College and Career Goal`s Plan

I have many career goals that I’d like to achieve after college. By the time I graduate college I am planning to obtain a masters in psychology, then move on to acquire my PhD. I plan to practice psychology and counseling and open my own clinic in the future. Also, I indulge in multiple hobbies such as cheerleading and a high school sorority, Alpha Xinos, I became apart of at the end of my sophomore year. I’m also working a part time job at Marshalls Home Goods along with an paid internship with Planned Parenthood.

Through this internship I have the opportunity to educate my peers about safe sex and healthy relationships. I know that it may be hard to juggle multiple activities at once but I understand this will be necessary to excel at anything I do in life. While doing so, I would like to attend a college that could help guide me in the perfect direction towards my dreams.

I want to make the best life for myself that I can and I know in order to achieve that I am going to need the guidance of the proper University. Furthermore, with all of my major goals in mind your University looks like the perfect fit for me. It has a countless number of clubs and activities that I could be apart of to build my character and open my mind to many things. I would like to attend this school because I know I would be a unique asset.

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I could be an inspiration for my fellow peers. I would be a perfect example for all the reasons why students should not give up.

Over the next 4 years of college I’d like to spend my time building a better work ethic and opening myself up to learning so many amazing new things, while achieving my goals to earn my masters degree in psychology, and to get a further understanding of how our surroundings affects the way we think and behave and, broaden my perspective on mental health.

In relation, when the cards were stacked against me I pushed through. However, throughout all of my personal setbacks that I had to deal with, in my high school career I have continued to engage in my education and further learn . While taking these courses I also managed to work, volunteer, stay highly involved in the school environment and be an active member of my sorority. I recently was given the position of Vice President of 2018-2019 in my sorority. Withal, I know I can’t do any of this without the help of my family, my teachers, and my peers. It takes a village to raise a child and I definitely have been blessed with a lot of love.

It would a blessing to be given the opportunity to prove myself academically and challenge myself in such an environment. I know I can do it with the motivation from the right school, so it would be a great experience if you would accept me into your family and I promise to not disappoint. I want to be given that second chance to be able to excel the way I know that I can, with your help and the guidance of the staff of my potential school.

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