Career Goals For A Physician Assistant

My name is Doris Veshi. I would hereby like to present my application for the position of a physician assistant, as the most suitable candidate.

 I aim at working for an organization where personal growth is encouraged, human values are nurtured and talents are utilized in the attainment of organizational goals. I would like to be able to apply what I have been learning so far by taking a hand on and direct approach. I strive to be part of the success of the organization by being an active member of a winning dream team.

I would like to attain a Masters Degree; therefore by achieving academic knowledge and experience prior to this, I will be adequately prepared for medical school.

I believe that I am the best person for this job because of my academic qualification and experience that I have so far managed to achieve through a sense of commitment, dedication, hard work and self-confidence. I have a passion for working closely with patients, irrespective of their background or beliefs.

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  I am competent in Professional Health Care Management with the ability to provide and promote the highest standards in the rapidly changing and ever demanding Healthcare sector, driven by a vast global economy and vibrant technological innovation. I am attentive to detail, highly organized with the ability to multi task.

I have excellent analytical, decision-making and time management skills. I am capable of working as part of a team, as an individual without supervision and able to follow given instructions to the latter.

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I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to effectively interact with patients, communicate with irritable, stressed and ill patients. I am capable of empathizing, maintaining a positive mental outlook and compassionately provide care and emotional support to patients.

I am highly knowledgeable in current and pertinent issues within and without the Healthcare sector. I have the ability of working under pressure; work for long and odd hours and to do a considerable amount of lifting such as assisting patients to move, toileting needs and to rapidly respond in the event of an emergency. I have a polished professional demeanor, which enables me to develop and maintain relationships with professionals in the healthcare sector. I have excellent conversational skills in three international languages; English, Spanish and Italian. I am highly proficient in Microsoft Office Software Programs.

As of 2003 to date, I have been attending Suffolk University Boston, MA, where I major in Radiation Biology. I was fortunate enough to receive Pre – Med and Trustee Scholarships to assist in the financing of my education. I have also studied Phlebotomy at Health Training Centre Lynn, MA, where I have attained certification as a Phlebotomy technician, an EKG technician, a Medical Clinic assistant and in Cardio – phlebotomy. Further, I am pursuing a nursing assistant course as a State Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at the American Red Cross Peabody, MA. Under the CAN course, I am, among others, learning procedures such as psychosocial care, restorative care, resident personal care, resident rights, communication, general safety procedure and infection control.

I have been actively striving to further develop my knowledge, skills and experience in the medical field though the several positions I have held. I am currently a Radiation Therapist Intern at the Massachusetts General Hospital/ Brigham and Women Hospital / DFCI Boston, MA, where I have been attached to since 2006. My responsibilities include accurate positioning of patients for treatment, operation of advanced medical equipment, quality assurance and providing competent patient care. I am also in charge of assistant the oncologist and the physician with treatment plans during delicate procedures.

As a demonstration of my ability to efficiently work in an area out of my actual area of training and an innate capacity to work directly with clients, I work as a Front Office Support Specialist at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel Revere, MA since 2005. In the Hotel business, Customer satisfaction is of uttermost importance. It is therefore my uttermost endeavor to ensure that I demonstrate the highest standards of customer relation skills.

My responsibilities include scheduling room reservations, receiving, registering and assigning rooms to the guests. I also handle guests inquires and concerns in a courteous, professional and business like manner. I am also responsible for the operation of the computerized system, compilation and the checking of daily record sheets.  I also ensure that the presented payment charges are accurate to avoid complaints from dissatisfied guest before receiving any payment from the guests.

From 2005 to 2006, I worked as a Medical assistant at Alexyenko Medical Associates Lynn, MA. My duty was to assist in phlebotomy and EKG procedures. These are delicate procedures that demand the maintenance of high standards of safety procedures. In the same year, I worked as an Accounts Representative at the Bursar’s Office, MA. My responsibilities included processing payments and updating accounts. I also maintained a highly organized and efficient filing system, which ensured transparency and consequently the smooth running of the accounts office.

I believe that I have the necessary academic qualification and experience that your organization is looking for.

Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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