Career Plan Reflection Essay

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Career Plan Reflection

The career plan building activities proved to be a very useful tool. The work culture preference survey results indicated the type of work culture that I prefer, which is ethical, high powered, and expert. The competencies, reasoning aptitude, and career interest profiler surveys provided additional information to consider. The combined results provide an interpretation of the type of work culture that I see as ideal, the most suitable career fields, and the types of work environments I prefer.

I am open to new information and ideas and the survey results did not seem to be too far off from what I would consider to be my true career goals and desires. I think the surveys provided insight to aspects of my career I had not given much thought to before this course. This course (BCOM/275) discussed many important aspects of communication verbal and nonverbal, cross-cultural communication, and barriers to effective communication to name a few.

One aspect in the forefront of my mind is communication also takes place within different contexts like physical, chronological, and functional, to name a few, but the cultural context (corporate culture) applies directly to the surveys and results discussed earlier. According to Cheesbro, O’Connor, and Rios (2010), “Obviously corporate culture is a significant influence in determining productivity, morale, and personal satisfaction” (p. 0). Choosing the proper job that corresponds with my interests and ideal work culture can lead to more personal satisfaction. BCOM/275 provides ideas about proper communication that can lead to success and aid one in becoming an effective communicator. It is important to become an effective communicator to be successful and flourish within my current or ideal work culture.

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