Bulimia Essay Topics

Fashion Magazines on Bulimia

The belief and conviction that physical fitness is important for a healthy mind and body has made both mental and physical fitness to be considered as very important aspects of women’s life.  In the contemporary world, the need for women (and even men for that matter) to have the ideal body shape has led many… View Article

Eating disorders and healthy eating

Men make up 10 to 15 percent of the population with anorexia and bulimia, but are the least likely to seek help due to the gender stereotypes surrounding the disorders. a. Almost half of people in the United States personally know someone with an eating disorder, that half of the people in the class room… View Article

Motivation and Emotion

Motivation The process by which activities are started, directed, and continued so that physical or psychological needs or wants are met. Came from the Latin word “movere” which means “to move” Two Kinds of Motivation 1. Intrinsic Motivation – occurs when people act because the act itself is satisfying or rewarding (e.g. charity). 2. Extrinsic… View Article