LPN vs. RN career Essay

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LPN vs. RN career

Many students go to college to obtain some kind of degree, wether it be business, nursing, electronics, or many more. The medical field is a very significant field, and where a lot of job opportunities available. In the medical field a person can have many varieties of designation, and earn a lot of income for their families. I personally want to become a RN which stands for a registered nurse, and specialize in anesthetics. Another designation is a LPN which is a licensed practical nurse. LPNs and RNs have a lot of similarities and differences in their positions of work, and study. These similarities and differences would consist of education, responsibilities, and the income for both occupations.

The main difference between the LPN vs. RN career path way is the degree that is earned. RNs receive a professional nursing degree, while LPNs receive a practical nursing degree. A professional nursing degree contains a lot more courses, so it takes a lot longer time to complete than a practical nursing degree. These course would consist of a lot more math, science to obtain a professional nursing degree. However, with either choice the NCLEX exam is required, and must be answered correctly in order to become either a LPN or a RN. Educationally, LPN’s should attend one year of vocational training to obtain their title. Registered nurses must go to nursing school for about two years to get their Associates Degree or four years to get their BSN.

Another difference is the responsibilities each title has. RNs educates, treats, and depending on licensed diagnoses patients. Usually, a RN evaluates a patient to understand patients’ symptoms. They form a treatment plan or alter one. A RN also manages a LPN and authorizes task involving patient care. RNs offer comfort and advice about handling a family

members sickness. A LPN also assist patients who are wounded, ill or taken care of by a RN. The LPN finishes crucial nursing duties. They document patients’ height, weight, blood pressure, temperature, and pulse. They assist patients with personal hygiene, daily activities, and elevation in bed. The LPN may give patients food, if they need help. Also, a LPN performs medical duties such as providing the patient with shots, changing dressings, and supervise medical equipment.

The last difference between RNs and LPNs is how much income they make. Even though

salaries can change greatly for these occupations based on geography, types, special areas and other factors, altogether, registered nurses are reimbursed greater because they are accredited to take on extra patient care responsibilities. The national average income is between $31,800 and $44,300 year for LPNs. Registered Nurses take home average incomes ranging between $46,500 and $66,800 per year.

In conclusion, there are many difference between LPNs and RNs. If wanting to get paid

more I suggest people go for their RN. LPNs are right under a RN and get paid a little bit less than a RN. Working in the medical field is a wonderful job and I suggest it to anyone. RN takes a lot more schooling and a stronger education.

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