Why I Want To Be A Dental Assistant?

I want to be very happy my entire life and enjoy coming into work with full of excitement. This career I think would be perfect for me, and other people think so also, I am great with kids, I like working as a team, partners are a great way to start a friendship and helping each other out with some basic or challenging problems. I also like being a assistant in general, in high school, I love helping out in the office with details and being organized.

I hope in college I stick with this career choice and it goes easy breezy.

South Central absolutely has this degree, for me to pursue this career/profession. Under the awards and degrees, they have the Dental Assisting AAS Degree and the Dental Assisting Diploma. In the the Degree program, they have the list of every required class you need to take and optional courses. They have lots of basic medical courses that I need to take that will take a short period of time.

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The Diploma has a 9 month program that you can get at some certain jobs.

I don’t need an advanced degree, this degree is for a two year. My college offers dental programs but you can always get more by moving forward in your education. Some qualifications are To be eligible to take the CDA exam, applicants must hold a current CPR certification and meet one of the following qualifications: have graduated from an accredited dental assisting/dental hygiene program, have a high school diploma, or equivalent, and a minimum of 3,500 hours of approved work experience.

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The average hourly rate for Dental Assistant ranges from $16 to $19 with the average hourly pay of $18. The total hourly pay is $18. The total hourly compensation, which includes bonus, health and retirement, can vary anywhere from $16 to $20 with the average total hour. As a Dental Assistant, you can move up with a different person you work with a different person you work with, or move up to bigger corporation. Being your best on the job, can give you greater position.

Be proactive. In a busy dental office, there is always something to do. Look around and spot what needs to be done, whether it is straightening the waiting room, restocking inventory, or talking to a patient who appears nervous.

Be a good listener and ask questions. Dental assistants are in a position of assisting others. For this reason, they need to be particularly good listeners. If the dentist or hygienist asks you to do something, be sure to listen carefully, think it through, and ask any questions that you might have. Remember, it’s better to ask questions than to make a guess and do it wrong.

Be observant and organized during procedures. Many dental assistants are expected to sit chairside and assist the dentist during dental procedures. There can be fast changes of instruments and multiple tasks that need to be done at the same time. When the procedure begins, be observant. Try to anticipate what the dentist might need. Stay organized so you know where every instrument is when you need it. No one is perfect, and a procedure can get a little stressful. But be sure to learn from your mistakes. And remember, you will get better each time!

Be a good communicator. Good communications are the key to so many things. Dental assistants need to communicate clearly in a number of areas. They need to communicate with patients about good dental hygiene. They need to communicate with dentists and hygienists during a procedure. And they need to handle office matters, such as insurance and payments, which might require communicating with insurers.

Stay current with new procedures, skills, and technology. Like so many fields, dentistry is constantly evolving. Make an effort to attend continuing education opportunities. Don’t be afraid of trying new things. Keep up with the new trends in dental technologies as well as new office technologies. It’s best to be seen as someone who is always willing to learn and improve.

Keep up a positive attitude. In a dental office, people work closely together and see each other every day. Help contribute to a pleasant work place by being a positive person and showing your professionalism. Avoid complaining and try to develop a can-do attitude. Being approachable and friendly will help you become a valuable part of the office team.

Assistants prepare and organize tools needed by the dentist to work on patients. Dental Assistants perform many tasks, ranging from patient care and taking x-rays to recordkeeping and scheduling appointments. Their duties vary by state and by dentist’s offices where they work. If I would work in a small local dentistry, the tasks depend on what needs to be done in the office. A big task that you have to do as a dental assistant is talk and socialize with people everyday, which is a good thing.

Everyday is sort of the same, same workers and same building but not the same situations. You have to deal with crying kids that need help feeling better, you could also deal with very bad surgical problems, pulling a tooth that has decade or even baby teeth. When your on the job, you have to keep all personal information in the office, you have to keep it confidential. Sometimes at different companies they’ll have the dental assistant order certain items and things on the job. Either for the office or the dentist office. Dental assisting is a rewarding and fulfilling career unlike any other. It's a fast-paced job and no two days are the same. And of course, there's joy caring for patients and helping them smile again. There are many reasons dental assistants love their jobs. That is unfortunately not everyone's reality and simply telling your peers who are frustrated and depressed to 'move your ass' and 'get off your high horse' is counterproductive. Rather than judging and blaming, let's remember that these are real people trying to support families and are frustrated by working for Dentists who consciously choose not to run their offices in an honorable way.

One advise that Karren, the interviewee gave to me was, do your best in the dental program and just do your thing in college. She gave tips and tricks of working with kids and adults. I am interested in knowing what the actual office life, making friendships with my fellow employees and working with kids all the time. I am not interested in touching smelly, gross, and food invested mouths. I’m not going to like having little spays of water going onto my skin and hair. The research I have done for this career influenced me in many different ways. The inspiration I have for keeping good personal hygiene going and keeping germs away is something I want to address to everybody.

My conclusion of all my research is proof that I am a determined student. I just had orientation on January 10th at South Central and it wasn't all cracked up to be and what I was thinking. It was a lot of information that I needed and understanding how classes work. I like the school and people there, but for my major and what I want to do for my career choice was kind of overwhelming. There was lots of requirements, internships and tests that need to happen at the end of my college journey, it was just a lot to take in at that moment. All I know is that everything will be ok and fine. This is what I have planned in my life so far and there is way more to come.

Updated: Dec 20, 2021
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