Charisma: Psychology and Enormous Overwhelming Presence

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Whenever we want to define any word we usually look at the meaning in the dictionary. In Greek, charisma is any special grace conferred by God on an individual. Charisma refers to the enormous overwhelming presence that some people have. It is the ability to influence others by being connected with them physically, emotionally, and culturally. Although it is difficult to have a specific definition of charisma, but we could describe some people as a charismatic person who have an extraordinary ability to inspire, influence, and draw other’s attention.

Charisma is usually associated with leaders who have a power and high positions, but it could be a characteristic of actors, public speakers, mathematicians, scientists, singers, or any other people. Charisma indicate a positive meaning; however, it could has it own dark side. Some leaders how have charisma causes huge damage to the world in the human history such as Hitler. Hitler was able to get a wide popularity by his support to the nationalism and anti-communism ideas.

Later, he established the Nazism organization which believes in racism against other races and the altitude of certain races to others. The real number of his victims is unknown but it said that it reached more than 10 million victim. Some philosophers believe that charisma is innate characteristic while psychologists believe that it could be learned by increasing the individual’s awareness of his emotions and linking it to other people’s feeling, emotions, and needs.

So, how can we have a magnesium personality? There are some some tips you could do to be a charismatic person, some of it are: having self-esteem, matching the body language to your speech, thinking before speaking and arranging your ideas, accepting criticism, and being unique in finding practical ideas to develop your character and your surroundings.

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