Listening to Music Can Improve Workplace Productivity

Listening to music at work can have a positive impact on the performance of workers if certain conditions are met.

The music will help us to block the stimuli that may harm our concentration (keyboard noises, calls, whispers …) because we focus on the music itself and “forget” those sounds less desired.

The main dilemmas/issues in the search for the possible real usefulness of listening to music at work:

Does music at work have a higher productivity effect?

Listening to music at work has been shown to enhance a worker’s productivity and performance.

According to the 2012 Source Vision Critical survey of UK companies, music can motivate workers, boost their morale and create a better working environment: 65% of companies say that music in the workplace makes us more productive.
According to the EMR Consumer Survey, 58% of employees said they were more productive when listening to music at work.
Also, 58% of participants worked faster by checking to spell and entering data when listening to pop music.

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Can music at work help us reduce work stress and improve our concentration?

Music helps eliminate stress and promotes individual concentration. According to a study by Teresa Lesiuk, 7 out of 10 people achieve greater concentration and improve their mood when they listen to music during their workday.
88% of participants in a MusicWorks study worked more precisely when listening to music.

What is the psychobiological explanation for this phenomenon?

When the worker listens to the right music, the music he likes, while doing his job, generates a substance called dopamine, which helps to eliminate stress and associate work with a positive value.

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Among the study results, it was observed that there was a strong relationship between the amount of time music was listened to and the increase in positive effects. (Lesiuk, 2005)

Are the effects the same for all generations?

It is observed that age is a determining factor in this regard, with younger workers being those who improve their performance the most and those who listen to music the longest at work.

What type of music is more effective depending on the task to be performed?

The renowned audio company Sonos published an infographic that summarizes the style of music according to each task, based on different research and surveys. According to this study:

  • If your job involves movement and if you are on your feet for much of the day, rock music is the way to go.
  • Punk, punk-rock, rap, hip-hop, or rock is special for athletes or athletes.
  • If, on the contrary, your task requires stillness and requires you to be creative, baroque, and classical music, jazz, smooth jazz, and ambient music are recommended.
  • If your work is based on a monotonous activity such as data entry, ideally, the music you listen to is repetitive, such as pop music.
  • Very strong rhythms are not recommended for workers who attend to the public.

If you like listening to music at work, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear headphones if you share an office. If you have enough personal space to use external speakers, make sure that the sound does not reach other people’s work areas.
  • Keep the volume low enough to listen if your phone rings or someone calls your name.
  • If you use speakers, remember to pause the music when talking on the phone.

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