Classmates Are a More Important Influence Than Parents on a Child’s Success in School

There has been a great deal written about the function of parents in a child’s success. Educators have debated whether a child’s achievement is significantly affected by parents more than classmates or not. Some people who are against this idea may argue that the sharing and understanding of friends may help a child overcomes the obstacles and obtains the success. One idea that has received much attention is that the majority of children tend to obtain knowledge from their parents mainly because of its convenience and utility.

This essay will discuss the parents’ crucial function is not just the in-depth experience but also the love for children. First and foremost, the wisdom of parents can help children steer their own boat in the ocean of life. Although, children are able to gain numerous knowledge from their classmates, parents can teach the kids a number of soft skills which need to utilizing in real life. Put differently, parent’s experiences are the advantages for children in order to succeed in this complicated society.

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There is no why reason why parents’ know ledge is not worth as much as classmates. Parents who have experienced their school days comprehend exactly what is the most effective and successful way to acquire knowledge and put this knowledge into practice. Therefore, children are easier to get high marks in tasks or exams by the assistance of parents. For another, parents also create a favourable environment for children which are likely to turn them into successful people.

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There is a story about Meng Zi who was an eminent philosopher in ancient china.

When Meng Zi was a child, his mother did not wish Meng Zi to grow up to be a common illiterate civilian. She believed that if her son grew up amongst illiterate men then he would be as iliterate as them). Thus, she moved the houses several times and finally settled down near a private school, where Meng Zi could easily access knowledge and made contacts with intellectual. Second, classmates may be jealous with children’ achievement; nonetheless, their parents love them without selfish and benefit.

When they witness their kids grow up day by day and have high status in society, they are really joyful. The children can share their most emotion with parents who they feel closet and reliable. For instance, one student has the best acedemic grades in class; however, his frends oftens ridicule and disturb him. This makes him feel stressful when come to school and his performance is worse and worse. One day, his parents know this and encourage him a lots. He tries his best to study and get high result in order to enroll medical university.

Opponents of this may claim that because of the busy schedule parents have, they are unable to take enough time for their children. Sometimes, the only time they meet is at the dinner table. This not only creates a distance between them but also compels them to totally dependent on their friends for physical or emotional support, which is finally responsible for shaping their future. Therefore, most of the time, especially in the developed world, classmates can have a huge influence in a child’s life. They have a point in thinking like that.

On the other hand, they forget one fact that the motivation of children tend to come from parents’ care since parents guide them about future career and talk to them about how important of studying so as to help them thoroughly about the benefits as well. In conclusion, it is undeniable that parents plays crucial role in shaping children’ life. First, their wide knowledge can assist children get high position in community. Second, when children face to difficulties, their parents always stand by them and support them with all loving. If this trend continues, more and more intellectual young generation will lay down a prosperous country.

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Classmates Are a More Important Influence Than Parents on a Child’s Success in School

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