Compare and Contrast Essay: Reading vs. Listening to Music

Reading and listening to music are both entertaining and good hobbies to fill up your free time, but there are also problems presented when choosing a book to read or a song to listen to. “Reading is more educational compared to listening to music” says Science Daily. “Reading can increase your vocabulary and comprehension ability while music doesn't” says CNN. Reading can be more of a conversation factor than music. People can share their feelings and opinions towards certain books. They can also talk about music and what it is good for.

Music is good for many things, such as doing chores. Playing music and listening to it are two different things. Playing music engages more than the ears; it also engages your eyes and your mind. It can also increase your attention span. You can share your passion for music by listening to it or dancing to it with your friends. “Teens who spend more time listening to music than reading books are more likely to suffer from depression.

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” says CBS. And in agreement The Register says “Research has shown that listening to music all the time as a teenager turns you into a doleful depressive (or alternatively that being a doleful depressive teenager makes you listen to music all the time). Youngsters who read, by contrast, tend to be in tiptop mental health.” Even though music and books may seem really different they also have a few similarities.

Music and Reading both can be enjoyed any where and are good hobbies that can have a positive and negative influence on a person.

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Phones now are able download music and e-books so it makes them portable. Even though books don't require electricity, music does.(The exception is live music). If your device for listening to music runs out of battery, you are unable to listen to music. On the other hand, reading requires adequate lighting; if you don't have enough lighting , reading can actually damage your eyes. CNN also says “Activities such as reading and listening to music at midlife for both sexes are also protective against dementia, the study suggests.” “Research papers in the neurochemistry of music found that music can improve the function of the body's immune system and reduce levels of stress.” says Medical News Today.

As we have examined the similarities and differences of reading and listening to music, and it is your choice to choose between them. I personally feel that reading is more beneficial than listening to music.

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Updated: Aug 22, 2022
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