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My Career Goals as Financial Manager

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Having being born and brought up in the city of Dubai, I’ve witnessed its phenomenal growth from the sands to the brilliant skyscrapers that adorn its skyline today. But the global financial crisis that hit the city in the years 2007-2008 severely damaged its economy. It was in those years that I learned the uniqueness of the financial service sector and moreover, the paramount role that financial professionals play in the development and sustenance of an economy.

As I grew up, my avidity for the field increased and as a result, chose the Commerce stream in high school believing that it would provide me with the foundation needed.

Here I recollect a learning experience I gained from doing research for my Financial Management projects. When most of my classmates chose to take the easy way out by picking the most effortless topics, it was sheer curiosity and alacrity towards the subject that enabled me to successfully charter a portfolio of the highest rewarding class of securities by keenly studying the fluctuations of the listed securities on the BSE and NSE and submitting it as my work.

While it sure was an irrefutably challenging task, I found myself drawn and fascinated as I studied a few of the principles, practices and tools applied in this dynamic industry. This experience assured my passion for the field and therefore went on to enroll myself for a Bachelors in Commerce where I opted to specialize in Finance in my final year.

At present, the next ideal step in my career plan I believe, is to receive my Master’s degree in Finance from the prestigious Arizona State University (ASU).

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With a world-renowned faculty as contributors and editors of leading media channels like Bloomberg Businessweek, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes, to name a few; interaction with inspiring and equally zealous classmates; and abundance of resources, I am confident that by the time I graduate, I will have gained an in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in subjects such as Investment Strategies, Financial Risk Management, Asset Management an international setting, laying the groundwork for me to sit for CFA exams which has been my highest priority when setting out on this career path. The skills and understanding gained on completion of the program will enable me to become an indispensable tool to corporations like Goldman Sachs, American Express, JP Morgan Chase & Co. etc. and consequently employed to assist them in making decisions that ensure economic stability and profitability in the running of their firms.

In the process of achieving my goals, I wish to leave an impression on the minds of my professors and lecturers as a student who never saw the sky as the limit for learning. For my peers and juniors, as someone who never hesitated to guide and share with them knowledge acquired.

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