The elements of a Career Planning Programme

Discuss the elements of a Career Planning Programme. Explain some of the benefits of a Career Planning program to an organization. Answer. Career planning is a structured process for analyzing your skills and interests, formulating long-term goals and devising strategies to achieve them. As straightforward as this might seem, it can become complicated very quickly. There are four distinct elements of career planning programe: Individual assessment and need analysis – Individual assessment of abilities, interests, career needs, and goals is basically a process of self-exploration and analysis.

Individuals are frequently guided by self-assessment exercises. Organizational Assessments and opportunity analysis – For an employee’s goal and aspirations to be fulfilled, a basic requirement is that goal must be achievable. Organizations have several sources of information for making assessments of employee abilities.

Need Opportunity allignment – The organisation plays an vital role in helping the employee make this position. The organisation also has to make its own alignments to match the goal with the organisational opportunities.

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Career counselling – This is the final stage of career planning. Supervisor and the Hrdepartment, has to counsel the employee regarding the available oppurtunities. The employee’s goals and of course, his capabilities. There are some benefits of a career planning programe:

Career planning helps the individual have the knowledge of various career opportunities, his priorities etc. It helps him select the career which is suitable to his lifestyle, preference, family environment, scope for self-development etc. It helps the organisation identify talented employees who can be promoted. Internal promotions, upgradation and transfers motivate the employees.

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A well structured career plan in an organization helps it to retain those employees whom the company wants and to motivate them fully to use their potentials, talents and capabilities in the best possible ways. It improves employees performance on the job by tapping their possible skills and motivating their personal growth A good career planning system sends out a message that the organization believes in providing fairness and equal opportunities to all its employees with slide.

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The elements of a Career Planning Programme

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