BSHS Volleyball for All Students

Australia competes and does well in a wide variety of sports, because of this, improving access and equity in sports is a big issue for Australians. One level of Figueroa’s framework that impacts my access, opportunity, participation and overall enjoyment of volleyball at BSHS are the individual and institutional level. 3 factors from the individual level that impact me the most are; ability, confidence and time. Professor Peter Figueroa created “Figueroa’s Framework” to help people evaluate everything that might prevent athletes from performing at their best.

There are 5 levels to the framework; individual, interpersonal, institutional, structural and cultural. 2 of the levels that I have chosen to improve my experience with BSHS volleyball are the institutional and individual. The individual level of Figueroa’s Framework impacts me because I believe that I need to improve my own personal ability. By improving my individual ability I will be able to access more opportunities to play volleyball.

To improve my performance I would first need to improve my self confidence.

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Studies have shown that by improving confidence you also improve you performance. By improving my performance I will then become more willing to make more time to play volleyball as I will enjoy it more. This will impact on my participation and enjoyment of volleyball because I will be more willing to participate because I will have more confidence, I will also enjoy volleyball more as I will have improved my skills. Improving my individual ability will not only impact on the individual level of Figueroa’s Framework, but will also improve the cultural and institutional because I will want to give other people the same experience as me by giving them my recommendations on the individual level.

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The recommendations that I have made within the institutional level to improve everyone’s BSHS volleyball experience better is to have coaching and mini –games run by students for students at lunch times.

The institutional level of Figueroa’s Framework affects my experience of volleyball because it impacts on the kind of facilities that I can access and the kind of facilities that are accessible impact on my performance. These mini-games could be organised quite easily, students that enjoy playing volleyball would enjoy this and would encourage their friends to come along and with more people coming along the more enjoyable it would be. A survey that I conducted showed that 1 in 3 students would feel more willing to participate in something if their friends were also participating. Not only will this recommendation affect the institutional level of Figueroa’s Framework it will also impacts peoples individual level and the interpersonal level because people will improve as they come along and the communication between volleyball players will increase as these mini-games are social. My other recommendation to improve volleyball as BSHS on the institutional level is to promote volleyball at a local primary school. Starting at a younger age is proven in many areas to improve performance, specifically in sport in affects bone development, muscle growth, skill development and others, all of which are needed to do well in sport.

Also, by doing this the popularity of the sport will grow and more people will be willing to participate thus increasing the enjoyment of BSHS volleyball for all students. Another survey that I conducted show that a majority of people will do something if it is popular and a most of those people would also enjoy it more if it was popular. These recommendations that I have made are sure to improve the enjoyment of volleyball at BSHS, the improvements include, higher popularity of the sport, participation of students in the sport and the skill factor of the students. Figueroa’s Framework is essential when examining factors that impact performance of athletes because it analyses all possible aspects of performance.

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