, but I do have two dancing experiences that I will never forget in my life. When I took part in an aerobics dance group in my kindergarten was also when I had my very first experience with dancing.

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Even though many years have passed by, I still remember being trained by my dance teacher every day, how excited I was when I successfully executed a difficult dance step, as well as the sweat and tears I gave when I practiced too much that my legs hurt. Eventually, me and my team’s effort paid off as we became the winner in the competition that year. After my kindergarten, it was not until I went to high school that I got the chance to dance in front of a crowd again. On the graduation day, a large group of 12th grade students, myself included, performed a flash mob dance as a gift for all the teachers and staff to show them our appreciation. After the dance, we all hugged each other and burst into tears. It was both a fun and emotional experience that marked my last beautiful memory in high school.

I have always wanted to practice dancing more, especially modern dancing so I can dance to pop songs that I love listening to. There are several reasons to why I haven’t been able to, but mostly is due to my tight schedule of school and work. Nevertheless, this didn’t in any way dampen my enthusiasm in dance, as I also find the joy in being an observer. Observing people dance give me the time and opportunity to see the hidden messages and stories that the dancers are trying to tell behind their dance moves. Furthermore, it helps me expand my knowledge about the different styles of dance and give me the motivation to learn the one I like best in the future. Every time watching a dance performance, I feel so grateful to the professional dancers as I know they spent a lot of time practicing to have the best moments on stage and enchant the audience.

In conclusion, dance to me is a very beautiful and beneficial form of art that brings together our body and mind. As an observer for most of the time now, I don’t have a strong relationship with dance yet, but I will try my best to at least learn to dance to some of my favorite songs in the future. I truly appreciate dance and I hope that it will keep developing and playing an important role in our everyday lives.

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The Reason Why Dance Is My Favourite Hobby

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