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One career that I am interested in is an Account Executive in Advertising. Tasks for such a job include: planning ads for businesses, picking the best way to advertise, meeting with artists to plan ads and show plans to customers. Other qualities are figuring out the costs of ads, working with budgets, layouts, computers, and products being presented. To be a successful Account Executive, one must be good at organizing projects and making decisions along with getting along well with others, being creative, dealing with stress, and speaking and writing well.

It is recommended that you have a 4-Year Degree. It is recommended that you sell things, speak in public, write for a newspaper, work on a market research project, or play sports leading up to the job. The salary range for such a job is $66,500 to $102,500 per year. There is occasional travel that accompanies the job. Typically, most work is done in an office. It is a medium size category and is on the decline.

Another career that I am interested in is a Financial Manager. He is responsible for keeping records of money a business makes and what it spends in taxes, wages, and benefits.

He also looks at how much money a business made previously and estimates what it will make in the future along with telling management about new tax laws and insurance changes and making reports to the government. He gives management advice on how to spend their money, and uses computers, government reports, tax forms, insurance policies, audits, calculators, and financial reports.

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To be a good Financial Manager you have to understand business and finance and look at and understand detailed information. You also have to think creatively and solve problems and manage staff, along with speaking and writing well.

You have to be good with computers and working independently. It is required that you have a 4-year degree for this job but it is highly recommended that you have a graduate degree. To prepare for this job you are encouraged to run for office for a club or student government, organize activities, public speaking, play team sports, or run your own business. The salary range for a Financial Manager is $83,500 to $130,500 per year. It is a large category with moderate growth. There is occasional travel and most of the work is done inside an office.

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