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Why I Want To Be A Dental Assistant?
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I want to be very happy my entire life and enjoy coming into work with full of excitement. This career I think would be perfect for me, and other people think so also, I am great with kids, I like working as a team, partners are a great way to start a friendship and helping each other out with some basic or challenging problems. I also like being a assistant in general, in high school, I love helping out in…...
Dental AssistantsMedical Profession
Medical Tourism in India
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Pages • 8
After the silicon rush India is now considered as the golden area for treating patients mostly from the developed countries and Far East for disorders and procedures of reasonably high cost and complexity. India is also strongly promoting medical tourist in the present years -and gradually now it is moving into a new location of "medical outsourcing," where subcontractors offer services to the overloaded healthcare systems in western countries. India's National Health Policy states that treatment of foreign patients is…...
Dental AssistantsIndian TourismMedical TourismTourismTravel And Tourism In India
Reasons Behind the Gender Pay Gap (Australia)
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Pages • 11
Despite long established legislation and community standards, women are still far from equal to men in the workforce. Women working full-time earn 18% less than men. On average they also earn $1million less over the course of their lives compared to male counterparts. Labour laws have had a large influence in the size of the gender pay gap (GPG). The wage-fixing principles in the 1970s, has granted immediate collective remedies from industry-wide, award application. However awards are losing prominence with…...
AustraliaDental AssistantsGender
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Baque-Manalang Dental Clinic Online Reservation
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Introduction The use of online services nowadays becomes more necessary in the various fields. It is because of the advantage and useful effects to many people when it comes to online reservation because our society is facing rapid growths of need, availability and development of different commercial web-based application. The online reservation services differ from the traditional mode in the capacity to provide services regardless of temporal and spatial constraints. They are also different from traditional interpersonal services that are…...
Dental AssistantsInternetTechnologyThe Advantages Of TechnologyWorld Wide Web
Practice of Employee Compensation and Benefits
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Pages • 5
Black Corporation, an innovative new technology corporation, has just hired John as the director of their Human Resources Department. As HR Director, John has been tasked with hiring an Administrative Assistant/ Secretary for the advertising department and to develop an employee compensation and benefits package that will be used for that position upon hire. He must elaborate on Black Corporation and the type of organization for which he is designing the package and develop an employee compensation and benefits package…...
BusinessCompensationDental Assistants
Dr Jack Perry Motivation case
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Pages • 7
This case revolves around Dr. Jack Perry, the protagonist, is proprietary dentist clinic. Dr. Perry is a successful dentist in a small town of Cromwell in Canada. He had purchased the practice from a retiring dentist and has been successful in his practice considerably. However, he now faces a management problem of motivating his employees who are suffering from low morale and do not seem to be working as hard as they could to help increase the revenue of the…...
BusinessDental AssistantsMotivation
Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office Service Strategy
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Pages • 6
Introduction: Services are more different and very complex activities. The word service originally was associated with the work servants did for their master. As the dictionary define as “the action of serving, helping, or benefiting; conduct tending to the welfare or advantage of another”. On the other word, service are economic activities between two parties, implying an exchange of value between seller and buyer in the marketplace. Furthermore, the services are described as performances that are time-based, and bring about…...
Dental AssistantsInsuranceMarketingPatientRiskService
Professional Career Action Plan
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My professional goal is to work behind a desk and computer. I have had serveral different ventures on trying to come up with my professional goal but I see myself being extremely good with computer and importing information into a database. This being said, I can see myself being an administrative assistant and or in the coding and billing field. I have that energy to strive in both professional goals and build with a company as they grow. Both professional…...
Career planningDental AssistantsEducationHealth CarePatientSoftware
Dental Hygienist – Reflection Paper
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Paper Type:Reflective essays
Abstract The convoluted way in which having good oral hygiene and how much it can impact one’s body has never lost my interest. When researching, I have read it is most common to get oral cancer And/or Periodontal Disease when not taking care of one’s self. Those are just two important things to remember when taking care of you orally. I want to have a career where I can teach people to take care of themselves and to prevent from…...
Dental AssistantsHealthHygieneMedical ProfessionMy Future Profession
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Why I Want To Be A Dental Assistant?
...My conclusion of all my research is proof that I am a determined student. I just had orientation on January 10th at South Central and it wasn't all cracked up to be and what I was thinking. It was a lot of information that I needed and understanding ...

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